ARC Review: The Witch With No Name by Kim Harrison

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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ARC Review: The Witch With No Name by Kim Harrison
The Witch With No Name

5 Stars

Book Info

Released: September 9, 2014
Series: The Hollows #13
Pages: 512
Format: eARC

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“I am putting this series on the Keeper shelf with a smile on my face and a satisfied feeling in my heart. ” ~ Under the Covers

It is a sad day.  To see the end of a beloved series.  But it’s also a happy day when you see the author has done the series and the characters justice.  And that’s how I feel about this book.  I was so excited to actually read it!  And while I was reading it, as much as I was enjoying it I didn’t want it to end.

Just know one thing when you go into reading this book.  Expect the unexpected.  I always wondered how this would end in a way that you would know there’s a final HEA and not more danger coming their way.  I didn’t want to leave them hanging waiting for the next big thing.  I just didn’t know how it could happen.  But Ms. Harrison did that perfectly.  Unexpectedly.  It is action packed where it needs to be, even though it lagged a bit at times.  It’s world breaking!

I laughed of course, because well, there’s Jenks.  I also cried with this book.  Because some of our favorites are getting a little older, they also have changed, matured, gone down different paths in their lives.  Found their own HEAs.  I get teary eyed thinking about it again.

So here’s a quick final recap:

Rachel:  I admit I might’ve gotten a tiny bit annoyed with Rachel and some of her thoughts and attitude.  But those were very minor moments.  She showed us how far she’s come from where she started!  She’s tough, she’s independent, she knows what she can do and has the confidence to get it done.  I can honestly say she’s one of the characters I’ve seen go through the most growth in a series.  Without changing her essence.  She’s comfortable in her love and she loves unconditionally.

Trent:  I’m probably one of the few that fell in love with the bad boy business man from the first book.  I have always found his conniving ways sexy as hell.  Cool and understated.  Once he owned up to his feelings for Rachel a few books back, he has made my heart pitter patter more as time passes.  And I can honestly say this book seals the deal.  I fell for Trent harder in this book than I had before.  And that’s saying something.  He’s perfect in his imperfections, and I’m sad to let him go most of all.

Ivy: Although I can’t say I’m a fan of where Ivy ends up, I’m happy to see her happy.  Even though it’s not what I envisioned for her.  I can see how this can work.

Jenks:  My poor little pixy.  I love Jenks dearly.  He might just be my favorite character of this series!  He’s small but full of personality, and even as he ages, he still packed quite the punch in this book.  He makes me laugh, he makes me cry.  And he too has found his HEA.  Not where I would’ve thought he would end when we started.  He’s gone through heartache and tough times.  And through it all he stood by Rachel’s side.  The loyal companion willing to do anything.

Al: Our favorite demon.  The one we love to hate.  Devious, selfish, with a heart of gold.  I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed seeing all the different facets of Al in this book.  And if I could read a mini series about him next, I would.  He’s an integral part of this story, he also made me laugh and cry.  He might’ve even made me swoon a bit!  He’s come such a long way from the evil being in that short story I read about his treatment of Ceri.  Another great character growth for sure!

Bis:  Could I just summarize this by saying “Awwww atta boy!”  Just makes me happy to see how much this little gargoyle has grown and what he’s capable of!

I have cared about these guys like family!  And I can honestly say I can rest happy with how this got wrapped up!  By the time I finished the book, I didn’t leave feeling depressed to not have more of them.  I felt happy about their journey and where they ended up.  And that’s probably one of the best things I can get out of a final book.  I am putting this series on the Keeper shelf with a smile on my face and a satisfied feeling in my heart.  Job very well done Ms. Harrison!

Favorite Quotes:

“So it’s been like what, three months? Does he still curl your toes?”
“Totally,” I said, and he made a rude noise at my blissful smile. “He’s a total toe curler.”
“Awww, this is sweeter than pixy piss,” he said with false sarcasm.

“Life is too short for bad coffee.”

*ARC provided by publisher

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About Kim Harrison

New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison was born and raised in the upper Midwest. Her bestselling Hollows novels include Dead Witch Walking, The Good, The Bad, and The Undead, Every Which Way But Dead, A Fistful of Charms, For a Few Demons More, The Outlaw Demon Wails, White Witch, Black Curse, Black Magic Sanction, Pale Demon, A Perfect Blood, plus the short story collection Into the Woods and The Hollows Insider. She also writes the bestselling Madison Avery YA series.


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Oh I cannot wait to read the toe curling! I am totally anxious to read this and see how it can end. You have me hopeful to love it!

Under the Covers Book Blog

I hope you enjoy it Amanda. There’s less toe curling in this one than the previous two I think. But the love part is felt for sure.


This is another series that kinda scares me to start but not as much as the In Death series

Under the Covers Book Blog

Def not as much, just 13 books Timitra! LOL

Amy R

Thanks for the review.

Stephanie F.

I’m so excited for this, my book can’t get here soon enough. I’m with you, I’ve loved Trent since he first stepped on the pages, so happy that it ends well with them, I was really nervous.
So sad to see the series end but I really hope she does some future books or novellas featuring Al.


I absolutely love this series….I cannot wait to get my hands on this book even though I will most likely cry