Review: Into the Light by Ellen O’Connell

Review: Into the Light by Ellen O’Connell
Into the Light

3.5 Stars

Book Info

Released: June 2013
Series: Sutton Family #2
Pages: 307
Format: eBook

 …it was a sweet, fairly slow moving romance…” ~ Under the Covers

The Sutton and Van Cleve family has been enemies since Deborah Sutton was a child, and she despises them just as much as everyone else in her family. However, the stranger she accidentally meets in her favourite hiding spot in the dark, where neither of them can see the other is Trey Van Cleve. Trey can’t seem to stop thinking about the mysterious woman he met; even when he finds out her identity. But, for they both must overcome their past, and their families before they have a chance to let their love grow.

Into the Light carries on from Beautiful Bad Man, the first in the Sutton Family series, about eighteen years later and has a very Romeo and Juliet theme to it, with the rival families and forbidden love aspects of the book. I did enjoy the book, it was a sweet, fairly slow moving romance, with little to no heat in it, but in comparison to Ellen O’Connell’s other books it lacked the intensity and didn’t contain that emotional hook that she has me wriggling on for the entirety of the book.

But, this was still a nice romance, I liked both the characters, they both had flaws and fears that they needs to face before they could move forward together. If you like a slower paced romance or prefer romances that don’t have much heat in them, although that doesn’t mean there was no attraction between the Deborah and Trey, then you should enjoy Into the Light.

I did enjoy this book, although I was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t as gripping or memorable as Ellen O’Connell’s other books, including the first book in this series Beautiful Bad Man, but still it was a good read and I will continue to read not just this series but the author.




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Thanks for the review Suzanne


Hmmmm I usually avoid slow paced ….thanks suzanne

Amy R

Thanks for the review, not a fan of slow paced stories but I can handle less heat.