After Dark…Witches & Warlocks

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In our November After Dark posts we like to talk about one of our favourite genres; Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. What these two genres have in common is that they tend to feature all the sexy creatures that go bump (and like to hump) in the night. Is there anything as sexy as a vampire who can’t wait to get his fangs in to you? Or a shifter desperate to chase you down? Or even a fae waiting to seduce you? Apparently not, as we girls at Under the Covers lap this up. Whether the shifter is out to love you up and wear you down with orgasms, like a classic PNR, or if the evil vampire wants to drain you dry like you may find in a UF, either way we can’t get enough of our creature features.

Lets move on to some hocus pocus after all what would PNR and UF be without a little magic? Most series incorporate a little bit of magic wielding, it is such a great tool you can literally make anything happen. And, having a witch, warlock, mage, shaman etc as a main character guarantees that some wand waving, spell casting or energy channeling is going to take place.

I know, I am being vague, but that is what I love about books which focus more heavily on the magic wielders of the paranormal world, there aren’t any defined roles or expectations. When you pick up a shifter, fae or vampire PNR/UF you already know their basic characteristics, even if the author does a unique spin on it; vampires will always need blood, shifters will always shift and fae will always be beautiful bastards. However, magic users can range from drug addicted witches chasing ghosts (FYI this is the Downside Ghosts series by Stacia Kane) to Harry Potter and there is a huge ocean of difference between packed full of more exciting and original ideas than you can shake a wand at.

Of course, my love for these types of books is bias, I started my reading journey in the traditional fantasy genre and so I have a massive soft spot for them. The massive worlds some of my favourite authors created stick to me to this very day and every now and then I like to dig back in and indulge my imagination in the familiar surroundings. But, I focus mainly on romance these days, but I can’t resist slipping in some of my traditional fantasy favourites, so here are two different types of recommendations:

My Witches & Warlock Romance Faves:

My Fantasy Faves:

Who are your favourite witches and warlocks?

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Would wizards be included here? If so, I would have to include The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. I would also add The Hollows by Kim Harrison for team witches


I haven’t read any witches but my fave tv show with witches Charmed! I’m going to try to read Unholy Ghosts soon since I’ve had it probably over a year now!


harry dresden, rachel morgan, paige winterbourne, eve and savannah levine, adam lazarus…and i’m sure i’m forgetting some people :/


I love UF featuring witches, but they are usually side characters rather than the main event. A few of the series that I’ve found and loved that feature witches in lead roles are the Arcadia Bell series by Jenn Bennett, Sonya Clark’s Magic Born series, and Suzanne Johnson’s Sentinels of New Orleans series, featuring a female wizard lead. I highly recommend all of these.

Amy R

Colbana Files by JC Daniels and I really like KA’s Fantasyland series