Guide to the Greek Pantheon: Artemis

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You can’t swing a cat in paranormal romance without knocking down a few Greek gods or godesses, it seems the Greek Pantheon and their antics; often violent, sexual and downright wrong, have caught authors imaginations. So, I decided to do some in depth research about the guys and gals of Mount Olympus who seem to pop up the most (aka, I did a thorough Google search) and see what it is the fascinates our favourite author so much.

Today we are all about Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt and as famous as Britney Spears for her virginity (only, far more successful at remaining chaste) what author’s imagination can resist that?

Name: AArtemisrtemis
Goddess of: the Hunt, Wild Animals, Wilderness, childbirth, virginity and protector of young girls
Also known as: Diana

Parents: Daughter to Zeus and Leto and twin of Apollo. According to legend, she was born first and then helped Leto give birth to her twin Apollo.

Marital Status: Virgin. Zeus, her father granted her eternal chastity as per her request, so Artemis was famously a virgin and very protective of it. Just ask Actaeon, he was a hunting companion of Artemis, and when he saw her bathing in a sacred spring then tries to rape her. However, Artemis transforms Actaeon into a stag who then gets slaughtered by his own hunting dogs. Of course one man, another hunting buddy Orion, supposedly won her heart but was killed by either Artemis herself in an accident or by a scorpion sent by Gaia, goddess of the Earth.

Favourite Weapon: Artemis is a famous huntress, most often depicted with a bow and arrow. She also liked to travel in style, her chariot was made of gold and was pulled by golden horned dear.

Want to check out some books featuring this Goddess?

Night-Pleasures Goddess of Light

What are your favourite books featuring Artemis?

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Wonder Woman’s name is also Diana so I guess Artemis was the inspiration for her hmmm interesting…I’m really enjoying this feature!


Love to hate her in the dark hunters but she’s not as bad in d’aulaire’s book of greek myths and the goddess girls series

Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose

I know I’ve read about her as a minor character in the background of some PNR stories, but for the life of me I can’t remember the titles. Artemis has always been rather a favorite of the Olympians for me.