Random Thoughts of a Romance Blogger: To Film or not to Film?

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To Film or Not to Film?

That really is the question. There have been a rash of book to film adaptions lately, and every time I hear that a book is about to be slammed up on the silver screen I get an uncomfortable feeling…it’s not going to be a book or series that I love is it? I find myself half excited and half dreading the news, if it is a series I love then I have the sinking feeling that they will never do my imagination justice and yet…to see some of my favourite characters in live action would be titillating.  It could be the next Lord of the Rings – thus far the only film adaption that has enhanced the book rather rather than slash it to bits and in the style to Dr Frankenstein and sew it back together forming an inelegant monster. *cough*The Golden Compass*cough.

Then again if it is a series I don’t know or like, there’s a sense of relief. And yet also puzzlement, why oh why of all the series in all the world did they pick that one? Didn’t they know that it had a ridiculous plot twist in which the main characters, are told that they are brother and sister…and yet they have enough sizzling sexual chemistry to start a barbeque?

So, what has brought this to my mind? J.R. Ward that’s who. You may have heard the news that NBC have bought The Bourbon Kings and are planning to do a drama series. My feelings when I heard that? Complete relief that they hadn’t decided to buy the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Gosh, what a hash they would make of that! It could never match my imagination, the image I have in my mind of Wrath and the Brothers… and I have a horrible feeling that it would make the whole series seem cheesy and ridiculous. I mean almost 7 foot tall vampire prowling the night in black leather…what kind of film was this again?

However, some books seem to show exactly what they are once they are on the big screen, Fifty Shades of Grey was just as insipid and uninspiring in cinema as it was on page… only I didn’t have to put up with the bad grammar and the murder-inducing bloody Inner Goddess. But, moving on to the positive; film adaptions I have enjoyed (although, obviously not as much as the books) include Harry Potter (lets ignore the first two films and start from The Prisoner of Azkaban) and The Hunger Games. Although my favourite adaptions are the classic Lord of the Rings and the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice (hmm Colin Firth emerging from the pond is an indelible memory).

What do you think of book to film/TV adaptions? What are some of your favourites?


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Chris Alexander

Harry Potter, Gone with the Wind (lets not discuss the missing children), and the Hunger Games. I watched Divergent and was told the book is so much better, but I haven’t gotten to it, yet. Oooh! Twilight was a good adaptation. The movies were as cheesy as the books!! *laughs* Every time Lifetime does a Nora Roberts book, I get my hopes up and never last 10 minutes. I think Bourbon Kings can be done well, but only time will tell if they will do it that way. I really try not to watch book to film adaptations. I have… Read more »


The Lord Of The Rings and Pride and Prejudice are two of my faves


harry potter, lord of the rings, divergent, hunger games, twilight, pride and prejudice….and emma and sense and sensibility i liked the movie better than the books, a christmas carol (the albert finney and alastair sim versions), the outsiders, the autobiography of miss jane pittman, edgar allan poe adaptations starring vincent price


I’m neutral over the whole adaptation. It could go good and/or bad, depending on one’s views. A fave of mine is a Danielle Steel’s book that I forgot the title of but have good memories about. I would also say the Hunger Games movies are good, but I hadn’t read the books yet.

Maria D.

Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice are pretty much the only ones i think have been done right. I thought Twilight was pretty bad because Kristen Stewart was just not a good match for Bella….The Hunger Games was miscast in my opinion (Jennifer Lawrence is 2 inches taller than Josh Hutcherson – Katniss is smaller and shorter than Peeta in the books and they have zero, and i mean zero, latent chemistry – totally wrong casting and it ticks me off every time I see the movies though the rest of the casting is okay). I haven’t read Divergent so… Read more »


Oh thank you! I thought josh hutcherson was a horrible choice!…I wasn’t sure about jennifer lawrence until i saw her in the movie..oh and i agree about the mortal instruments

Amanda Sheila

I have mixed feeling too, you know. Recently, I watched DUFF the movie and I don’t really.. Enjoyed it. Sure it’s good, but somehow in big screen, they didn’t capture the essence of the book. And it’s kind of sad. Movies tends to bring down the book, they made the book seems as bad as the movie. But I watched Gone Girl and I must admit, I got chills from it. If the movie’s that good, exactly how much better the book is? So yeah, it depends to the filmmaker. I guess to me personally, we just have to endure… Read more »

Amy R

I have a hard time watching movies from books I’ve read because I’m always thinking or stating out loud that’s wrong, that wasn’t how it happened or they skipped my favorite scene.