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BLOOD KISS by J.R. Ward (Paranormal Romance): This isn’t a huge surprise is it? When Ward puts out a new book, especially one involving the Brothers, I tend to get excited. BLOOD KISS, the first in the new Black Dagger Legacy series, takes readers back to the training center, giving the entire book an intimate, comforting feel of the first few books of the BDB. This is a must-read for Ward fans!

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (Young Adult): The moment I started reading this series I became utterly obsessed with it. OBSESSED! It’s been YEARS since I felt so strongly about characters and loved each and every one of them in their own ways. I flew through this entire series and can now safely say that Meyer is an autobuy author for me.

BREAKOUT by Ann Aguirre (Science Fiction): I can’t believe I waited so long to read this book. This book is more than just your typical Sci Fi novel. Yes, it has plenty of action but what Aguirre does with her characters is really miraculous. If you loved the Sirantha Jax series, this one might even be a teensy bit better. *gasp* I know, so just read it. Trust me.

THE DIRT ON NINTH GRAVE by Darynda Jones (Urban Fantasy): This book is a great change of pace from the other books in the series. It almost takes us back to the beginning. As always, Jones’ humor and charm in this one is spot on. I found myself laughing my ass off while reading this book. Simply put, Charley is a genius!

December holds a lot of great gifts for readers. Jaci Burton has the next book in her Hope series called MAKE ME STAY. Of course for the PNR fanatics, BLOOD KISS by J.R. Ward and SWEET RUIN by Kresley Cole will definitely be on your Xmas wish list.  And let’s not forget about MY KIND OF WONDERFUL by Jill Shalvis!

Blood Kiss Winter Breakout dirtonninthgrave
make me stay sweet-ruin mykindofwonderful


HEARTS OF BLUE by L.H. Cosway (Contemporary Romance): I absolutely love everything this woman writes.  This installment in the Hearts series shows yet again that she can make me fall in love with just about anyone she puts her mind to!  I didn’t think I would love Lee as much as I did and definitely added him to my book boyfriend dungeon.

HOLD ME CLOSE by Megan Hart (Contemporary Romance): As always with a Hart book expect unconventional.  She does this so well, pushing the envelope and weaving a beautiful tale.  This is an intense read and I was completely enraptured by it!

December has so many good books coming your way!

BLOOD KISS by J.R. Ward (Paranormal Romance): It’s a Ward book, better yet a BDB book!  Need I say more?  This felt exactly like a Black Dagger Brotherhood book which excites me because maybe this means 2 BDB books a year! Gah!  I will die of excitement.  Excellent start to her new Legacy series going back to some of the roots that we love about the series and the training center, and doing it in a completely new way!

SWEET RUIN by Kresley Cole (Paranormal Romance): This book breaches a gap and moves the overall story arc along but it’s also a lot of fun and full of sexy.  Over the top as only Kresley Cole knows how to do.

MAKE ME STAY by Jaci Burton (Contemporary Romance): She really can do no wrong.  I love the heart in all her stories and this was no exception.  Such sweet reads that will warm your heart in the cold winter days.

MISCONDUCT by Penelope Douglas (Erotic Romance): Definitely my favorite Douglas read to date.  I loved the characters and how hot this book was!

HEADED FOR TROUBLE by Shiloh Walker (Contemporary Romance): Because… how can we resist a sexy Scottish bartender?

BETWEEN A VAMP AND A HARD PLACE by Jessica Sims (Paranormal Romance): I can’t wait to read this next installment in one of my go to fun paranormal series!

heartsofblue holdmeclose Blood Kiss sweet-ruin
make me stay Misconduct_CV.indd headedfortrouble betweenavampandahardplace



This month has been a little sparse for me on the new releases, however, I have found a new author to start obsessing over, Jennifer McQuiston. I really enjoyed The Spinster’s Guide to Scandalous Behaviour and now will be investigating her back list!

*rubs hands together* now December looks amazing. Blood Kiss by J.R. Ward is out and I can’t wait to get my mitts all over it. AND on top of that the latest in the Immortals After Dark series, Sweet Ruin is out as well! I feel like Christmas has come a few weeks early.

The Spinster's Guide to Scandalous Behavior Blood Kiss sweet-ruin
Once Kissed by Cecy Robson ~ Cecy Robson’s books always come out on top when I look back at my read books. Once Kissed is her latest, released early November. It’s the first installment of her new adult series called O’Brien Family. He’s a cop; she’s an assistant to the District Attorney but most of all they shared a past that obviously is not quite over yet. A great start to this series.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside by various authors ~ This anthology is compiled with awesome short stories by contemporary authors. It released last year, but all novellas released as standalone novellas at the end of November. But like I said each story is good, so it would be a good book to feel for each author’s writing.

Wolf’s Fall by J.D. Tyler ~ This PNR released last year as well, but I read it last month for one of my Rollback reads. I’m recommending this series as for anyone who likes PNR. World building is awesome, lots of action, good romance it’s pretty sexy.

I don’t have a big list for December, but it’s a pretty big month for me. My utmost fave series by my fave author is out this month. If you follow us, you know we’re big fans of J.R. Ward, and her new spin-off series, Blood Kiss ( Black Dagger Legacy) releases first of December. I’m listening to the audiobook now, and I can tell you it’s pretty amazing already.

Sweet Ruin by Kresley Cole is also out this week. The sixteenth of Immortal After Dark series; Another UTC fave. I can’t believe this is the sixteenth book. Every time a book from this series releases, I get excited as if it was the first. This PNR author has not lost her touch.

oncekissed baby it's cold outside wolfsfall
Blood Kiss sweet-ruin

So what about you? Anything you read in November that blew you away?
What about your most anticipated books of December?


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Amy R

I can’t wait for THE DIRT ON NINTH GRAVE by Darynda Jones


Last week I read grimspace and have since ordered every book in the series! Thank you for the recommendation

Maria D.

Great list! I need to get caught up on JR Ward…..

Texas Book Lover

I’ll be devouring Blood Kiss this weekend! I’m stoked to get another BDB book and from everything I’ve read this one is closer to old school BDB talk about heaven. I’m seriously jealous you’ve gotten your hands on 9th Grave already. I know January isn’t that far off but when it’s a favorite book your waiting it seems like FOREVER!!!


Thank you so much, Angela, for including ONCE KISSED among the best of the month–and for your kind words. It’s a tremendous honor!


Thanks for the recs!

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