After Dark with…Shifters

In our November After Dark posts we like to talk about one of our favourite genres; Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. What these two genres have in common is that they tend to feature all the sexy creatures that go bump (and like to hump) in the night. Is there anything as sexy as a vampire who can’t wait to get his fangs in to you? Or a shifter desperate to chase you down? Or even a fae waiting to seduce you? Apparently not, as we girls at Under the Covers lap this up. Whether the shifter is out to love you up and wear you down with orgasms, like a classic PNR, or if the evil vampire wants to drain you dry like you may find in a UF, either way we can’t get enough of our creature features.

Today we move to my favourite of all the PNR/UF beasties…shifters, be they the traditional wolf or a big cat, or bird, dragon, bear, and even on one odd occasion a hamster, I love them. I don’t know what it is about shifters, but as soon as I know that a PNR or UF is based on them, my interest is immediately piqued. Maybe because of all the supernatural folk you can get, I always think that the shifters have the edge on intensity the single minded way they pursue their mates sends all kinds of good shivers up my spine.

Maybe in real life this chase could be considered stalking…but hey, I am not into reading romance for the gritty realism. But, I can’t help but enjoy the intense focus a shifter has on his mate, especially in the bedroom department; they certainly know how to channel that raw and wild energy into pleasurable pursuits. However, maybe I short changed shifters, and romance in general, with that gritty realism quip. There are some absolutely amazing shifter PNR and UF series out there, which really go into the logistics of how a pack of shifters would work and the authors weave some fantastic books with this concept. Not only do they have the romance, they have exciting and intelligent plots where whole new worlds are shaped straight from the authors imaginations.

Here are some recommendations of my favourite shifter books, I have divided them into what kind of animal the characters shift in to:

Lets start with some werewolves:

Moving on to the kitty cats…

And now lets mix it all up…

Which kind of shifter is your favourite? What are your favourite books?

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from this list kate daniels, psy-changeling and mercy thompson are my favorites…i like the wild hunt series by cherise sinclair and the were-hunter series by sherrilyn kenyon


Werewolves and cat shifters are my faves. I love both Christine Feehan’s Leopard people and J. C. Daniels Kit Colbana series

I’ve read and loved every series on this list, except Christine Feehan, who I haven’t tried yet. I would’ve had a hard time narrowing the list. There are so many great series out there. Great list.

Amy R

I love Shelly Laurenston Pride series and JC Daniels Colbana Files