UTC Insider: November 2014



Where has the year gone? Here we are again November.  And we usually do a whole month of paranormal.  But in light of less paranormal anticipated books, we’ve narrowed down UTC AFTER DARK to the last 10 days of the month only.  Still, we have some fun things planned for you.  Including a new Reading on the Dark Side series of posts called “Legends After Dark”.  We go behind some of our favorite legends and talk about their origins and our favorite books that have spun their tales.  Like Dracula, Lucifer and Wolf Man.  So watch out for that!


For all authors participating in NaNoWriMo we’ve asked some great authors that are part of it to share with us (and with you all) some of their tips for making this NaNoWriMo challenge a successful one for you.  Stay tuned around the middle of the month for that!


Did you miss out our November sign ups for our first ever Roll Back Week reading event?  Then what are you waiting for?  Go sign up and read all about it!



November Pick It For Me Challenge

We’ve been slacking a bit and didn’t run one of these for October.  But there’s still time to join us for November!  Let us pick some reading choices for you this month, it’ll be fun!



Holiday Reading Guide 2014

This month we will be sharing our recommendations for your holiday reading to get you in the mood!



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Oooo I like the utc after dark topic!


Looking forward to reading this month’s posts

Amy R

Looking forward to this months authors and #ROLLBACKWEEK, I’ve already pick put a few books to read that week.