Nalini Singh Book Boyfriend Battle: Team Obsidian – Round 1


When we think hot heroes, Nalini Singh always comes to mind.  They’re alpha, they’re protective, they’re intense and make you swoon.  So when we were playing around with the idea of facing off one author’s heroes against each other to find the hottest hero she writes, the choice was simple.  Narrowing down the ones for the battle… well lets just say that these hot men gave us a really tough time!

So here’s how this game will be played.  We’ve divided our heroes into two teams of 4.  Here’s the upcoming line up!


The schedule:

TEAM OBSIDIAN – Lucas vs Vasic TODAY! August 8, 2014 Voting will be open until August 19, 2014

TEAM SNOWDANCER – Hawke vs Riley August 9, 2014 Voting will be open until August 19, 2014

TEAM OBSIDIAN – Raphael vs Kaleb – August 13, 2014 Voting will be open until August 19, 2014

TEAM SNOWDANCER – Dmitri vs Judd – August 14, 2014 Voting will be open until August 19, 2014

TEAM OBSIDIAN SEMIFINAL – August 20, 2014 Voting will be open until August 27, 2014

TEAM SNOWDANCER SEMIFINAL – August 21, 2014 Voting will be open until August 27, 2014

FINAL BATTLE – August 28, 2014 Voting will be open until August 31, 2014



In the right corner, representing the DarkRiver leopards we have LUCAS HUNTER.


Name: Lucas Hunter
Book: Slave to Sensation (Psy Changeling #1)
Race: Changeling- Black panther leopard
Pack: Lucas is the DarkRiver Pack’s Alpha
Mate: Sascha Duncan
Appearance:Gorgeous, with black shoulder length hair, golden skin and green eyes and claw marks on his face

What Under the Covers is saying about Lucas:

Lucas was the main reason I was captivated with the Psy-Changeling series at first.  He’s a changeling, and you know how I love shifters.  And a sleek cat at that.  He’s a born leader, ruthless, alpha and possessive.  But as any good shifter, who thrives in a pack, he’s also playful and loving.  Love bonds, skin privileges.  That’s what he’s all about.  He’s all warm and heated.  Nothing subdued about him.

“An hour of your life is worth more than a thousand people to me.” 

What the fans are saying:

“Lucas is amazing because he’s the ultimate protective/possessive hero who truly adores his woman.” ~ Angela James

“Lucas is smart, sexy, a good leader and friend.” ~ Samantha Brewer



In the left corner, we have the always cool and collected Tk-Psy Vasic.


Name: Vasic
Book: Shield of Winter (Psy Changeling #13)
Race: Tk-Psy
Pack: Member of the Arrows
Mate: Ivy Jane
Appearance: Tall and dark haired, cool gray eyes

What Under the Covers is saying about Vasic:

He’s loyal, he’s fierce, he’s caring, he’s protective, he’s possessive. He’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a man all wrapped up in a deep layer of ice.  Just as Lucas is all warm blood boiling, Vasic is the intense and seemingly cold calm.  But once you get underneath that exterior, the man underneath will make your heart explode.  And just my favorite part?  He’s selfless and innocent.

“He has a heart so huge, it’s kept pumping, kept going long past endurance—even though life has bruised it to a pulp.” 

What the fans are saying:

“Vasic’s loyalty to the Arrows & the empaths is infinite.  His love for Ivy his strength.” ~ Angie Malone

“Vasic is collected on the outside, but a sparking flame within.” ~ Phillipa



So who do you vote for in this round?

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Aly P

Such a hard choice…


this is going to be the hardest bbf battle EVER….but soooo looking forward to it! 😉


Can’t wait to see who wins

Tough choice!


This entire challenge is going to be extremely difficult to vote on with so many wonderful choices.


So difficult, but I made my choice.


Ah, this is so much fun!


How am I going to choose between Kaleb and Raphael?! How?!


I think the true challenge for me will be when we have to choise between the Angels.


This isn’t hard. There is no contest. Everyone knows the answer is HAWKE!

Tina F

How am I going to choose between Hawke and RIley?


This is going to be so hard. I love them all. After Vasic’s book, he is fantastic, but I went with Lucas.
Riley and Hawke, they are pretty much evenly matched. And Judd is my favorite. So hard.


This is like the most impossible bracket ever. Y’all are so mean! I love it.


Such a hard choice, my two favorite males, Lucas & Vasic, pitted again each other… the agony!


Team Judd all the way!! (But first, Lucas!)


My only true problem will come when it’s time to choose between Kaleb and Raphael(I’ll choose Raphael because he’s my ultimate love but I’ll be really sad I can’t vote both).


The oldest hero vs. the newest! I like that 😀 this is tough!


They’re both awesome… but Vasic can teleport… no more waiting for a flight or being stuck in traffic! lol!!


I had to vote Lucas, partly because I love him but also because I’ve not actually met Vasic yet! I’m doing my beys to catch up with this series though and am looking forward to getting to know him 🙂

Veronica Scott

OK, voted but I can tell you now, Judd is my favorite of ALL time.


How to choose from all of them o man… decisions!


Wow. Talk about a death group – how am I going to choose between Raphael and Kaleb?

I was not a big fan of Lucas but since I’ve not read book 13 I’ll vote for him. LOL

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