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~Kat and Stone Bastion~

Thank you, Annie and Under the Covers Book Blog, for inviting us to share a sexy exclusive excerpt of No Weddings. We’re thrilled and honored to be here.

When Annie also suggested we do a unique interview—where we ask each other questions? We blinked at each other a few times, then wholeheartedly agreed. Immediately we went to separate corners and formulated our questions. No peeking happened over here!

{affixes mics to our lapels}

Kat: What’s your favorite memory from the day the No Weddings series idea was hatched?

Stone: The energy we shared over awesome pizza.

Stone: Who’s your hero?

Kat: I have two. Mae West—she knew herself and was confident in expressing her sensuality and intellect in a time where neither was proper for a woman. And Mother Theresa—she gave of herself. She knew that was where love was found.

Kat: This isn’t the first project we’ve worked together on. What’s your favorite part of working together? What’s the greatest challenge?

Stone: My favorite part is creating something together as a team—businesses in the past, books in the present. The greatest challenge? When our thoughts are flying at Mach 1, and we’re both trying to voice them at the same time before we each lose our thought.

Kat: I just had a memory flash of when we were editing for male POV. Your deep, stern voice saying, “Type exactly what I’m saying.”

Stone: *laughs*

Kat: Which got my attention. And kinda turned me on.

Stone: If you created a dinner party with your five guests and yourself seated at a round dining table designed for animated, intimate conversation and could invite anyone…living, dead, or who are yet to exist…who would they be?

Kat:  Stone, Alexander the Great, Maya Angelou, Amelia Earhart, Robin Williams

Kat: If only the readers could be a fly on our office wall—we laughed so hard making No Weddings. What’s your most memorable funny moment?

Stone: Every time I shouted, “Squirrel!” (A joke from the movie Up when the dogs got distracted. It’s for us not to get distracted, save updates.)

Kat: My favorite funny moment? Every time we had to correct my description of what the male cock does. And then all the things we shouted every time after that, making fun of ourselves. Cock twitch! Titanium shaft! Summer sausage!

Stone: *laughs*

Stone: Favorite car?

Kat:  Car or vehicle?

Stone:  Difference?

Kat: *tries not to laugh* A 1940’s Ford Truck or a 1959 Jaguar XK150S, kind of like the one we describe in Two Bar Mitzvahs…

Stone: Color?

Kat: *bursts out laughing* You know what color. A deep hunter green.

Kat: What obscure thing can you share about yourself no one on social media knows about you?

Stone: I’m a decent snowboarder.

Stone: Best time of day?

Kat:  First thing in the morning, just before sunrise…

Kat: Favorite sexual position? (Favorite quote from the movie Serendipity 😉

Stone: *barks out a laugh* All of them. As long as no muscle is pulled.

Stone: Favorite form of exercise?

Kat:  Mountain biking, hiking, both…
Wait, sex is exercise, right?
*changes my answer*

Kat: Boxer or briefs?

Stone: Neither.

Stone: Top five favorite songs?

Kat:  My favorites change daily. At the moment:

“Set Fire to The Rain” by Adele
“Life is Beautiful” by Sixx: A.M.
“Conquistador” by Thirty Seconds to Mars
“Gotta Get Me Some” by Nickelback
“Nature Boy” by Frank Sinatra (because it’s got great soul-filled meaning) and…
“What Are You Doing for the Rest of Your Life” by Chris Botti featuring Sting

But that makes six. Why, yes. Yes, I am a rule-breaker…

Kat: On the entire No Weddings series project, which element (writing, editing, administrative, creative, promotion, etc.) was your favorite?

Stone: Editing and creative.

Stone: Other than at home, where on the planet have you been most relaxed?

Kat:  Several places: Floating in a pool at night under a star-filled sky. At the top of a mountain covered in snow. Bora Bora…

Kat: What’s next for Stone Bastion?

Stone: Ask me tomorrow. I’ll look back and tell you.

Stone: What brings you peace?

Kat:  Sharing love.

Kat: Favorite scene from No Weddings?

Stone: The kiss…

What a perfect note to end our interview on.

Thank you again, Annie and Under the Covers Book Blog, for sharing our interview and exclusive excerpt. We hope you and your readers are interested in No Weddings and enjoy the story.

During No Weddings release week, digital copies are only $0.99 and signed.



Exclusive No Weddings Excerpt for UTC

A sexy exchange between Cade and Hannah…

Nudging me with her shoulder, she laughed. “I’m experimenting; it’s a girl thing.”

She hummed with pleasure after the first sip and licked her lips.

And I now liked that drink.

I also became hyperaware of everything to do with Hannah as she grew more relaxed. Her windblown hair, low-cut top, and glistening lips were only the start of it. The way she stretched her legs out, then pulled them back and flexed her calves. The way she curled her fingers into my thigh, scraping lightly with her fingernails while she listened to the girls.

As the level of frothy drink went down in the martini glass, her sensuality went up. Her entire forearm now rested on my thigh, and her hand had fallen to the inside, her fingers drawing small circles.

My body went bowstring tight, and I had to focus to breathe steadily. No longer interested in staying at the club, I turned my attention to the guys. They seemed to have written me off, absent as I was, and two other guys had joined in on their conversation. They were in a heated debate over something to do with baseball.

Before I lost my mind, I slid my hand into Hannah’s, pulling her up from the couch. “C’mon. Let’s get out of here.”

Her eyes sparked with amusement. I set my jaw, trying not to smile. She’d known exactly what she was doing to me, getting me worked up beside her. Pride radiated in her expression.

I gave her a stern look and mouthed the word “bad.”

She grinned back at me, clearly pleased.

I shook my head. If only I could give her a proper punishment tonight for her crimes. I started a mental list. That kind of fun would have to wait, but I intended to fully collect not long from now. Payback for teasing me mercilessly would be a delicious bitch, and I couldn’t wait.

Ben pegged me with an accusing stare. “Leaving together so soon, Just Friends?”

I shot Ben my best don’t-fuck-with-me glare.

Hannah shrugged. “I have to get up early. Gotta make the cupcakes.” She flashed a warm grin and waved to everyone before turning and colliding into my side.

I righted her, holding on to her shoulders for a moment to be sure she had her balance. “You okay to walk out of here?”

She arched a brow. “What’s the other option? You gonna finally go all-out caveman and toss me over your shoulder?”

When the corner of her lower lip disappeared behind her teeth, I’d had enough of her teasing. Faster than she could process, I shoved my shoulder into her waist and grabbed the back of her thighs, hoisting her up. Hannah squealed and struggled, but I clamped my arms around her legs, holding her tight.

“Put me down, Neanderthal!”

As I turned toward the door, Mase shouted behind us, “You are so a thing!”

I chuckled. Now I was the one pleased with myself.

The bouncer at the rope grinned, winking at me as he let us through.

I smacked her ass when she began to kick. “Stop flailing. You’re going to hurt someone.”

What felt like her fist pounded into my lower back. “Put me down!”

“No. You started it.” I smirked.

Cool air rushed around us as we stepped out from the covered entrance, and it was a welcome relief to the stifling air from all the warm bodies in the club. By the time we made it to my bike, Hannah had stilled on my shoulder, accepting my control for the time being.

Taking care, I bent with my knees, lowering her down until she found her balance on the pavement in those high heels of hers. A hard slap stung my back the moment I released her.

When I stood up enough to lift my head, she stared at me, indignant. A mix of fury and passion sparked in her eyes, and her wild hair matched her expression. Her chest heaved up and down.

My gaze dropped to the tempting rise and fall of her breasts. Feeling a little wicked, and a lot Neanderthal, I blasted a scorching look at her, thinking about several of the animalistic positions I wanted her in.

Her gaze heated in seconds. Then she swallowed hard, backing up a step. “Stop looking at me like that.” Her voice was breathy, low.

I took a step closer. “Like what?”

“Like…you want to devour me right here.”

I exhaled a slow breath. “I do.”


Thank you for reading and sharing this exclusive excerpt. We hope you read and enjoy the rest of Cade and Hannah’s story in No Weddings.

Release-week digital copies have promotional pricing of $0.99 and are signed.

no weddings

Award-winning author Kat Bastion teams with her husband, Stone Bastion, in this first book in the No Weddings Series about Cade Michaelson, a successful man with his sights set on a new venture in business, and Hannah Martin, the woman who makes it personal.

I think I have my act together as a successful bar owner, my master’s degree within reach, and a list of no-strings-attached women warming my bed. Turns out, I don’t.

Hannah believes she has safeguarded her wounded heart by shunning men and focusing on her new baking business. The thing is, she hasn’t.

When my three sisters and I form an event-planning business with Hannah as our baker, I have no idea how my life is about to change. As Hannah and I work closely together, the attraction between us becomes irresistible. And complicated. I’ve promised my sisters I wouldn’t mix business with pleasure. But I’ve never been one to follow the rules.



About Kat and Stone Bastion

Award-winning and bestselling romance author Kat Bastion has teamed up with her husband Stone Bastion to create the new contemporary romance series No Weddings.
A few factoids about the writing team…
Kat enjoys her chocolate rich and dark, her music edgy and soul-filling, and her vacations exotic with toes dug into the sand. And she’s wildly, madly, deeply in love with Stone.
Stone likes pounding the trails on a mountain bike, vibrating the sound system with rock music, and down time spent on a stand up paddleboard. And he loves Kat wildly, madly, deeply…and then some.
Together, they’re having a blast bringing fun-filled romantic stories to life and hope you’ll join them in the exciting adventure.
Kat’s first published work, Utterly Loved, was a twentieth anniversary gift of love poems to Stone that they decided to share with the world to benefit charity. Net proceeds from Utterly Loved, and a portion of net proceeds from all their books, go toward charities involved in the fight against human trafficking.
Kat and Stone live amid the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Visit their blog at www.talktotheshoe.com, website at www.katbastion.com, and their Twitter accounts at https://twitter.com/KatBastion and https://twitter.com/StoneBastion for more information.
Keep informed about new releases by joining their Email Subscription list.


Kat and Stone are graciously giving away a copy of NO WEDDINGS to one lucky maiden. Open internationally.

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I like how two writers create together. I’ve been seeing it more and more.

Kat Bastion

Thank you, Maria.


Wow, can’t wait to get my hands on this book, looks like an amazing read !

Kat Bastion

Thank you, Tanya. Hope you enjoy it!

~ Kat

Bonny McDevitt

collaberating is awesome, I love writing with my friends! <3

Kat Bastion

Me too. 🙂

Irma Jurejevčič

I had so much fun reading this interview with Kat and Stone. Thank you Kat for sharing love. I loved how Stone answered on question: Boxer or briefs? 🙂 Thank you for this awesome giveaway. Hope to win 🙂

Kat Bastion

Thank you, Irma. I loved how he answered that question too… 🙂

You’re welcome. Good luck!

~ Kat

Amanda Sheila

LOL, it’s very informative! I’d love to read Kat’s books so if I love them, I’ll reread this interview and soaking all up all over again. 😉

Kat Bastion

Thank you, Amanda. I hope you get a chance to and enjoy the stories.

~ Kat

[…] ALSO visit Under the Covers Book Blog: Exclusive Excerpt, Giveaway, and Stone and Kat interviewed each other! […]

Kat Bastion

Thank you again, Annie and UTC Book Blog for suggesting and sharing this fun interview. We had a blast.

And I have another favorite song to add…

Heard it the other day and LOVE it.

“Till You Come to Me” by Spencer Day. So jazzy-bluesy and soulful.

~ Kat


Great interview…love the sound of No Weddings!

Kat Bastion

Thank you, Timitra. We hope you enjoy the story.

~ Kat & Stone

Tonya Coleman

This sounds really good! I love that they work together. That must make the process that much more fun.

Kat Bastion

Thank you, Tonja. We do have a lot of fun writing. 🙂

~ Kat & Stone

jodi marinich

great interview

Kat Bastion

Thanks Jodi. 🙂

~ Kat & Stone

Lori Moore

Sounds greast

Kat Bastion

Thank you, Lori. 🙂

~ Kat & Stone

Deborh K.

I loved the unique interview. Your comfort with each other was evident and speaks to what great partners you are. Kat, I agree with you on the best time of day. Those few minutes just before dawn when the sky is just beginning to lighten and the world to stir are so peaceful and promising…and then work comes and ruins it all.:)

Kat Bastion

Thanks Deborh. We are the early birds! And yes. Hectic life tends to take over… 🙂

~ Kat & Stone

Sue G.

I joke with my kids about “Squirrel” too! Especially when we are on vacation. Every time we see one we all stop and point! Now mind you my kids are 21, 19 and 17 and they STILL do this! 😉

Kat Bastion

Hello Sue. Really? We have such a blast saying it and then we laugh. It’s great to be kids at heart. <3

~ Kat & Stone


I like the sounds of this!!! I’ve added to my TBR selection! Xx

Kat Bastion

Thank you, Gi. We hope you enjoy it!

~ Kat & Stone


Interesting interview idea

Kat Bastion

Thank you bn100. It was Annie’s fabulous idea. We thought so too. 🙂

~ Kat & Stone

Stephanie F.

Wonderful interview and loved the excerpt. So awesome that they write together. It seems to add so much more depth when you get perspectives from both a male and female author.
Can’t wait to read.

Kat Bastion

Thanks, Stephanie! We can’t wait for you to read too! Hope you enjoy.

~ Kat & Stone


Sounds like they had fun writing together!

Kat Bastion

Hello Elizabeth. We -totally- do. 🙂

~ Kat & Stone

Carrie Strickler

That interview made me laugh. I needed that. The books sounds awesome. Definitely going on my TBR.

I use the “squirrel!” quite, too. Mostly because my sister and I are easily distracted by shiny things. XD

Kat Bastion

Thanks, Carrie. Glad to make you laugh. No Weddings should too. 🙂 Hope you enjoy it.

And me (Kat) too! “Ooo…shiny…” 😉

~ Kat & Stone


Great interview. This book sound good.
Thank you for this giveaway!

Kat Bastion

Thank you, Mirlou. Hope you enjoy it. And good luck!

~ Kat & Stone

Jenny Dauksa Schaber

I loved how much I was smiling throughout the whole interview. Without knowing anything else, I want to read what they’ve written. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at that round table dinner. Thanks for the time, interview and giveaway!

Kat Bastion

Awww… thank you, Jenny. So happy we made you smile. We hope No Weddings does that for you too.

~ Kat & Stone

Kim R

Sounds great! Adding to TBR thanks

Kat Bastion

Thanks, Kim.

~ Kat & Stone

Karen G.

Thanks for the interview, I found it very interesting. I was wondering, as a team, is there a line that you both won’t cross or is there a separate line for each of you?

Kat Bastion

Hello, Karen. There is no line we won’t cross. We are open with each other and hold nothing back. Sometimes we each make a case quite passionately. Although, once or twice things did get heated. And that’s when our experience comes into play. Over the years, we’ve learned how to best navigate through to a successful end result. The wonderful thing is a few times Stone fought hard to be different, take risks with the story. And based on the reviews, we’re thrilled we took those risks. We hope you enjoy the end result! Thank you for the question back… Read more »



Kat Bastion

Thank you, Elisa.

~ Kat & Stone


Awesome excerpt!! This looks like a great book and probably a great series!

Kat Bastion

Thanks, Glenda. We hope you enjoy it!

~ Kat & Stone


What a fun interview. I really like reading a romance book from the male point of view.

Kat Bastion

Thanks, Ruth. We had a great time writing it. 🙂

~ Kat & Stone


Great excerpt!

Kat Bastion

Thanks, EC!

~ Kat & Stone

Mary Preston

This sounds like fun.

Kat Bastion

Thanks, Mary. We hope you enjoy it!

~ Kat & Stone

Jessica Stout

This book sounds amazing! I definitely need to read this now. sounds like my kind of book. And your blog is wonderful.

Kat Bastion

Thank you, Jessica! We hope you enjoy it.

~ Kat & Stone

Janna Shay

Your book sounds like a terrific read. It definitely is going on my TBR list.
I loved the interview. It was fun, as well as, interesting. Wishing you much
success with your book.

[…] Kat & Stone interview EACH OTHER on UTC Book Blog […]

Kat Bastion

Thanks, Janna. We’re glad you loved it. And thank you for the well wishes. We hope you enjoy the book!

~ Kat & Stone