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ARC Review: Evening Storm by Anne Calhoun
Evening Storm

2.5 Stars

Book Info

Released: August 18 2015
Series: Irresistible #4
Published by InterMix
Pages: 165

“Calhoun’s writing style remains largely the same. It’s still very lyrical, very sensual but this was the first book from her that didn’t immediately wow me.”
~ Under the Covers

As an Anne Calhoun fan, I didn’t even read the blurb of this book before accepting it. Calhoun is just a sure thing for me. However, I found that the latest book in the Irresistible series to be a touch different to Calhoun’s usual books.

Ryan and Simone meet at the lingerie shop that Simone works at. He has brought in a woman who isn’t shy about what she wants so Simone works diligently to give her what she wants. Days later, Ryan returns and these meetings continue to occur throughout the book.

Both characters are quite polished and sophisticated so the story does have a more sensual vibe to it. However, I just didn’t feel the connection between Ryan and Simone. Even as they romance progressed, I always felt one step behind them as their relationship became more physical. I think this was mainly because there wasn’t anything that made me connect with them separately. So as they come together, I just didn’t feel like I was on the same page as the characters.

Calhoun’s writing style remains largely the same. It’s still very lyrical, very sensual but this was the first book from her that didn’t immediately wow me. Something was missing with this romance and I’m not sure if it was because of the character’s personalities and their actions I couldn’t get along with, or the idea of how they first met that got me off the wrong footing. Either way, I was a little disappointed but I still adore Calhoun enough to check out the other books in the series.




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About Anne Calhoun

After doing time at Fortune 500 companies on both coasts, I found myself living in the suburbs of a small Midwestern city. The glamour of various cube farm jobs had worn off, so I gave up making a decent living to take Joseph Campbell’s advice and follow my bliss: writing romance.


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Thanks for the review Annie


It’s rough when you can’t connect with the characters.

Under the Covers Book Blog

Yeah, a bit disappointed in this one but hopefully her next ones will be better for me