Romance Roundabout Challenge Sign-Ups!

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Is everyone ready for a tour of the romance genre this year? We want to expand our horizons this year and test out all that romance has to offer us. We don’t just want to stick to the same old Contemporary or Paranormal Romance, we want to see what else we can discover. So hop on to the Romance Roundabout as we try and swing by as many romance genres we can in 2015!

So, lets get down to the nitty gritty, here is what we want you to do. From each of the sub genres we have listed below, we want you to read the number of books in the level you want to sign up for. BUT don’t let us limit you! If you can think of any other sub genres you want to read/have read then add it to your challenge, our goal is to explore as much of the romance genre as we can!





» Paranormal Romance

» Urban Fantasy

» Young Adult

» New Adult

» Erotic Romance

» Sci Fi Romance

» Historical Romance

» Steampunk

» Contemporary Romance

» Romantic Suspense


» Fantasy Romance

Where do you sign up?  We will be running this challenge from our League of Lusty Ladies GoodReads Group, just like we have done with previous challenges.  So just visit our group page and tell us you’re in and your level of commitment.  When you have your lists of books planned, then post those as well.


Help us spread the word about the challenge by making a post with your commitment.  Be sure to include the books you plan to read as well.

Still looking for more reading challenges?


Come and join in our monthly Pick It For Me Challenge where someone can recommend you something you haven’t heard of before!

Click here to enter January’s Challenge



Or maybe you have a book languishing on your shelf that you haven’t had a chance to read yet? Then don’t forget to participate in our Roll Back Week and finally give yourself a chance to pick it up.

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I’m figuring what I’m reading right now 🙂

Sophia Rose

I’m going for the Romance Roundabout Challenge. Thanks ladies!