New Releases for December 29, 2015




New Releases for December 29, 2015
The Rogue Not Taken
Book Info

Released: December 29th 2015
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Scandal and Scoundrel #1
Published by Avon
Pages: 384


The youngest of the infamous Talbot sisters scandalized society at the Liverpool Summer Soiree, striking her sister’s notoriously philandering husband and landing him backside-first in a goldfish pond. And we thought Sophie was the quiet one…

When she finds herself the target of very public aristocratic scorn, Sophie Talbot does what she must to escape the city and its judgment—she flees on the back of a carriage, vowing never to return to London…or to society. But the carriage isn’t saving her from ruin. It’s filled with it.


The Marquess of Eversley was espied descending a rose trellis—escaping an irate Earl and his once-future countess. No lady is safe from Eversley’s Engagement Ending Escapades!

Kingscote, the Marquess of Eversley, has never met a woman he couldn’t charm, a quality that results in a reputation far worse than the truth, a furious summons home, and a long, boring trip to the Scottish border. When King discovers stowaway Sophie, however, the trip becomes anything but boring.


He thinks she’s trying to trick him into marriage. She wouldn’t have him if he were the last man on earth. But carriages bring close quarters, dark secrets, and unbearable temptation, and suddenly opposites are altogether too attractive…


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Iron & Bone by Cat Porter
The Storm by Samantha Towle
Break Even by Lisa De Jong
Sway by Melanie Stanford
Hooked by Love by Toni Aleo
Last Wish by Erin Butler
Dirty Pleasures by Meghan March
Cowboy Take Me Away by Soraya Lane
Caught by You by Jennifer Bernard
Harvest Moon by Robyn Carr
Reunion at Cardwell Ranch & The Masked Man by B.J. Daniels
Night Hawk by Lindsay McKenna
Anything for You by Kristan Higgins
Headed for Trouble by Shiloh Walker
First Touch by Laurelin Paige


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Altered by Marnee Blake
With Every Breath by Lia Riley


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Vendetta by Gail Z. Martin


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Untouchable Darkness by Rachel Van Dyken
Heart Taker by Sasha Devlin
Hunter Deceived by Nancy Corrigan
Smoldering Hunger by Donna Grant
Between a Vamp and a Hard Place by Jessica Sims


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Susana and the Scot by Sabrina York
An Improper Arrangement by Kasey Michaels
One-Eyed Dukes are Wild by Megan Frampton
Taken by the Highlander by Julianne MacLean
The Rock by Monica McCarty
Shameless by Joan Johnston
The Earl’s Complete Surrender by Sophie Barnes
The Lady’s Command by Stephanie Laurens
Dukes Prefer Blondes by Loretta Chase


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Hard and Fast by Raven Scott
Redemption by Kate Douglas
Kill Without Mercy by Alexandra Ivy


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After She’s Gone by Lisa Jackson


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Winter Ball by Amy Lane


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dirtonninthgraveJANUARY 5, 2016 SEDUCTIONINSESSIONJANUARY 5, 2016 nevertearusapartJANUARY 5, 2016 offtheclockJANUARY 5, 2016
thescoreJANUARY 11, 2016 untangleJANUARY 12, 2016 hiddeninkJANUARY 12, 2016 dirtytogetherJANUARY 12, 2016
feverbornJANUARY 19, 2016 appealedJANUARY 19, 2016 dirtysexysaintJANUARY 19, 2016 loudishowiloveyouJANUARY 19, 2016
otherworldsecretsJANUARY 26, 2016 lady bridget's diaryJANUARY 26, 2016 spidergameJANUARY 26, 2016 roadside magicJANUARY 26, 2016
brotherhood in deathFEBRUARY 02, 2016
unexpectedrushFEBRUARY 02, 2016
starsaboveFEBRUARY 02, 2016 kingsrisingFEBRUARY 02, 2016
worthitallFEBRUARY 09, 2016 legendFEBRUARY 09, 2016 Glass SwordFEBRUARY 09, 2016 tothestarsFEBRUARY 09, 2016
Dark Alpha's Embrace by Donna GrantFEBRUARY 16, 2016
FirstlifeFEBRUARY 23, 2016
markedinfleshMARCH 01, 2016 fire touchedMARCH 08, 2016




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Rogue Not Taken, TheREC BY SUZANNE headedfortroubleREC BY FRANCESCA

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i hadn’t realized sabrina york and loretta chase had releases today!!…thanks!

Amy R

I’m adding the new RL Mathewson book and Kristan Higgins book to my wishlist.


Thanks for the recs and lists!

Lover Of Romance

So many fabulous releases happened this week right? A great way to start the new year. I really enjoyed Sophie Barnes latest book. That was probably my favorite that she has written so far. I am looking forward to Lia Riley’s new book as well as Sarah MacLean. Shameless was a wonderful read as well.