Reading on the Dark Side: KMM’s BURNED: The Nine


Karen Marie Moning harbors many secrets and one of them that readers have been trying to pry out of her is who are the Nine? This elite group of warriors has been kept in hiding and only now are the details of who they are starting to come through. They can’t die. They all have an alternate beast form. But that’s all the details we know.

With so much left unsaid, I think KMM could write a spin off of them and fans would be absolutely ecstatic.

Let’s go through what we know so far of the men…


Jericho Barrons is seen as the leader of the Nine as he was the one who designed the rules that they are governed by. With his wealth and possession of powers such as the ability to Voice others, it’s clear that Barrons is the most powerful of the men.


Ryodan is the owner of Chester’s and is portrayed as the most civilized of the Nine. However, that remains to be proven since he is also a master at manipulation. The man is ruthless and controlling and always looking one step ahead of everyone else. He is described as someone who excels at chess, beating his opponent in five or fewer moves whereas Barrons would eat the board, having blood for ketchup.


Lor has blond hair and a voracious sexual appetite. And when I say that, I really mean it. Lor LOVES sex. His ultimate weakness is blondes with big tits who give killer blow jobs.

When not screwing hot blondes, Lor is often mocking and sardonic. Don’t ever question his sexual prowess though or you’ll be face with brute force.


There hasn’t been much info on Fade so far. We know that he was once taken over by the Sinsar Dubh and killed Ryodan and Barrons once before.


Out of all of the Nine, Kasteo remains the most mysterious. Though he possess the ability to speak, he chooses not to. It makes him that much more intimidating. He hasn’t spoken in centuries since he lost his lover. She learned about who he was and was later rumored to be killed by the Nine.

Kasteo’s unshakable discipline makes him an excellent fighter and trainer.


In BURNED, a new name is revealed – Daku. But that is all the information we get on this character. There are also rumors swirling that a female Nine exist. It seems that we’ll have to keep reading to learn more about these heavily muscled, scarred men.

What do you think of the Nine? Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below!



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i love how loyal they are to each other….when they went to get mac from the side-seers…when mac figured out how to solve a major heartache for barrons…i would like to learn more about them but as i’m not a fan of spin-offs i probably wouldn’t read them :/

Barrons is my favorite for obvious reasons, but Ryodan and Lor are growing on me. Love them both!

I love Ryo and Lor, but in the last book Faze started to catch my attention. You’ve got a great idea, having even a mini series based on the Nine would just be awesome. I’m sure KMM is already considering giving them books, but it’ll probably be years from now.


Barrons of course! I must admit I’m intrigued by the others can’t wait to find out more about them!

Amy R

I haven’t read this series.


omg lor and ryo are my faves. cant wait to find out more about the NINE.