Quiz: Who is your Leading Man?

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Picture it. You’re the heroine, until this point in your life you have been unlucky in love, only ever seeming to attract all the Mr/Sir/Earl/Duke Wrongs. But finally, your gallant hero has come galloping/driving in ready to sweep you off your feet and take you to the heights of ecstasy, but only after of course the requisite baddie/skeleton from the past/emotional baggage has been defeated. But, who is he? A dashing Duke? A badass Biker? A sexy Shifter? Or maybe you have settled for a handsome billionaire. Take our quiz and find out! All you need to do is add up the totals at the end of your answer for each question to find out who your leading man is!

1.      Your ideal man would be…

A)     Strong, protective and wild (3)
B)      Powerful, elegant and wicked (1)
C)      Intelligent, handsome and kinky (4)
D)     Tough, rough and rugged (2)

2.       When you first meet your hero he is riding….

A)     A dashing white steed (1)
B)      A growly big ass motorbike (2)
C)      His own two feet – he likes to run (3)
D)     A chauffer driven black Mercedes  (4)

3.       Your first date…

A)     Umm *clutches pounding head* I am sure there was tequila in involved (2)
B)      We had a turn round the park, all probably chaperoned of course… apart from that one scandalous kiss (1)
C)      The woods, where we had a picnic and played an interesting game of chase… (3)
D)     Fine champagne, a top restaurant and a wicked kiss in the back of his limo (4)

4.       When your family first saw him they thought…

A)     My family…they don’t need to know! (2)
B)      Cha-Ching! (4)
C)      He looked a little intense and wondered why he growled at the dog. (3)
D)     A summer wedding would be nice…wait, let’s make that spring and get a special licence  (1)

5.       In bed he’s…

A)     Wicked and wild (3)
B)      Rough and urgent (2)
C)      He likes to play with me and he has lots and lots of toys… (4)
D)     Gentle and teasing…at first (1)

6.       Your wedding would be…

A)     An elegant affair, the must- have invitation for the season (1)
B)      On a private island, with white beaches and turquoise seas. Paradise only money can buy. (4)
C)      A few shots and a wild night (2)
D)     Wedding? She’s mine, I’ve claimed her. Hard. (3)

Add up your scores to see who your leading man is!

Scored between 6-9

Image Credit Sarah MacLean “No Good Duke Goes Unpunished”

A devilish Duke!

Are you ready to be swept off your feet and courted by a proper gentleman? Your score indicates that your Mr Perfect is actually Duke Perfect. Be prepared for wicked waltzes and scandalous strolls that offer plenty of opportunities for your chosen man to steal a kiss. He may be a bit of a rake, but as the old adage says, reformed rakes makes for the best husbands.

Scored between 10-15


Mount up with a Biker!

You like your men with a dangerous edge, making a Biker the perfect kind of guy for you. The road will be strewn with heartache, but you aren’t one to shy away from a challenge, especially in the form of the Biker of your dreams. Be prepared for tears, alcohol and sex so hot you’ll be lighting the sheets on fire.

Scored between 16-19


You’ve been claimed by a Shifter!

Be prepared to deal with growls, snarls and unexpected fur on your sofa; you’ve been claimed by a shifter! Your love was fated and now you have a gorgeous shifter mate willing to fulfil your every desire…the dirtier the better.


Scored between 20-24

Swept away by a Billionaire!

You’ve hit the jackpot and landed yourself a billionaire! Your Mr Right will be wining, dining and kinking you up. He may look polished and handsome, but we all know what lies beneath a Billionaire’s debonair surface…and I believe it involve handcuffs.


Want to know how we fared?  Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, all 4 of us got the Shifter!  

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I got a shifer. Hahahahahaha.

Texas Book Lover

I got shifter! At least I’ll be warm.


Ha…I got a billionaire

Kamla L.

I also got a shifter but have to admit that they are all very appealing to me. 🙂


15 here, so I got biker BUT almost shifter……..so a biker shifter, YES!


so boring–got a Duke

Sophia Rose

I was borderline biker/shifter, but stayed one point to biker side when a few answers were a toss up. LOL!

Fun quiz!



Lori Meehan



12… Biker, figures! 🙂

JoAnna B

Love Alphas! I got shifter!



Though if I had answered a few questions differently…

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Amy R

15 the Biker