Welcome to UTC, Cari!  And to celebrate the release of YIELD, the latest in the Pierced Hearts series, which we love.

It’s a pleasure to be here on Under the Covers and thank you! I’m always surprised and honoured whenever anyone likes my stories.

The title alone speaks volumes but tell us what readers can expect from this new release?

Dark kinkiness, lots and lots of that.

I try to venture somewhere I’ve not gone before with these dark books and Yield spawned from a few ideas. For the last two books, I’ve threatened to do two endings but with those it fizzled out. With Yield I planned two endings from the moment I began to write and keeping the two endings in my mind, all the way through, helped this book to gel.

I love exploring why women (and men?) enjoy these dark fantasies and I like to stretch the boundaries of my dark writing – as in how far can I go and still get the reader to sympathise with the antihero?

In Yield, I feel, I really did pen my worst antihero, ever. I could never have written Moghul as the one and only male main character. I would have horrified myself too much, I think. Having two possible endings freed me. But I didn’t write him as bad man just for the sake of it. I’m curious about whether readers will prefer him to Glass, my other hero. I find those who read these dark books often read across the genres and a sweet romance will grab them too. What happens when you have both in one book? Okay Glass isn’t quite sweet, but he’s an angel compared to Moghul.

Your books are often labelled as “dark erotic” by readers. What is it about BDSM and these darker elements that intrigue you as a writer?

I adore the fantasy of a man who will do anything to have the woman he wants. Obsessive love is a definite theme in mine and BDSM has that same appeal. Combine D/s and roleplayed dubious consent/nonconsent with sadomasochism and you have exactly the right combination for me – these are the basic ingredients of all my dark erotic stories. I think some dark authors throw BDSM in there for the fear factor but I do it mostly because that’s what I need to make my erotic scenes erotic. Of course fear can make a BDSM scene hit the spot in real life too, when combined with trust.

Has there been a scene you’ve written that makes you go wide-eyed later in edits and wonder if you should put that in or not? If so, what was it about that scene that surprised you?  And did you leave it in?

Definitely. I write a lot of S & m in these. That makes me chew my nails afterward sometimes. I wonder if readers will go with me – the erotic barbed wire scene in Seize me From Darkness, for example. I was surprised at how sensual that scene became. I think it worked because Pieter was so enthralled by what he was doing. I left it in after my readers said they loved it.

In Yield I found some of the dirty talk and dirty roleplaying that happened surprised me. They arrived as I wrote the scene and I’ve never written scenes like these before. Because they were so primal in nature I felt uncomfortable that I’d typed them! Lol

I was fairly sure my beta readers would enjoy them though as they’re dirtier than me 😉

I’ve read a lot of BDSM books but knife scenes still kind of scare me. Can you tell us your experience writing your very first knife scene in this series?

Surprisingly, not too dramatic at all, writing that scene. The hook suspension scene worried me far more, until I received some great feedback from someone who loves it.

The knife scenes in Yield, I always saw them as being done by a man who knew what he was doing. I wrote the first one in his POV and I knew Wren was going to enjoy it. That helped. I think because he’d reassured her he wasn’t aiming to hurt her in that sort of way, it just became an erotic scene for me, with that added ingredient of fear that a knife scene needs. But not too much fear, I really love the eroticism and would hate to do a scene like this just to scare the hell out of the woman.

Describe Glass and Moghul in 3 words for each.

Glass: Obsessive. Protective. Violent.

Moghul: Obsessive. (Hah! You knew that, right?) Arrogant. Sadistic.

What’s Wren’s strength?  And vulnerability?

Her strength would be her resilience. She bounces back after setbacks.

Vulnerability? Her past. Or you could simply say that her vulnerability is one many of us have – she needs someone else to complete her.

Do you have a favorite quote from the book?

Since this has 2 endings…maybe 2 different themed quotes?

“Knives. Edges sharp enough to cut the light. The air jarred with viciousness. The ropes held me there, tight, in his gaze, while I struggled with my fascination.”

“Flying to the moon, fighting a land war in Asia, governing a small country, all those were easier than love.”

How do you like to celebrate release day?

Champagne with hubs after all the craziness of facebook partying.

What’s next for Cari Silverwood?

Finish my scifi Preyfinders series – another dubcon series but with space opera themes – romance with aliens, weird guns, and sex. I also hope to do a Cataclysm Blues series still. Maybe a follow up BDSM historical to Rough Surrender? Another dark erotic book? Maybe even a contemporary BDSM book? So many possibilities.

There’s even a final Badass Brats book on the runway, to be written with Sorcha Black and Leia Shaw.





Wren, the rich girl with a tainted past, is on a crusade to track down her father’s murderer only to find not one, but two, bad men.

Moghul is a sadist and businessman, with a finger in every kinky enterprise he can get his hands on and a jaded view on life. When his eye turns to Wren, he realizes how dull life has been. He hasn’t tried everything after all. When they can’t say no, things might be more…interesting.

Glass is the dominating ex-SAS soldier. Each man is determined to keep Wren for himself using methods that may be illegal, immoral, or likely to make somebody feel the pain for a long, long time.

If you lie down with bad men, be prepared to get up on your knees.

The ending will be the reader’s decision. Give Wren to the dark or to the light, then read the other ending if you wish to.
Mindf**ks included free.

This is a dark erotic story and some readers may find it disturbing.


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Excerpt from Yield

She met me in the hallway, wearing the blue bikinis with the tassels.

They fit her like a glove, a dirty depraved glove that covered her like body paint, and showed everything that needed seeing when her nipples peaked. I could even extrapolate the shape of her pussy. Not looking would’ve taken a court order.

Fucking hell.

I checked inside my head for those regrets. Conflicted, man, conflicted.

If I had a conscience it was a damn fornicating voyeur of a conscience. My libido was taking me somewhere my brain had rejected.

In her hand was her dress and a red bra, the straps dangling, and those panties – I could just see the edge of them. As I approached, I think my stare was close to nailing her to the wall behind her, because she gaped at me then stepped back and hit that same wall.

“Wait.” She held up a hand, waving it palm out. “Glass, I thought you’d changed your mind. You were so civil at the table.”

Civil? What man was civil?

I’m pretty sure I growled.

My little victim.

In one stride I was in front of her. I could see myself fastening her to that wall with my hands on her neck and my leg between hers. I could feel it. I flexed my fists. Don’t.

I pressed my forehead to hers. What better route into her mind than through her eyes – through the trembling of her eyelashes and the shifting shades of blue in those irises.

“I was thinking of letting you go home untouched. Then…this.”

I trailed my gaze down to her cleavage and beyond. Every curve led to another and downward, her breasts, her hips, that cute belly button I wanted to stick my tongue in, the slight mound of her stomach. She was a sexual puzzle with the best ever prize when you solved her.

Eyes wide, mouth open, she didn’t even bother to try to stop me. Her hands were splayed against the wall either side of her as if she needed that to stop her falling to the floor.

Her clothes had landed in a pile at her feet.

She hadn’t run.

Maybe I could do this without breaking her.

I put my mouth to the side of her face and my lips moved on her ear as I spoke. “You’re fucking with my head. I do all kinds of shit to you, and you don’t run? You don’t scream or panic or look for the door? From now on, if you stay, I’m going to do what I like to you. Fuck etiquette. Hear me?”

cyberpunk boy

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About Cari Silverwood

Cari Silverwood is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling writer of kinky darkness or sometimes of dark kinkiness, depending on her moods and the amount of time she's spent staring into the night. She has an ornery nature as well as a lethal curiosity that makes her want to upend plots and see what falls out when you shake them. When others are writing bad men doing bad things, you may find her writing good men who accidentally on purpose fall into the abyss and come out with their morals twisted in knots.
This might be because she comes from the land down under, Australia, or it could be her excessive consumption of wine.

Her favorite hobby is convincing people she has a basement...though she really doesn’t. Promise.
If it existed it would be a terrifying place where you would find all the dangerous things that you never knew you craved.




Ms. Silverwood is giving away an ebook of winners choice from her backlist, excluding anthologies  OR a signed bookplate.

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i like that she pushes limits and tries new ideas….i like to grow as a reader and when authors i like (and trust) do this it allows for that growth


Great interview


Thanks for the great interview and excerpt

Jennifer Schaber

I loved the interview. Not sure about knife play, but I’m willing to give it a read after the above. I like the idea of two such different men here as well. I have a feeling that the balance was necessary.
I’m also thrilled to hear there’s another “Brats” to come – fabulous collaboration too!

Deborah K

There are so many dark, dangerous, sensually thrilling places Cari takes us to in her writing that we might be too afraid to visit in real life. Thanks Cari, for expanding our experiences.


Great interview


interesting interview

Sue G.

Interesting. Sounds like a good story.

Amy R

The series sounds good, I’ve added these to my wishlist.

Cari Silverwood

Thanks! I loved doing this interview for Under the Covers. The questions really made me think and I hope my book does that to my readers too, as well as freak them out a little. 🙂

Gwendolyn Brooks

I love Cari Silverwood. She has become one of my favorite authors. She can draw me into a book line no other. I fall in love with her dark men and pester Cari to kidnap me. I’m still ignored. But I will still but every single book of hers.

Christine A.

I enjoyed the interview because I got a lot of insight into the series. I haven’t read any knife scenes but I’m curious to see how it plays out.


congrats to Cari on her success! Thanks for a great interview 🙂

Claire Bowman

Sounds like another great read. Loved the interview.

Lisa W

Why Yield is so amazing…I thought I really liked the ending I read first &then I read the second options..Complete shock. I finished reading and days later I’m still reliving the experience, wondering possibilities and so much more. For me, the book that doesn’t let you go is a rare literary gem that should be treasured. Congrats Cari!

Mary Preston

Fabulous thank you. Love seeing all the covers up.

jodi marinich

love the interview

Lisa M

hello Cari Silverwood! I have NOT read any of your books … YET!
it’s funny that we read things that we ourselves don’t do … I enjoy the darker erotic reads …and your books sounds like terrific reads … GREAT interview


Great interview!
This series sounds amazing!!
Thanks for the chance to win!