Top Ten: Ghosts and Ghouls

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Happy Halloween! A celebration of all things that go bump in the night…and chocolate lots and lots of chocolate. I was going to do a Top Ten on the best horror-romance books, however, it seems that that particular sub genre isn’t one I have explored – at all it seems! So instead, what is more iconic in Halloween than a ghost? So here is a Top Ten books and series that feature ghosts and ghouls, with hopefully a little bit of horror added in.spacer

circle10Better Homes & Hauntings
by Molly Harper

I thought I would start us off with the traditional haunted house. A classic of the ghost story genre and what Molly Harper has given us a twist on in Better Homes and Hauntings. This has Harper’s signature wit and cast of quirky characters thrown in with an intriguing ghostly mystery.

betterhomeshauntingspacercircle9Black Heart
by R.L. Mathewson

You can always count on R.L. Mathewson to give you something to make you laugh, which she does in this series, throw in some sexy and a handful of ghosts, then  voila! You have a great light hearted book ready to snuggle down with on a dark Halloween night.


circle8Disenchanted & Co
by Lynn Viehl

Although the heroine in this series doesn’t believe in ghosts or magic of any kind…that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And exist it does and it is down to our down to earth and skeptical heroine, with the assistance of a darkly handsome and sinister mage and a few friends to save the day. 


circle7 Deadly Curiosities
by Gail Z. Martin

Deadly Curiosities is drowning in ghosts and all manner of wicked things that like to grab you in the night. Scary and atmospheric this book is a great read to get you in the mood for Halloween. 

circle6Black London
by Caitlin Kittredge

This series rates pretty high on the creepy scale, Black London is definitely not a place I would like to live. However, it makes for exciting and slightly disturbing reading. If you’re looking for something darker, with a hero, who is kind of a villain and everyone seems to be out to stab you in the back, then give it a go!

spacercircle5 Charley Davidson
by Darynda Jones

Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones takes on a whole new take on grim reapers. On this aspect, Charley, the grim reaper brings them light instead of darkness but not always the case for her. The ghosts aren’t always pleasant. They stalk her and constantly around, totally creepy. Hell is after her…the the twist, she is in love with Satan’s spawn and he is sexy as hell. But Darynda does a great job with balancing the ghosts, good and evil, romance, mystery and good humor into this series.

circle4Night Huntress
by Jeaniene Frost

Ghosts and ghouls feature heavily in Night Huntress, as both enemies and as friends all adding to this sexy, action packed and funny series. Add in some truely unforgettable characters and you are on to a winner with the Night Huntress series.

spacercircle3Cassandra Palmer 
by Karen Chance

This series doesn’t just concern ghosts, throw in some vampires, witches, mages, werewolves and fae, mix them together and then watch them explode, quite often with Cassie right in the middle trying desperately to survive and save the day at the same time. Excitement and adventure abound in this series

spacercircle2 Experiment in Terror
by Karina Halle

Of all the books in this list, this is the closest one to horror, this series has managed to both terrify and creep me out. It’s fantastic and disturbing…and has Dex, our magnificent anti-hero, who manages to be just as fantastic and disturbing as the story lines. If you want your romance complicated and your monsters terrifying, than look no further.

circle1Downside Ghosts
by Stacia Kane

I was sceptical when I first started this series, I mean, a drug addicted witch as the heroine? That’s just not the sort of gal I thought I could get behind. Turned out I was wrong. As soon I started I was hooked, the Downside Ghosts series has everything; action, romance and so much intense and powerful emotions that I was instantly ensnared. Turns out the life and times of a drug addicted witch is far more complicated, heart breaking and interesting than I imagined, much to my delight.


So that’s our favourite ghost stories, what are yours?

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I’ve got a few of these on my tbr…I’m going with the Charley Davidson series since I’ve read most of those!


#s 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 are great!…couldn’t get in to #1

Sophia Rose

That is a good list. I need to start Downside Ghosts since I have the first several. Black London looks intriguing. Nice list, Suzanne!

Amy R

Thanks for the list, love Charley Davidson series and Night Huntress.