Random Thoughts of a Romance Blogger: Planning for a Better Reading Year!



I have to be honest.  2015 was not a stellar reading year for me.  When I was looking back at the books I read at the end of the year I noticed 2015 had the most books rated under 3 stars EVER for me.  It also had the most DNF.  And other than that there was a lot of just ok with not as much as previous years in the fantastic and OMG you have to get this categories.

So that all has me thinking that now being January I need to really be careful what I pick up and read.  Do you ever feel like that?  With the amount of books I read in a year (an average of 250 books at least) you would think it shouldn’t matter that much.  But I want to make sure what happened last year doesn’t happen again.  And lets face it, there are a ton more books being released now than we were used to many years ago so there’s bound to be more mediocre and not so great in there.

What I came up with?  I have to plan better and not get myself distracted by what I call “the shiny“.  Right, Trish?  That’s usually me falling for the buzz I see on the blogosphere without giving it much thought.  Or when I get lured in by a hot cover.  I must resist!

What I want?

  • I have to find the genres that are getting stale and read less of that.  One of those is what I consider the run of the mill contemporary romance and new adult.  I have my staples of contemporary romance that I always love and I’ll stick to those but the rest, needs to decrease.  And new adult.  That’s a tough one because there’s few and far between authors that get me to love the books in the genre lately.  Will resist the shiny!
  • I have to find the authors that haven’t impressed me much lately and take them out of my reading plans.  Maybe I’ll consider picking them up again (and some just won’t) but I won’t jump on every new release they have right away and will wait to see what a good amount of people think first.  I will control my OCD!
  • I want to read all the LGBT romance books that I’ve been recommended that are really amazing.  I was looking through my pile of read in the genre and there weren’t enough books that I would consider recommending to someone that wanted to explore it.  What a shame!  Needs to be rectified this year.
  • And I also need to find reads every month that completely cleanse my palate.  I don’t mean just changing up sub genres of romance.  I mean completely go different and fresh.  I already started doing that this month, and in part I did some of that last year.  I’ve been getting stuck in the rut of reading lately and it needs to be shaken up.
  • I want to read more paranormal.  There, I said it.  I’ve said it before though, and the sad thing is there’s a lot less good paranormal coming out lately.  I haven’t found a lot of new releases that have the same impact on me that the old stuff.  But guess what?  I have plenty of those older ones on my TBR that I need to discover.  They’re new to me and this year I’ll be catching up with some of those great books that have been collecting dust.
  • I need to stop getting sucked in by the trends!  This is the biggest one, bottom line.  That’s where most of my crappy reads came from last year!
  • Trust the authors that haven’t disappointed me and put the rest in the back burner.

Who’s with me in planning to have an amazing 2016 reading year?
Now, do you have any recommendations for me?
I want to be wowed this year!




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This is a fantastic post, and some of the same choices I’ve made for myself this year – especially with cutting out CR unless it is a tried and true for me author, and NA. As a rule, NA is not for me. But I do have a few authors that just seem to get it done every time, and I will stick with them. I have also given up some authors that I have just hung onto long after I should have let them go, and my M/M reads are also going to be a bigger portion of what… Read more »

Under the Covers Book Blog

Glad I’m not alone in this! I think the hardest thing for me is giving up on those authors. I keep reading and reading their new releases and continue being unimpressed. Not that they are all bad, just not as good and who has the time to read something that’s not going to wow them.

Good luck on your changes this year!

Sandy S

I am in total agreement especially where is concerns my once beloved authors who have fallen (in my opinion) and no longer impress for one reason or another. I recently completed an ARC read of a paranormal romance and find myself reluctantly wanting to say good bye to this author and her numerous paranormal series. The most recent adventure finds the author falling in to the abyss of romantic heroes who are abusive towards their intended mate(s): emotionally, mentally, physically and sexually abusive and controlling. There comes a time when we have to look for a new series or hero… Read more »

Amy R

I found 2015 to be a lackluster year as well, I just figured the more I read the pickier I become when rating a book. I actually want to broaden my horizons with more new to me authors and read more of the books sitting on my massive TBR pile. I will also be picking up books in series I already love . I just started Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews (audio) as I’ve read numerous recommendations for this series and my library has it in paperback, ebook and audio.

Bambi Unbridled

I love love love this series in audio. Renee Raudman is a fantastic narrator.


Great post Francesca


2015 was nit a good reading year for me either… I found I had to give up some of my go to authors as their stories have just gotten stale and had a difficult time finding new and interesting authors :-/ … I was glad when some of my favorite authors released a brand new series and I’m slowly finding new authors with fresh new ideas… *fingerscrossed* this continues… good luck everyone!

Sophia Rose

I had to re-evaluate, too. Not so much b/c I read a lot of average or less so stuff, but because I need to read what I have. I can’t keep saying yes to every review request. It’s like they quadrupled over night and I didn’t even notice until I got so far behind saying yes. It pains me, but I’ll have to pass up perfectly good books b/c there are so many.

Under the Covers Book Blog

Yes, there are just too many!

Kat Snark

This is way too true for me! Thank you for pointing it out! I need to go re-evaluate now…

Under the Covers Book Blog

Good luck with it in 2016! Here’s to good books coming!

Bambi Unbridled

I started saying this in December… that I would not be accepting as many books for review, or getting distracted by shiny covers on NetGalley. I have so many series to catch up on and a huge TBR of older books. I vowed to accept no more than 10 review books per month. But I ended up with 19 for January and 22 for February. I have no self-control. Le sigh.

Under the Covers Book Blog

LOL this is hard but you can do it! I already had committed to some for Jan-Feb but it’s definitely not as many as I used to do. And the proof of my thoughts is in the fact that I considered not reading some of them because I figured they would fall in this bad category….And they did. So moving forward I’ll have better control. You can do it too!!!!

Yes I notice more and more lately that when some books come up in my reading schedule… that I am just not excited about them. I am always thinking – why am I reading a book I am not excited about? I guess I am always hoping that one will surprise me.

Sounds like a good plan. Hope you have a better reading year in 2016!