Author Override: Danger & Desire Sexcerpt

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Danger & Desire: 

hand-picked dirty sexcerpts from the

Hello, everybody! And thanks so much to the Under the Covers crew for having us over!

For many readers, when you say romantic suspense, they think of the suspense part—bombs, guns, bad guys, trouble, lawmen, hot, sweaty men brawling…hot, sweaty men in chases…hot, sweaty men breaking the rules…hot sweaty men…oh, hai! Ahem.

But what would RS be without the R? The Romance? The sexy parts?

We thought it would be fun to pull out a few favorite dirty parts from 10 novels in our 99-cent romantic suspense boxed set, Danger & Desire. Because, when is it not a good time to read the dirty parts?  Enjoy!


From SKIN DEEP by Pamela Clare

Megan traced a finger down the uneven line roughly in the center of his torso, where scars met normal skin. She couldn’t imagine how much he had suffered and felt a sharp surge of protectiveness, wishing she could take all of this away from him.

“There are no nerve endings. I can’t feel anything beyond pressure. You don’t have to touch—”

“Shhh.” She lowered her head, pressed her lips firmly to the place where his right nipple ought to have been, wanting to show him that every inch of him, scarred or not, was precious to her.

He sucked in a breath, tensed, his fingers sliding into her hair. “Megan, I…”

His voice faded as she kissed her way down the taut, scarred skin of his belly, her hands sliding down his sides to his hips, his muscles jerking every time her mouth touched him. But if he couldn’t feel her, then why… ?

She glanced up, saw him watching her, a look like pain on his face. And she understood. It wasn’t so much that he could feel her kisses, but rather just the fact that she was kissing this part of him that made him react.


From GUARDING SUZANNAH, by Norah Wilson

He reached between them to open her folds still further. “That’s right, baby. Rock it, now. Rock against me.”

She did, and he felt her building excitement in her every breath, in her tightening muscles. Oh, soon. Please make it soon. “Lock your legs around me now,” he urged. She complied, gasping her pleasure. With each thrust, he felt her tension coiling tighter, higher, and she was making noises now. Small, quiet, polite noises. It was so Suzannah. And sexier than anything he’d ever heard before.

Suddenly, his control was gone. He let go of all thought of technique and just pounded himself into her, rocking the bed until the headboard started banging the wall.

Fortunately, it seemed to be what she needed. He felt her orgasm coming at last, her internal muscles gripping him with astonishing power as she rode it out. In the silence of the bedroom, her quiet sobs made him want to weep.


Except from Lethal Confessions, by VK Sykes

When she lunged into him, he was ready, easily absorbing her charge and folding her into his brawny arms. Her face angled up toward his, the tips of her shoes barely touching the foyer’s ceramic floor as he pulled her into a secure embrace. She kissed him hard, diving her fingers into his thick hair as she inhaled his musky scent, all hot and damp. All powerful male. All sensual and wonderful.

Beckett jerked up her tee shirt, the rough heat of his calloused palms almost scorching her naked skin. He deepened the kiss and their tongues played a fiery dance as he quickly found the clasp of her bra, unhooking it to free her aching breasts. As they spilled out, he grasped one in each hand, gently squeezing.


From Singed by Kaylea Cross

Gage shifted behind her slightly and set his palm flat on the rug next to her face. She reached out blindly and grabbed his thick wrist, hanging on tight. Another kiss against her nape, this one harder, the tender stroke of his tongue sending flames licking across her skin. His other hand caressed the curve of her rear, cruising over the tight fabric of her skirt in seductive circles. She pushed back against it, impatient, dying to feel him slide inside her.

A whisper of air brushed her inner thighs as he eased the hem of the skirt up her legs, higher, until the curve of her ass was exposed along with the lacy black strip of her thong nestled between her cheeks. He growled softly, stroked his palm over her bare skin.

“You wet for me?” he murmured against the top of her spine.

Claire nodded and licked her lips, the hand around his wrist tightening, the fingers of her other hand digging deep into the rug. Hurry, hurry, she urged him, her body pulsing with need.


We hope you enjoyed our sexcerpts as much as we enjoyed writing them. And there are more where those came from!




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Dangerous Games by Lora Leigh was my first romantic suspense


it was one of Elizabeth Lowell’s earlier works but I can’t remember what the name of it was!!! Thanks for sharing!


I’ve read so many books I can’t remember the first romantic suspense LOL… thanks for sharing and for the great giveaway!


When I first started reading Romantic Suspense I cut my teeth on Diana Palmer (Soldier of Fortune series) and Linda Howard (All the Queen’s Men, and Mr. Perfect).

June M.

I can’t really remember what the first one I read would have been. I guess my firsts would have been either something by Patricia Cornwell or Lisa Jackson.


I can’t remember which one for sure but it was by Nora Roberts.
Thanks for the chance to win!


kiss and tell cherry adair

Diane Sallans

It’s been a long time, but I think it was one of Sandra Brown’s stories.

Stephanie F.

The grist one I read that got me hooked was Naked in Death by JD Robb. I was blown away by the book, to this day the book is in my top five favorites as well as the series.

Jenny Dauksa Schaber

I don’t remember the title, but it was written by Dee J Adams

Mary Preston

Too long ago to remember the first.

Danielle Corrow

Not sure but it was many years ago 🙂

Diana Doan

Until You by Sandra Marton about 2 years ago! Loved it!


don’t remember

Lea-Ellen {night owl in IL}

“What was the first romantic suspense I ever read?”
I have no idea. That may have been 30 years ago. (Could have been a book by Sandra Brown, Nora Roberts, or Jayne Ann Krentz.)


Section 8 books… I am pretty new in the Romantic Suspene genre

Amy R

Charlaine Harris (Lily Bard, Harper Connelly and Aurora Teagarden series) and Susan Anderson are some of the first romantic suspense books I remember reading.

Kathleen Mix

I think I was reading romantic suspense before it was a real genre. My memory isn’t good enough to remember the first.

Texas Book Lover

The In Death series comes to mind!

Chelsea B.

Gosh, I honestly can’t remember!


Gosh… the 1st? Hmmm…. It’s been awhile… ummm… Maybe one of my mother’s Danielle Steel books might have counted? I know I have followed JD Robb, Nora Roberts, Brenda Novak and a few others for a looooong time now 🙂

Make Kay

So many years ago- I don’t remember! Maybe an Elizabeth Lowell?


I cant remember damn.. lol

Elena Lim

It was a Filipino book by Martha Cecilia. The Warrior: Brad Sta. de Leones. Back in my elementary days.

Jillian Leigh DeMarco

Wow!! The first???? No way I can remember… hahaha…. way too many.