When my friend Angela Carr asked me to write about narrating the BDB series, and in particular the newest installment in the series, The Shadows, I thought, “why would anyone want to hear about that!” But after a bit of back and forth she finally convinced me that there are indeed folks out there who are fans of the series, and of audiobooks in general, who really would like to hear a behind-the-scenes account of how an audiobook gets prepped and ready for the studio. So, dearest reader (and listener)… here goes.


I had heard back in late October or early November that The Shadows was coming out and I was awaiting word from the publisher about the where and when, etc. For this latest book, I knew the scenario would likely change for several reasons having to do with the intricacies of the wide world of publishing. Suffice it to say that on this book I was not going to be recording at the same studio in New York City where I had recorded all the previous books in the BDB series. I was to go to a new studio. The previous studio was a place I’d really loved and where I’d felt very comfortable. It was a place I knew well and where I had a good rapport with everyone. I even had my own teacup there (tea being a very important part of my audiobook life!).  So I was a bit apprehensive. Well lo and behold and to my great delight, I was finally contacted in late December/early January by a producer at Penguin Random House Audio in New York (Diane) asking about my availability, etc. I mean c’mon, just the thought of them going to someone else to narrate the series did not sit well with me (nor did I imagine it would sit well with Ms J.R. Ward) and I was anxious to finalize the whole thing… which we did in fairly short order. We were to record in a lovely studio at the Penguin Random House Studios in midtown New York City.


So, it turned out I would have a producer and an in-studio director with me for The Shadows. I was also assigned an engineer whom I knew from other audiobooks, Ethan, who is really great, and funny (always a good thing) and just a joy to work with. The director was great too. His name is Kevin and while it was his first book in the series, he understood the genre and the story immediately. And of course, read the book carefully before we got into the studio. Which is critical. I was sent the first draft as a pdf and that’s how I read all the books. I have an iPad and I read everything on it and also use it in the studio when I record. Why use all that paper? The iPad changed my life.


Audio pic 3So I set about to “prep” the book, which means I read the book and as I go through the book I pay particular attention to story points, focusing on character voices and tone.  I have my own style as I prepare an audiobook and as a general rule I would say it’s “Less is More”. You, the reader, (or listener) don’t necessarily want a narrator to go too overboard with character voices unless, of course, it’s called for in the story. I tend to prefer not drawing attention to myself as a narrator, but rather seek to find the balance between delineating the characters vocally only enough so that the reader understands who is speaking. For instance, with the Shadow brothers Trez and iAm, I found this particularly tricky. Both are big, tough guys and both require a strong, resonant voice. But they also have to be different, in a sense. They are both protagonists and are asked to carry the main storyline in this book and thus require a lot of thought as to how to make them similar, but at the same time I wanted to give them distinct vocal qualities. And undeniably sexy! I will say that the intimate and very combustible scenes in this book (and there are several, between both Trez and Selena and iAm and the Princess Catra) are particularly good and were so much fun to voice. I will also say that in addition to the sexual scenes in this book, the twin stories of enduring and timeless love between both the brothers and their mates were some of the most powerful and moving I have yet recorded. I think you’ll enjoy them very much.


As I prep the book I tend to get a picture in my mind about how the story flows, who the main and secondary characters are and from that all the rest will follow. Having narrated all the previous books in the series I have a pretty good idea and a sort of fluxuating database of voices for each of the characters: Wrath and Beth, of course, Qhuinn and Blay, Phury, Boston Butch, Cormia, Selena, Vishous, Doc Jane and Manny, Xhex, Tohr, the Rehv, Fritz, Lassiter (whom I always have a lot of fun with), etc. It’s lots of fun to meet these people in subsequent books and follow the ups and downs in their lives. Oh, that Assail. He is a dark one. But fun to give voice to.


By the time we got into the studio the story is all pretty much ready to tell. What remained was the actual narration. Piece of cake! For this book we recorded in a lovely and comfortable studio at the Penguin Random House Headquarters in midtown. I’d get there a bit before 10am and after a cursory cup of coffee and settling in, I switch to green tea decaf—I drink a lot of it as the day progresses. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. That’s the key to sustained voice control. We’d usually record til at least 5pm each day with a break for some take out for lunch. It’s a lot of strain on your voice and by the end of the day I don’t mind telling you—I’m a bit of a wet noodle. So, afterwards I usually go home and rest up for the following day’s session.


I really enjoy this series and I have received lots of well wishes from fans and I really appreciate this forum on the UTC Blog with Angela and the other ladies. They are so nice and have been big fans of my work and I will certainly be checking in over the next few days and will hopefully have the opportunity to respond to some of your questions or comments. I hope this brief missive gives you some idea of what it’s like to record an audiobook and in particular, The Shadows. I know some of you will have specific questions about the book and I’ll do my best to answer those if I can.


Also, for those of you who have followed this series via audiobook and have yet to listen to The Shadows, I will mention that in this newest installment there are a few words (character names, mostly) that will sound slightly different to you. Due to the author’s invaluable input, we have changed the pronunciation of just a few names in order to set the record straight. Most notably: Xcor, which had been pronounced “Scor” in earlier books, will now be pronounced “Cor”, also the name Primale, which had earlier been pronounced “PRI-male”, will now be pronounced “pri-MAHL-ee, and finally Xhex, which had been pronounced “Zhex” in earlier books, is now pronounced “Hex”. Not a lot, but these changes reflect the author’s wishes and you better not mess with Ms J.R. Ward!


Have fun everybody and thanks for welcoming me to UTC! You’re gonna love The Shadows!!



Jim Frangione






Two brothers bound by more than blood fight to change a brutal destiny in the heart-wrenching new novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood by #1 New York Times bestselling author J. R. Ward.

Trez “Latimer” doesn’t really exist. And not just because the identity was created so that a Shadow could function in the underbelly of the human world. Sold by his parents to the Queen of the S’Hsibe as a child, Trez escaped the Territory and has been a pimp and an enforcer in Caldwell, NY for years- all the while on the run from a destiny of sexual servitude. He’s never had anyone he could totally rely on… except for his brother, iAm.

iAm’s sole goal has always been to keep his brother from self-destructing- and he knows he’s failed. It’s not until the Chosen Serena enters Trez’s life that the male begins to turn things around… but by then it’s too late. The pledge to mate the Queen’s daughter comes due and there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and no negotiating.

Trapped between his heart and a fate he never volunteered for, Trez must decide whether to endanger himself and others- or forever leave behind the female he’s in love with. But then an unimaginable tragedy strikes and changes everything. Staring out over an emotional abyss, Trez must find a reason to go on or risk losing himself and his soul forever. And iAm, in the name of brotherly love, is faced with making the ultimate sacrifice…


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 About Jim Frangione

Jim has recorded over 100 audiobooks. He loves being part of the Recorded Books family. In addition to Spencer Quinn’s Chet and Bernie Mysteries and his new young adult series, the Bowser and Birdie stories, he is also the narrator for J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood Series and many others. Jim is a NYC-based actor and co-artistic director of the Berkshire Playwrights Lab, a new play development forum in Great Barrington, MA. He’s performed on TV, in many of the plays and films of David Mamet, with NY’s Atlantic Theater Company, On and Off Broadway, and at many theaters across the country.






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Julie Duffy

I think the voice of the narrator of the story is most important, and you have the voice.


It’s always important on the voice for me. And you have a great voice!


Very interesting read


You do a wonderful job bringing books to life. 🙂

Janie McGaugh

It will be great to return to this universe, and I’m happy to see that you will continue to narrate. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

Jim Frangione

Thanks ladies! So nice to hear that you enjoy the books and my narrations!


Wonderful! I loved this. So interesting.

Susan W.

I’m just getting started with audiobooks so I’m looking forward to hearing your narration in more than just snippet samples. What got you interested in narrating for audiobooks?

Jim Frangione

Hi Susan, I’ve been an actor for years and I’ve always loved telling stories, so narrating was a natural outgrowth for me, from the first book (I think it was a crime thriller) to the last one (The Shadows). Thanks to all for the nice comments above. I’ll be checking in again tomorrow. Best, Jim

I have yet to listen to one of the BDB books, but have heard such amazing things about the narration, that I’m definitely going to have to try them. Were you kind of baffled by the character names at first?


I’m a colossal fan Jim! About the change of names, when people complainted, I used just say, I don’t know about that b/c I’m just a listener of the series…LOL
This is great girls, is always nice to hear from Jim 🙂
Thank you!


I meant complained! I need to walk around with an edit button,…LOL But when I get excited my accent and spelling get worse..lol

Jim Frangione

Thanks Loupe! Nice to see you here!

Lori Meehan

The narrator’s voice is the most important and can make or break a audiobook.
What is your most favorite book so far that you’ve done?

Jim Frangione

Hi Lori, I love the BDB Series and truthfully,I think this last one, The Shadows, has been my favorite in the series. I also love narrating Dennis Lehane’s Boston-themed books and his crime thriller, The Drop, is my fave of his.

Sophia Rose

I’m new to audio books and so I found Jim’s interview post fascinating of how the story is prepped and done. Out of curiosity, what was the hardest book he had to narrate?

Jim Frangione

Sophia Rose, thanks for the question. The hardest book to record? On occasion, a publisher with give me a non-fiction book to do and this past year I agreed to narrate a book about the History of Cotton. Wow, what a chore that was, as you can imagine! Learned a lot about cotton, though 🙂


Thanks for sharing this!

Texas Book Lover

Sounds like you really love voicing audio books? Do you get to read any outside of the books you voice? If so what do you like to read?

Jim Frangione

Hi Texas, I don’t get a chance to read much for pleasure these days because of the audio work. But I do read a lot of plays as I’m the director of a new play development lab in the Berkshires. The classics are always good when there’s time, though!


I have had the pleasure of hearing you on an audiobook before. Not only the voice is important but also the ease in which the person owning the voice owns the material they are reading. Do you have a preferred genre?

Jim Frangione

Hi Kassandra, Aside from the BDB Series, I love crime thrillers and mysteries. I do a really fun series about a private detective who lives in the Southwest, Bernie Little. But here’s the fun part… the stories are told by his dog, Chet! It’s a great series and very popular. The Chet and Bernie Mysteries, by Spencer Quinn. You’ll love them!


Who was your favorite character to record?

Jim Frangione

bn, I’d say that Wrath is probably my favorite character to voice.


Oh, I love Chet! Such a fun series!


Great post. What has been the most difficult phrase, name or sentence to pronounce?

Jim Frangione

Ruth, in The Shadows, take a look at Princess Catra’s full name… that was a real tongue twister!


Audiobooks are a new thing to me and I haven’t taken the plunge yet!!

Do you establish a unique voice for each character?

Amy R

I’ve only ever tried one audio book previously and I wasn’t a fan. I’m certain it was do to the narrator as it seemed I pick up the ebook I had and tried to figure out what I’d missed more than once . What’s an audio book you’d recommend a newbie or would you suggest trying an audio book of something a person has previously read and loved?

Jim Frangione

Amy, that’s a great question. I’d ask a friend or someone who knows your taste in books. Audio’s an acquired habit. But you’re right, the narrator is the key. But there are so many great narrators out there so you’re bound to hit paydirt the next go-round!


I enjoy how you bring the characters to life.

Karin Anderson

You’ve already answered several of my questions, 😉 Who is the most difficult character to narrate?

Jim Frangione

Hi Karin, probably Qhuinn… not exactly sure why. I’ll have to look into that.

Karen G.

This was so interesting, thanks for the post. I am a huge theatre fan so love over the top voice expressions. I am new to audiobooks and I find that interesting how you approach your different character voices. I am excited to hear you narrate all these strong alpha men in the BDB series!

Just started this book yesterday and so far I’m really enjoying. I’ve been listening to the books for years and have really liked the narration and even quit reading to go straight to audio for the last five or six books. Very interesting to hear about the behind the scenes. Thanks for sharing.

I’ve been in the midst of a BDB binge these past few days and I’m loving it! Thanks for your wonderful narration of the series Mr Frangione.

Jonetta (Ejaygirl)

Thanks for this as I’m always interested in these interesting details of how you approach narrating a story. How many days did it take to do this one? How do you edit a specific part and avoid having it sound like it was edited? Do you have to redo major segments to make that happen?


I’m so late in the game to this thread. I only found it because I was searching forjim online to find a place to leave a compliment. I LOVE your narration of the Cherry and Bernie series !!! I recommend these audio books too everyone and a huge reason I’d for the life you bring to those characters. I really couldn’t imagine a better choice for them. Bravo, and please keep narrating any more that come along.


Chet and Bernie! So excited, I didn’t correct. Lol

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