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I haven’t done NaNo for a few years now because for me every month is novel writing month. J It was a great learning experience when I did do it for a few reasons. It’s awesome to have the support of a community with others encouraging you. It keeps you motivated and accountable. It was also a good lesson in turning off the inner editor which makes me pause for various reasons and slows my progress.

Who else does this? Sometimes when I’m writing, I can’t think of the perfect word. I sit and think about it, then I crack open the Thesaurus (yes I do still use a paper Thesaurus – my big fat copy of J.I. Rodale’s The Synonym Finder sits on my desk at all times and is well worn! ). Then I ponder the various choices…gratify? No, not quite right…gladden? No, too formal. Tickled pink? Nope. Maybe if I look up the word “gratify” I’ll find the right word…  I can spend a LONG time on this! I do love words and the subtleties of various synonyms. During NaNo I learned to just use the word that came to mind, highlight it and go back to it later. And what often happens? When I read it with fresh eyes, the perfect word pops immediately into mind.

Another thing I often do is stop to get my facts right. What time does the sun set in Aruba in April? Google is my friend for things like that, but I sometimes there are facts I don’t need to know at that moment to keep telling the story. Things like…what make and model of car would my hero drive? This could be an important detail if it tells us something about him, but to keep the story going I don’t need to know the exact kind of car he drive. I could waste time Googling Mercedes dealerships, but again, that’s something I can do later. So I learned to put in placeholders like XXX (my favorite!) so that I can look up those little things I need to know another time.

Sometimes when I’m stuck in a story and not sure where to go, it stops me from writing. I used to think I had to know exactly what was going to happen next (even though I’m not a plotter!) when I sat down at the keyboard. But during NaNo, forging onward and determined to get that word count, I would just start typing. And amazingly, my characters would do or say something or get in an argument that I didn’t expect. So I remind myself of that even now when I feel stuck—just keep typing and let the characters take over.

For everyone doing NaNo, good luck and keep writing!




A free-spirited woman…
Eccentric interior designer Mirelle Brasseur is tired of relationships with handsome, charming, fickle men—in other words men just like the father who abandoned her. She’s fun and funky, but takes her career seriously. She’s not about to let a man derail her dreams or wound her heart again.

An ambitious man…
Award winning chef Bradan Hunt is handsome and charming, but he’s always honest with women about his one date-one night rule. Between his best-selling cookbooks, his TV appearances, and his restaurant, he’s too busy for a relationship. He saw what a lack of ambition did to his parents. Bradan wants more. His newest restaurant is going to be the best, so he hires Mirelle to help him design it.

Turn up the heat…
Soon it isn’t just the food sizzling in the kitchen, in spite of Mirelle’s misgivings, as the attraction between the chef and the designer heats up. It will take more than one date-one night for them to overcome their pasts and find a way to cook up a sweet future together.






About Kelly Jamieson

I'm a married mother of two who lives a very ordinary life outside of my imagination. When I'm not writing I'm usually reading. I also like to cook and that means I like to read cookbooks and cooking magazines. In the summer I enjoy spending time gardening and in the winter I like to read gardening magazines and seed catalogues. I love lying on the beach or on my deck with a glass of wine and a good book. I also love to travel. As you can see, pretty much all my activities involve reading somehow! Although I don't have as much time for it any more, I also love to shop, especially for clothes and shoes. Some think I'm obsessed with shoes but that is not true (although my husband would point out that there is no room left in our closet).

I love to hear from readers, so Tweet me on Twitter, leave me a comment on Goodreads or Amazon or my blog, or email me at info (at) kellyjamieson.com.




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Great advice Kelly

Jenny Dauksa Schaber

That really is good advice. Thanks for sharing and fact checking.


Very great advice! Thanks! 🙂