Guide to the Greek Pantheon: Hades

You can’t swing a cat in paranormal romance without knocking down a few Greek gods or goddesses, it seems the Greek Pantheon and their antics; often violent, sexual and downright wrong, have caught authors imaginations. So, I decided to do some in depth research about the guys and gals of Mount Olympus who seem to pop up the most (aka, I did a thorough Google search) and see what it is the fascinates our favourite author so much.

Our second offering is Hades, God of the Underworld, is he a sinister and evil lord of hell or just a misunderstood warrior who enjoys brooding in the dark surrounded by dead people? I’ll let the authors decide!

HadesName: Hades
God of: the Underworld
Also known as: Pluto or Plouton, they were afraid to say his name in case it invited death sooner, so they called him Pluton. Pluton comes from the Greek word wealth and as lots of precious materials came from the ground, part of Hades domain, he was also associated with riches. So, not only was he known as the god of the Underworld, but also of Wealth.

Parents: Eldest child of Rhea and Cronus. Not that there seemed to be much love, Hades and his fellow siblings battled with them for 10 years and finally wrestled their parents power away. To decide who ruled what, they drew lots, Poseidon got the Sea, Zeus got the Skies and Hades was awarded the Underworld

Marital Status: His consort was Persephone, daughter of Demeter. Legend says Hades kidnapped her whilst she was picking flowers and took her to the Underworld. This made her mother extremely unhappy and so she put a famine on the land and refused to lift it until she saw her daughter again. This continued, no matter how much the other gods begged her to stop, until Zeus intervened and Persephone was released. Of course, Hades cunningly had Persephone eat some food from the Underworld, pomegranate, which meant she had to return. So they came to a compromise; for one season a year Persephone would stay in the Underworld with Hades and the rest of the time she was free.

Pets: Cereberus, the three headed dog

General Fact One: He is one of the six original Olympian gods, the others being Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter and Hestia

Evil or Misunderstood?: Could Hades be misunderstood, although death is often seen as evil, in earlier tales Hades isn’t depicted as evil, cruel, fierce and unyielding maybe, but he was also just. Not that he wasn’t as violently inclined as his brothers, he was very possessive of his realm and those within it and was reputed to rarely leave it.

Want to check out some books featuring this God?

Abandon Goddess Test, The Everneath Persephone
For the Love of Hades My Lord Hades Hot as Hades Seeds

What are your favourite books featuring Hades?

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Hades just made an appearance in jim butcher’s Dresden files…I’m interested to see if he follows up with hades


For some reason my mind keeps going to Larissa Ione but the name of the book isn’t coming to me

Under the Covers Book Blog

There’s a novella actually titled Hades by Larissa yes!

Chris Alexander

Hades has appeared in some Dark Hunter books. I always enjoy the scenes he’s in. I’ll have to check out some of the above books. One can never have too many books on the TBR.

Aly P

I love him in the DH world. He and Persephone rock 😀


An older book with Hades as a main character is Roberta Gellis’ Dazzling Brightness.


Second the Gellis rec. That’s a wonderful book.

Under the Covers Book Blog

And Hades also made his appearance in the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter in The Darkest Touch. ~ Francesca