ARC Review: Loud is How I Love You by Mercy Brown

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ARC Review: Loud is How I Love You by Mercy Brown
Loud is How I Love You

2 Stars

Book Info

Released: January 19th 2016
Series: Hub City #1
Published by InterMix

“She [Emmy] was a bit much for me to handle and I really wanted out of her brain!”
~ Under the Covers

I will start this by saying I knew I shouldn’t have done it.  I go into these reads expecting one thing when I know by the genre I’ll probably get a different one.  I think I’ve learned my lesson, though.  I can only hope.

LOUD IS HOW I LOVE YOU had some things about it that I liked.  It’s a rock star romance between two members of an up and coming New Jersey band.  The author definitely has been in the scene herself or did some really good research because her knowledge about it and the music business did come across.  Sometimes a bit too much.  But it added a fun element to the story that is not the norm in other rock star romances.  I also liked that their band was starting out and for the most part they’re just doing their job and trying to do it well.  Not getting trashed at the first opportunity and acting like entitled brats.  That goes for the music aspect.

The romance?  Emmy and Travis are young, they’re struggling through college and playing gigs whenever they can.  And as a rule, band members should never get involved.  Until they have sex.  All should be good right?  I mean Travis is sexy, Emmy seems to be his perfect other half and they’re really into each other… Except I think Emmy is neurotic.  And even quite a bit selfish and self centered.  She freaks out about having sex with Travis and the impact this will have on the band.  Repeatedly.  As in, the whole book.  And I could only feel bad for Travis because every time she throws a tantrum it only comes across as her not loving him and only caring about the band.  Until the very end.  If you ask me, he could’ve done better.

Although I found myself skimming a bit as I was losing interest, I also noticed that being in Emmy’s head was a bit like being on a caffeine high.  She was a bit much for me to handle and I really wanted out of her brain!

There were still some salvageable parts of this story that made me finish it.  The music aspect was interesting to read, as I mentioned above.  I really enjoyed when they actually wrote the song together, and I thought the lyrics were great.  But mainly I wanted Travis to get an HEA.  That poor guy, he was a truly nice guy.  So my conclusion is I can tell you this was just not the right book for me and hopefully I’ll listen to that quiet voice next time.




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About Mercy Brown

I'm the author of LOUD IS HOW I LOVE YOU, a New Adult novel about two indie rock kids falling in love in the 90s. And doing it. A bunch of times. Since there's some question or debate these days about whether sex is a requirement for a book to be considered NA, I'm just going to put that right out there. There's sex in this book. That's what makes it sexy! That and guitars. Guitars are always sexy. So are amps. And guys who carry amps for their girlfriends are extra sexy.

LOUD is based very (very, very) loosely on my experiences fronting bands in the 90s New Brunswick, NJ music scene. It's not actually about me or my band, but let's just say, if I hadn't cut my teeth playing clubs from Baltimore to Boston in my youth, I don't know that I could have written this book in quite this way.

LOUD will be out on Intermix/Penguin on January 2016! And hey you can actually buy it as a pre-order from Amazon! A follow-up will be out in the spring of 2016.


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I’ll skip this one thanks


Thanks Francesca for sharing your thoughts

Kathleen Bylsma

Going to skip it, too…tired of pushy creatures: male or female deciding the fate of their love story.
Thanks for the heads up!

I just read another review that pretty much said the same thing. It sounded really promising with the female lead which is different than other rock start romances I’ve read. Thinking about putting this one on the back burner for awhile.

Amy R

Thanks for the review, sorry you didn’t enjoy the book more.