Review: The Troublemaker Next Door by Marie Harte

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Review: The Troublemaker Next Door by Marie Harte
The Troublemaker Next Door

4.5 Stars

Book Info

Released: Jun 3, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: McCauley Brothers #1
Pages: 337

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“Do yourself a favor and read this series. It’s got the charm, the humor and the passion that I adore in my romances.” ~ Under the Covers

 Flynn McCauley and his brothers are a one of a kind family filled with teasing, roughhousing, and loads of good times. So it’s really no wonder why he’s known for causing mischief around town. Flynn possesses those dangerous good looks and with that killer charm, it’s only a matter of time before Maddie succumbs to him. But though I make it sound easy, it doesn’t go as smoothly as one may think.

Maddie has just quit her job after her sleazebag boss tried to make a move on her. In addition, she also recently broke up with her foot doctor boyfriend so the last thing Maddie wants to see when she gets home is another good-for-nothing man.

Flynn and Maddie have an instant chemistry and although it is lust based, Marie Harte doesn’t just throw them into bed together and just let them got at it. She infuses the book with a lot of charming moments, moments that build on the romance and sexual tension so that by the time Flynn is saying those dirty words, you’re absolutely DYING for them to be together. It’s no surprise here that there’s a lot of sex. Neither are ready for commitment, but they are both in for surprise when their no-strings-attached relationship turns into something far more precious.

While all the books are very, VERY hot, I think this one might actually be the hottest of the series. Harte doesn’t hold back at all. It’s downright filthy in some scenes and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Here’s scene that I randomly pulled up. It’s not even the hottest scene of the book so I think the quote can speak for itself:

“Flynn. Flynn.” She shattered, coming all over his lips and tongue as her pleasure took her over. In a daze, she moved where he positioned her, bent over the back of the couch while he hurried to shove a condom over himself.

“Now feel it while I fuck you.” He rammed himself inside her, sliding right through the slick, tight passage. “You’re pussy is so hot, baby. So fucking perfect.”

Do yourself a favor and read this series. It’s got the charm, the humor and the passion that I adore in my romances.


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About Marie Harte

Marie Harte is an avid reader who loves all things paranormal and futuristic. Reading romances since she was twelve, she fell in love with romance and happy endings and knew writing was her calling. Years later after the Marine Corps, Information Technology, and 60 hour work weeks, her dream has finally come true.

Marie lives in Oregon with her family and is constantly reading and writing.


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I have this series on my Kindle from Netgalley. I need to work it into my reading schedule soon. But I have to catch up/finish a couple of other contemporary series first before starting another one. LOL

I hope you like it! It’s honestly become one of my fave series now


Thanks for another great series review Annie


sounds hot!….thanks

Amy R

Thanks for the review, I thought Flynn was great but I just didn’t like Maddie.