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I want to thank Francesca for having me at Under the Covers today! I’ve always had a great time here!

I’ll jump right into the topic… How hard is it to say goodbye to a series? Are you happy when it’s over? Are you eager for the next thing from that author or do you wish you got more of the same world? Personally, I’ve gone both ways. It just depends on the series. Sometimes, I’m happy knowing it’s over and I have the whole pretty collection on my shelf – be it virtual or real. Other times, I want other secondary characters to get their HEAs too.

When I originally started with the Adrenaline Highs, I never thought I’d have as many books in the series as I did. Actually, between you and me… I never intended for it to be a series at all. I actually wrote two different books after Dangerous Race. I never intended to go back to that world. But then I needed story ideas after I finished those other books and because I really liked Dangerous Race, I decided to build on it. The second book, Danger Zone, opened a huge door for a third book and all of a sudden I had a real series.

I guess my favorite part about this series is that each book stands alone. You don’t really have to read them in order – although it’s probably a tiny bit more fun if you do.

My really favorite part is giving Kim (from book one) and Leo (from book two) a happily ever after. Especially since they’ve both been through so much. I thought you might like a little taste of their chemistry, so here’s an excerpt.

Damn, he’d forgotten how much he liked her. Their two-month separation had been good, because he’d been able to focus on other things besides how much he wanted to be with her. Touching her set his blood on fire. She blinked a few times, fast, as if their contact was another shock to her system. And standing there, with his legs between hers, with their mouths so close together, the only thought in his brain was kiss her. Now.

“Leo,” she whispered. Her lips seemed to move in slow motion as he slowly bridged the gap between them.

“What?” he growled.

“I don’t think this is a—”

He kissed her before she finished the sentence, because she was right. It wasn’t a good idea. But damn if he could stop himself. She was his Achilles heel. His weak spot. The more distance she put between them, the more he wanted her. He started slow, worked his way into the kiss, waiting for her to push him away or move back. She did neither, so he took it farther and tasted her lower lip with a gentle brush of his tongue. A little moan vibrated from her throat as their lips stayed connected. She tasted different…she tasted like a luscious cinnamon stick, all hot and spicy. “You found my cinnamon gum in the shorts pocket, didn’t you?” he breathed against her mouth. The gum was her fault. Whatever perfume she wore smelled like cinnamon and he’d started to chew the gum. Whether to remind himself of her or not was something he purposely hadn’t analyzed.

She barely nodded, her wet lips brushing against his in an erotic glide. “I had nap breath,” she murmured.

He smiled against her lips before going in for more. Still slow, still sexy as hell, still doing his best to inhale her without scaring her off. They had history, yes, but her unpredictability always threw him off. He missed the softness of her hair under his fingertips. The way her pulse beat rapidly right before contact.

“Leo,” she murmured, her mouth still moving against his as his hands moved down her thighs.

“Mmm,” he managed.

“We should stop. This isn’t going to get either one of us anywhere.”

Just like last time, she was relying on his will power to stay away. Hadn’t he failed that test already? In a colossal way?


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About Dee J. Adams

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Dee J. moved to Los Angeles, California, where she acted in television and commercials for almost twenty years. An award winning author, she writes contemporary romantic suspense. She's a member of SAG-AFTRA and RWA and was thrilled to be chosen by Audible to narrate three of her (four) books in the Adrenaline Highs series (Carina Press): Danger Zone, Dangerously Close and Living Dangerously. All of her books, including the first, Dangerous Race, and her most recent release, Against The Wall, are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, ARe and other e-book distributors.
She has been married to the love of her life for over 25 years and they have a 17 year old daughter who brings them nothing but pride and joy.



Your turn. What do you like best about a series? And are you happy when they end?

I’m giving away a digital copy of any backlist book in the Adrenaline Highs to one commenter.
(P.S. Dangerous Race –the 1st book in the series- is $1.99 for a limited time!)


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I love that previously secondary characters get their stories told and I also love catching up with past couples!


Sometimes I’m happy when they end other times not so much because I just don’t want to leave the world and characters behind

Dee J.

Yes, sometimes leaving the world behind is hard. It was hard for me to end this series. Especially since it was my first!

Dee J.

Hi Timitra,
I feel the same way. Sometimes I’m surprised when certain characters get a book, but then find I’m completely wrapped up in their story. And I definitely love catching up with old favorites! Thanks for stopping in!


I love returning to a familiar world and seeing a HEA for a secondary character =) I´m always sad seeing the end to something *nods*
Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Wednesday!

Dee J.

Hi Linda,
I hear you. I feel the same way. Although I do like having a whole series on my shelf (be it real or virtual). I like not having to worry if I might miss one down the line. Haha.


I like seeing how the characters grow and develop …usually yes I am happy when a series ends… I trust the author to make the ending worth it.. series that go on too long are a turn off

Dee J.

Hi Elizabeth,
I hear you! I think that’s why I wrapped the Adrenaline Highs when I did. It was time to say goodbye. I’m still thinking I need to write a big party scene with all the characters and make it a freebie on my site. Haha. Maybe one day…


I love the characters anfld the premise of a series. It’s also great that other characters that were introduced in previous books gets their OWN books.

Depending on the series, it may be that I would like said series to end soon and/or I would miss said series when it ends. It really depends on the series and/or if the premise felt too drawn-out or not. And my feelings over said ending will either be positive and/or negative, depending on how much ‘hold’ the series has on me.

Dee J.

Hi EC,
It definitely depends on the series. So far I’ve been very lucky with finding great ones where I’ve loved all the characters and the world. Thanks for stopping in!

Jennifer Schaber

I love how the characters practically become friends from reading about them in multiple books. As long as my new buddies are happy, I’m OK with the series ending. It’s sad to see them go, but if the characters aren’t talking to the author anymore, what can you do? A forced story would be obvious.
(Danger Zone was one of the first romantic suspense books I read and fell in love with the genre and your writing.)

Dee J.

Hi Jennifer,
Wow! How much am I smiling right now! Thank you so much! Well, if you enjoyed Danger Zone, I think you might like Always Dangerous. Leo was such a bad boy and he gets his redemption in this book. I think it was a nice way to end the series. Thanks again for your lovely words.

Maria D.

I like the continuity of the story and the chance to see the secondary characters get their own story or see the main characters continue with their story too….I’m a sucker for watching the characters continue their story like in real life

Dee J.

Hi Maria,
Yes! I do loving revisiting the other characters and watching how their relationships have become so solid. It’s fun watching them interact knowing their history. Thanks for dropping in!

Mary Preston

I love it when I can stay with characters, but I don’t want them to overstay their welcome either.

Dee J.

Hi Mary,
Yep, I hear you. I’m kind of torn between wanting it to go on and getting that satisfied feeling when it’s over. That’s about the time I start from the beginning and reread the book. Haha. Thanks for stopping in!

Laura Lovejoy Brunk

I love series because you get to know all the characters inside and out, but then im totally crushed, usually, when the series ends. Its like loosing a friend.

Dee J.

Hi Laura,
I understand what you mean, trust me! That’s when I pick up book one and reread the series. Haha. I’ve done it a couple of times. It’s fun to catch stuff that I might’ve missed the first time around too. Thanks for dropping by!

Amy R

What I enjoy most about a series is reading about characters I love. I don’t mind when series end, I prefer the author go out on a high note and not drag things out and make the books ridiculous. If there’s a story to tell I think the author should keep on writing but when books become repetitive nonsense I’ll stop reading them.

Dee J.

Hi Amy,
I get your point. As long as there’s a story to tell, it keeps the world real. I felt that wrapping up the series with Kim and Leo was a fitting end since it brought the series full circle to the first and second books. Thanks for stopping in!

Linda Henderson

I love keeping up with the original characters and I hate it when the series ends.

Dee J.

Hi Linda,
Aw… I can understand how you feel. There are a couple of series out there where I’m pretty sure I’m out of luck when it comes to reading a few character’s books because they won’t ever be written. But then I reread my favorites and don’t feel as bad. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!