ARC Review: Three the Hard Way by Sydney Croft

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ARC Review: Three the Hard Way by Sydney Croft
Three the Hard Way

3.5 Stars

Book Info

Released: December 1, 2014
Series: ACRO #7
Pages: 160
Format: eARC

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“The sexual chemistry between these 3 is palpable.” ~ Under the Covers

It feels good to be back in the ACRO world.  Why does it ever have to be put on hold?  I could read this series forever!  I love the X-Men premise, the super powers, the battles and the hot sex.  What more can we ask for!?  I pleasantly surprised to see this book pop up when I least expected.  By now it’s been a while since I read the last one and I honestly can’t remember if any of these characters were featured in the previous books.  With that in mind, I still managed to enjoy this book a lot.

Tag and Justice have been friends since childhood.  Both born from mothers that were experimented on, and both with powers they didn’t know exactly how to control.  As they grew up, they grew apart in the paths they chose to lead.  Justice went to ACRO and Tag decided to continue solo.  This was the wedge in, not only their friendship, but their love affair.  However, they’ve never fully gotten over one another.  When Tag finds himself in a bind and needs Justice’s help to get out of it alive, deep buried feelings also get stirred.  And when that stirring happens, after all the betrayals, it’s simply explosive.

There was less action in this book then I expected.  It focuses more on the romantic relationship.  Tag and Justice have a lot of years of heart ache to get past, but they seemed to get over their differences pretty quickly.  Then you throw Ian into the mix, and I didn’t know where to look first.  Ian was the man that picked up the pieces left of Tag after he was broken hearted about Justice going to ACRO and leaving him.  But he was also the man responsible for the danger Tag is in now.

The sexual chemistry between these 3 is palpable.  I just wish these would’ve been a full length book.  I think the forgiveness was rushed.  And the setup of this threesome was also rushed.  These 3 men had some serious trust issues to get over and that happened to quick for my taste.

It was also nice to revisit with Dev, even if it was for just a second.  I miss him and Creed and Annika and I can only hope that in the future these authors will give us more glimpses of them in action!  I am left anxiously awaiting the next slice of ACRO I can get.

*ARC provided by publisher

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About Sydney Croft

Sydney Croft is the alter-ego of two published authors who came together to blend their very different writing interests into adventurous tales of erotic paranormal fiction. Together, they developed a world where people with extraordinary abilities, like the power to control storms, could live and work with others like them. The series has been described as "Erotica meets the X-Men," and is unique in its own "erotic super hero romance" niche.

The authors behind Sydney Croft live in different states and communicate almost entirely through email, though they often get together for conferences and book signings.


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I just started this series. I read book one a week or so ago. Can’t wait to read more.


Thanks for the review Francesca


Thanks for the review. I have this in my TBR pile, didn’t realize this was part of a series. Will have to check out the previous stories.