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deadheatDEAD HEAT
Alpha & Omega #4
by Patricia Briggs


For once, mated werewolves Charles and Anna are not traveling because of Charles’s role as his father’s enforcer. This time, their trip to Arizona is purely personal, as Charles plans to buy Anna a horse for her birthday. Or at least it starts out that way…

Charles and Anna soon discover that a dangerous Fae being is on the loose, replacing human children with simulacrums. The Fae’s cold war with humanity is about to heat up—and Charles and Anna are in the cross fire.





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the one you want and i love her brash every little kiss
Need You For Keeps Love Brewing Safe Love Easy Love 
Kiss Me Hello Trouble with Love, The One Wish Shoulda Been a Cowboy
Finding You Return to You Start me Up Return to Me
Losing Us Ask Me Nicely Vaginal Discomfort Shopping for a Billionaire's Fiancee
Keeping my Prince Charming Heartbreak Cove Rule Breaker HK Tempting the Corporate Spy
Guardian Angel

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the list his to take unraveled Sawyer
Stealing Rose Maid to Crave Blue Colla Makes You Holla 27 Club. The
Command Commanding Her Trust Cowboy Heaven

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Revealing the Dragons Pack Secrets Taming his Mate Lord of Misrule Rapture
Binding Ties Figure of Speech Stolen Fire Vampires Never Cry Wolf
Reap and Repent Of Silk and Steam Any Witch Way She Can Apocalypse Happens
Beyond the Darkness Seduced by Darkness Thane's Redemption Shifter Mates

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 Becoming Rain Something Real Levitate Save Me EF
Before I Fall Untamed Changing Everything Beautiful Dangerous
Nashville Vanilla Bet, The Chasing Me

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Captain's Bluestocking Mistress, The His Wicked Reputation Mad Bad and Dangerous in Plaid Regency Immortal
Rising Fire My Heart Stood Still Wicked my Love Married to a Perfect Stranger
Bedding Proposal, The Mistress Firebrand A Highland Knight's Desire

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Protecting Summer Darker than Desire Phoenix Inheritance Sworn to Love
Bring on the Dusk STone Walls Fearless Anthlology

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darkdebt thedangerofdestiny vision in silver Bathed in Blood
Infinity Bell

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 the winner's crime As White As Snow Sorceress Curse of the King, The
Infandous Dolls, The How to Win at High School

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Nothing Like Paris  


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 Mayhem Taking Fire

preordersDid you pre-order these yet?

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CONFESSMARCH 10, 2015 Rock HardMARCH 10, 2015  Soaring MARCH 16, 2015 Prudence MARCH 17, 2015
Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire, TheMARCH 24, 2015
Manwhore MARCH 24, 2015 theunleashingMARCH 31, 2015 Instinct MARCH 31, 2015
WHERESEAMEETSSKYMARCH 31, 2015 deep MARCH 31, 2015 the-shadows MARCH 31, 2015 THEVIRGIN APRIL 1, 2015
silverbastardAPRIL 7, 2015 hitAPRIL 14, 2015  Beautiful SecretAPRIL 14, 2015
OverruledAPRIL 28, 2015
Cat's LairMAY 5, 2015 born of defiance MAY 12, 2015 Eighth Grave After DarkMAY 19, 2015 Shards of HopeJUNE 2, 2015
Wicked WhiteJUNE 24, 2015 HARDTOLETGOJUNE 30, 2015 BOURBONKINGSJULY 28, 2015 magicshiftsAUGUST 4, 2015



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UNDEADPOOL$1.99 deeperthanneed$2.99 revenant$0.99 One night promised$0.99
lovemeifyoudare$1.99 packingheat$0.99 SUDDENRESPONSE$0.99 resurrection$0.99
loveunscripted$1.99 loveunrehearsed$1.99 jacked$1.99 kissofsteel$1.99
innocenceburned$0.99 no dress required$0.99 ALLLINEDUP$0.99 educationseries$3.99 (Books 1 – 2)
winter$0.99 The-Submissive$1.99 collisioncourse$0.99 TAINT$0.99
Obsidian $1.99 mudvein$0.99 KICK$0.99 Will, The$0.99
lostandfound$0.99 finderskeepers$0.99 necessarysin$0.99 stay$0.99
poison princess$4.99 ALPHAFIGHTER1$0.99 ALPHAFIGHTER2$0.99 PLAYINGDOCTOR$0.99
Beneath this Ink$2.99 CONSUMED$0.99 smolder $0.99 FIGHTFORHER$0.99
HardAsItGets final $0.99 AGAINSTALLODDS$0.99 captive-in-the-dark$0.99 Into-the-Deep$0.99
mebeforeyou$2.99  eyesturnedskyward$0.99 fullmeasures$0.99 colbanafilesboxedset$4.99 (Bks 0.5 – 3)
Beyond Me $0.99 betweenus$0.99  beforeyou$0.99 5stagesoffallinginlove final$2.99
playingforkeeps$0.99 perfection$0.99 checkmate$0.99 Truce$0.99
Selection, The$1.99 outofline$2.99 BOXED SET  bangbang$0.99 After the Rain $0.99
untamed$0.99 sometimesnever$3.99 BOXED SET wrecked$0.99 absorbed$0.99
IRRESISTIBLE $5.99 BOXED SET what i did for a duke$1.99 TAKEMEFORGRANTED$0.99 SAVORYOU$0.99
fallingstars$0.99 SWEETGUMTREE$0.99 mazerunner$1.99 cinder$2.99 
cloak$2.99 therapy$0.99 fighter's desire$0.99 a fighter's desire$0.99
smoldering $0.99 justbreathe$0.99 dirtybundle$2.99 (Books 1 – 5) memoriesemma$0.99 (Books 1 – 3)
rule$1.99 jet$2.99 Rome Cover$1.99 better when he's bad$0.99
Know Me$0.99 reckless-skye $0.99 alex$0.99
UNFIXABLE $0.99 learningtolive $0.99 undeniable-new$0.99 songforjulia$0.99
Divergent $2.99 the fault$2.99  if i stay$2.99  kings$0.99
outlander $1.99  dragonfly in amber $4.99  voyager $4.99 drums of autumn $4.99 
fiery cross$3.99 breath of snow and ashes$4.99  echno in the bone $4.99 LOSINGIT $1.99



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unraveledREC BY FRANCESCA Of Silk and SteamREC BY SUZANNE vision in silverREC BY ANNIE Need You For KeepsREC BY ANGELA

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Thanks for the great recs and lists!


Patricia briggs…chloe neill…yay!!! Also, after reading your review I’m interested in the list

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