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Welcome back to UTC, Amanda! We are so thrilled to be talking to you today about PURE BLOODED, the fifth book in the Jessica McClain series. Now in this book Jessica finds herself caught up with some Made wolves, can you tell us a little about them?

Sure! The Made wolves are a creation of a certain priestess who’s been waiting for a very long time to meet Jessica. Jessica’s Pack thinks that the fracture pack is behind it all, but they soon find out that’s not the case. This means a lot of mayhem for Jessica. It’s good she has Marcy by her side in this one. It makes for a very entertaining ride!


How would you say Jessica had changed/grown over the course of the series?

 The best thing about Jessica for me, as I’m writing her, is how she rolls with the punches. She may not always love the situation she’s in, but she’s never a whiner. Over the course of the series she’s accepted the leadership mantle and ultimately wants what’s best for her team. Her goal is to get the finish line (without being killed) and when she crosses it, all her questions will finally be answered.


As much as we love Jessica, the secondary characters are just as important to the story as the protagonist is. Who is your favourite and why?

 Oh, that’s so hard to choose! I love them all for different reasons. But if prodded, I’d have to say I gravitate to the humorous characters because they are the most fun to write. Marcy plays a big role in this book, and I’m so glad! I love Danny, too. Who doesn’t love him? Ray is also one of my favorites. When I first wrote his character I thought for sure he was going to die! He was too cranky. Turns out Ray has more gumption than I thought, and his sarcasm is the kind of stuff I love. They are all a blast to write in their own way. Sometimes I get chills when Rourke is on the page. His intensity and love for Jessica knows no bounds and it has been known to give me goosebumps.


With an Urban Fantasy series such as this one, how do you manage to keep track of all the events and details?

 I have some wonderful folks who have put together a big world building bible for the series and that has been invaluable. As the books grow, the world keeps layering. That might be one of my favorite parts of writing. But it’s getting harder and harder to keep track of all the small details, so I go back over the bible a lot. The story arc is in my head, however, and that’s what fuels the journey.


Can you describe a typical writing day for you?

 My day starts around 8:30 am with a big cup of coffee. I usually do administrative stuff, answer emails, etc, until about 10:00. Then the rest of the day oscillates between writing, editing, and sneaking in time to chat with my author pals via text or email. They keep me going! The day can be a long slog. I’m lucky to have a wonderful network and it makes the day better when I get to share it with friends. However, if I don’t get my word count in during the day, lots of nights I’m up late. I try to aim for at least 2,000 words a day.


What’s next for Amanda Carlson?

 So many things! I’m working on a brand new UF series right now (Yay!). It’s a fantasy/UF hybrid that I’m really excited about. I also write in the Sin City Collectors series—lots of fun, with tons of unique characters: dhampirs, hellhounds, witches, shifters, and succubae to name a few! I’d love to get another installment out in the next year. Then, of course, more Jessica. Her and her gang keep me going and I can’t wait to see where she ends up next! I hope you guys do, too.


Thanks so much for chatting with us today!

 Thanks for much for having me! I love dropping by to chat with you guys. I hope all my readers enjoy PURE BLOODED! It’s always a wild ride with Jessica.



pure blooded

Jessica arrives back from the Underworld to find her father embroiled in a battle against the Made wolves. She and her crew drop everything to join them.

Once she arrives, the threat is after her. Jessica is lured into danger when her adversary takes something precious from her. With help from an unlikely source, Jessica goes up against her creator in a battle that will decide the path of everyone involved. She must war against a new set of foes, ones who could not only steal her power, but could take her soul as well.

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pure blooded




About Amanda Carlson

Amanda Carlson is the author of the upcoming Jessica McClain series. The first book, Full Blooded, will be released by Hachette Book Group, ORBIT US & UK SEPT 2012. She’s been writing for over ten years. Full Blooded is her first novel. She lives in Minneapolis, with her husband and three kids.



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Great interview

jodi marinich

sounds like a great book

Bethany Macielag

great interview!!!!


I love the secondary characters


I love UF!!! I really enjoy your books and can’t wait for the next one.


Funny secondary characters are the best! Well, one of the bests.

Mary Preston

I enjoyed the interview thank you.

Barbara Elness

This is a series I’ve been meaning to start, but just haven’t had a chance yet. It looks like I need to get started soon because I’m way behind. 😀


I’m a bit behind but I did enjoy the first book 🙂 Congrats to Amanda on the series! Thanks for sharing!

Laura Lovejoy Brunk

Great interview…this is a new series for me so ii really enjoyed it ! I’ve added this series to my TBR pile

[…] Interview and Giveaway with Amanda Carlson […]

Suzan Lacey

I’m currently reading pure blooded now and loving it! So excited to hear about the new series, can’t wait to learn more about it! I’m also excited to learn you’re hoping on getting a new sin city collectors book out too! I love Jessica but I really love her friends as well! They’re pretty awesome in their own right!

Amy R

I haven’t read this series but it sounds good.