Top Ten: Rakes

When I say rakes, I am being polite, what I mean is our Top Ten Manwhores, rakes implies that they are all historical romance based, which they aren’t. This list is proclaiming our favourite heroes who definitely are not virgins, in fact their non-virginal and more stick-it-in-anything-that-stands-still attitude is what got them on the list. However, we can’t be too upset about their slutty past, it has given them some skillz, skillz that our intrepid heroines will no doubt benefit from. So enjoy our Top Ten Rakes *ahem Man Sluts ahem*!


circle10Dmitri from Archangel’s BladeArchangel's-Blade
Guild Hunter # 4
by Nalini Singh

Ah Dmitri, he oozes seduction and radiates lethal. I mean this literally of course, Dmitri’s vampire superpower, apart from generally being bad ass and handy with any weapon he can lay his hands on, is that he secretes sexy pheromone thingies. You know that saying about melting in a puddle when you meet someone? Well, with Dmitri, you literally would. Not that he needs those pheromones, he is sexy all by himself, something he had no problem taking advantage of, until Honor shots into his world of course.

“Ever had a woman say no to you, Dmitri?”

“Once.” He turned the corner with a smile that made her want to cup his face, trace those beautiful lips with her own. “I married her.”

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spacercircle9Dark-Desires-After-DuskCadeon Woede from Dark Desires After Dusk
Immortals After Dark #6
 by Kresley Cole

I love this series, no matter what your poison, be it vampire, werewolf or demon, Cole caters to it in Immortals After Dark. But, the guy I am interested in is Cadeon, a demon with the requisite sexy horns and devilishly handsome to boot. For demons, they have a saying “in the throes you know” which alludes to the fact that you only know who your true mate is by having sex with them. And Cade has tried sampled many a female in his quest to find his mate…

“You dress her in a wet T-shirt and make her carry the bags? Damn, Cade, I like how you roll”

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circle8Shy Cage from Own the Windownthewind
Chaos #1
by Kristen Ashley


You know a guy is going to be a player when in the beginning of the book the heroine finds him in bed with two women…both of whom look very satisfied. Shy, ironically named as this biker dude is certainly anything BUT shy, has definitely got a bit of a man-slag reputation, of course, all it takes is the right woman to tame his wild ways. But we don’t want him too tame though, the man has some serious bedroom moves.

“I have never, not once, not in my life, made love to any woman. Not once. Not until what I just did with you.”

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circle7 SinfulMatthew, Earl of Wallingford from Sinful
Addicted #2
by Charlotte Featherstone

Oh, my poor poor Matthew! I love this book, if you like your heroes broody and tortured than he is just the man for you. Hiding his pain in alcohol and doing his best to shag the female population of London, Matthew definitely deserves the title of rake. But, beneath his dissipated facade is a man you can’t help but fall in love with.  

“I despise the morning… I am a creature of darkness, whose elements is night and shadow.I belong in the dark with the other sinful creatures.”





circle6Cameron Mackenzie from The Many Sins of Lord Cameron The-Many-Sins-of-Lord-Cameron
Mackenzies #3
by Jennifer Ashley

The loud and brash Cameron Mackenzie is well known for his propensity to sleeping with unhappy and unfaithful wives, all to avoid entanglements of the heart and the possibility of marriage. Which means in terms of Romancelandia that he is ripe for the plucking, he just needs the right lady to show him the way.

“I am a bad man, very bad, but in a different way. I want to ravish you until we’re both senseless with it, and then I want to do it all over again.”

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spacercircle5Raising-KaneKane McKay from Raising Kane
Rough Riders #9
by Lorelei James

When we first meet Kane in the Rough Riders series, I believe his is participating in a threesome with some strippers and his cousin, or what it a foursome? I can’t remember now. Either way Kane certainly got around, although all the McKay boys were no angels, Kane took it to another level. What I love about Kane’s book though, was that by the time we have gotten to him in #9 he has already reformed, even if people still think he is the wild and dangerous man he used to be. Of course, he still has all the skills of a rake, it seems that practice really does make perfect.

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Paris from The Darkest Seduction The-Darkest-Seduction
Lords of the Underworld #9
by Gena Showalter

How could a character who has the demon of Sex in him NOT be on the top ten favourite rakes? Paris literally needs to have sex, if he doesn’t he will sicken and die, he needs to keep his inner demon fed. And, he can’t even have a relationship and sleep with the same woman, the demon possessing him likes variety and he can’t get it up for the same woman twice. Which, is a bitch when he finally finds a woman he could fall in love with…

“Paris, the FedEx deliveryman of Pleasure and Fatality.”

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spacercircle3RuthlessFrancis, Lord Rohan from Ruthless
The House of Rohan #1

by Anne Stuart

As the leader of the Heavenly Host, a group that like to organise orgies and partake in all manner of depravity there is no way he can avoid the title of rake. Especially when even the depraved revels of the Heavenly Host bore him, in a massive case of ‘been there done that; have a wardrobe full of t-shirts’. What better way to distract one from ennui than play around with an innocent young woman on the cusp of poverty?

“And what if I think you’re doing this out of misguided sense of decency?”
“Oh, any sense of decency I possess is most definitely misguided,” he said cheerfully.

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spacercircle2 Qhuinn from Lover At Last Lover-at-Last
Black Dagger Brotherhood #11
by J.R. Ward

We can’t have a top ten without having an entry from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. When I say ‘obsessed’ in relation to BDB, I ain’t kidding. However, Qhuinn has more than earnt his way into our Top Ten Rakes. Since Qhuinn was introduced into the BDB series he has been fucking around with anyone who stood still long enough, man, woman it doesn’t matter to him, it’s got a hole, he’ll stick himself in there. Which, makes his not-unrequited love for his best friend all the more heartbreaking, the only think stopping them? Qhuinn’s demons. *cue tears*

“Let me kiss you.” Qhuinn groaned as he leaned in. “I know I don’t deserve it, but please … it’s what you can do for me. Let me feel you….”
Qhuinn’s mouth brushed his own. Came back for more. Lingered.
“I’ll beg for it.” More with the caress of those devastating lips. “If that’s what it takes. I don’t give a fuck, I’ll beg…”

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circle1Sebastian St.Vincent from Devil in Winter
Wallflowes #3
by Lisa Kleypas

Oh Lisa Kleypas, queen of historical romance and writer of the best rakes. I could have done a top ten on Lisa Kleypas rakes alone. However, I decided to just show you the best. Sebastian St.Vincent. A cold, calculating, a seemingly irredeemable character. That is, until Kleypas gets her hands on him and crafts such a touching and beautiful love story between the two most unlikeliest of people. St.Vincent has managed to carve his way into our hearts, a rake in the classic sense and we wouldn’t have him any other way.

“I won’t apologize for my past. A man is supposed to have experience.”
“From all indications, you’ve acquired enough for ten men.”

Devil in Winter
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Who makes your top ten of manwhores/rakes?

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Pansy Petal

Lovely list! Gotta love a rake! Thank you.

Lynn Stevens

Great list. So many awesome rakes to choose from. 🙂


I agree with the three from the three books I’ve read on this list 🙂


Wonderful list


Fantastic list! I totally agree on some of these rakes, and others you’ve just convinced me I really need to read 🙂

Amy R

Shy Cage is my favorite, Dmitri and Kane MckAy are awesome as well.

Kat Snark

GREAT list! I wholeheartedly agree