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Hi Dee, welcome back to Under the Covers and congratulations on the release of IMMINENT DANGER.

Thank you, Francesca! I always love the crowd at Under the Covers! You guys know how to make an author feel welcome!

Describe this latest release in three words.

Sexy. Suspenseful. Surprising.

What can you tell us about your new book in the Adrenaline Highs series, Imminent Danger?

Imminent Danger actually deals with two different couples. One couple is younger and experiencing first love and the other consists of two people a little older and lot more jaded. One of the things I loved about writing this book was the different ways the characters looked at love and falling in love. Past experiences will definitely color the way people go into a relationship… or avoid them as the case may be.

Imminent Danger is the fifth book in the series, when you started did you have the series all planned out, or do you do each book as the characters inspire you?

I take each book at a time. I knew once I wrote Living Dangerously that Blake and Abbey were destined to be together. I just had to figure out what they might face. And of course, it’s their biggest fears.

What has drawn you into writing in the Romantic Suspense genre…we suspect it may be all the men and their big…guns 🙂

I’ve always loved reading romantic suspense, so it seemed natural that I might try to write it. I remember early on loving to read suspense from Judith McNaught and Linda Howard. Then I discovered Suzanne Brockmann and that was a game changer. I do love the men and their big…guns! But it’s their big hearts that I love most!

What’s your favorite thing about the heroine, Abbey. And what about your favorite thing about the hero, Blake?

I love how Abbey recognizes that to live her life, she needs to change her life. She needs to trust, to come out of her shell and deal with obstacles head on instead of hiding. I adore Blake’s patience. He melted my heart every day when I sat down to write. He just always knows the right thing to say and I love how he beat down Abbey’s defenses until she discovered she no longer had to be afraid.

What was the hardest scene to write in this book?

Oh man… I had the hardest time writing the ambush scene. Poor Blake really suffers and I hated making him endure it. I was in a cold sweat writing those pages. (Which made Blake very happy, BTW, since he suffered so terribly. It was still hardly fair.)

Can you describe what your work space looks like.

I used to write in my office, but lately I settle on the living room sofa (and sometimes my bed depending on time). I had to switch rooms with my daughter (mainly because the corner room is so hot in summer and cold in the winter), and my office never got back to its former self. Instead of taking a couple of days to organize, I just moved (me and my laptop) out! But the living room sofa faces a nice bricked in fireplace and a huge picture window that looks out to the front of the house. If something happens within a 3 house radius, I’m one of the first to know!

What are 3 things you won’t leave home without?

Wallet. (This is cheating since it’s so big and has everything I need!) Phone. Lip balm.

What’s next for Dee J Adams?

Next up are two novellas. One for the Adrenaline Highs series and one for the High Stakes series.



TITLE: Imminent Danger

AUTHOR: Dee J. Adams

PUBLISHER: Totally Irish Productions

GENRE: Romantic Suspense

FORMAT: e-book

ISBN e-pub: 978-0-9892452-2-7

ISBN Paperback: 978-0-9892452-3-4

PUBLICATION DATE: August 4th, 2014

For Abbey Washington, dancing is more than a dream, it’s a way to forget her past. But being at the wrong place at the wrong time makes her the sole witness to a stabbing and brings back horrible memories. Since the killers saw her just as clearly as she saw them, Abbey is now a loose end that needs to be tied up.

Blake St. John is working toward his PI license and hopes to find the man who hurt his brother in a kidnapping. He quit chasing his quiet co-worker, Abbey, months ago. But now that she needs protection, he takes on the role of bodyguard and all the feelings he tried to bury for her come back with a vengeance.

Abbey’s past makes it hard to trust and an attempt on her life forces her to realize that time is running out as the killers get closer. Now, she must risk it all or face a life without the one man who showed her how to love.



“You’re in a good mood,” Abbey said, coming out of her bedroom.

Blake turned and nearly dropped to the ground in supplication. It took a concerted effort to keep his jaw from hitting the floor.

Abbey canted her head. “What?”

What? Was she kidding? What was that in thirty minutes she’d transformed herself from stunning girl to absolute Miss Universe perfection. He didn’t often see her wearing makeup and the effect it had on her already smooth skin and clear green eyes nearly brought him to his knees. Her dirty blond hair hung smooth and long around her shoulders, and the form-fitting strappy neon pink top and black leggings with a matching pink stripe down the side showed off her toned dancer’s body. He pegged her at five foot eight and she was all legs. The girl had legs to her neck. Legs he wanted wrapped around his waist as he pushed inside of her and sent them both—

“Hello.” Abbey snapped her fingers in the air. “Blake. Yo.”

He snapped out of his daydream.

“What’s got you on another planet?” She headed to the sofa and left the smell of citrus in her wake. She rifled through her bag for something.

“Uh…nothing.” He backed up toward the door. “You ready to go?” If he stayed in her apartment much longer, she might end up out of those clothes she wore. Man, he could imagine stripping everything off her. Slowly and surely exposing every inch of smooth, soft skin.

“I don’t know.” She put a hand on her hip and cocked a stance. “You ready to stop looking at me like I’m your next meal?”

His gaze flashed to hers and he smiled. “Was I doing that?”

She nodded with one eyebrow arched high.

“Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. I’ll work on it.”

“Good. You need to.” She swung a large bag over her shoulder. “C’mon. I don’t want to be late,” she said, passing him to open the front door.


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Dangerous-RaceBOOK 1 dangerzoneBOOK 2 dangerouslycloseBOOK 3
livingdangerouslyBOOK 4 imminentdangerBOOK 5

DANGEROUS RACE: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | GoodReads | Our Review
DANGER ZONE: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | GoodReads | Our Review
DANGEROUSLY CLOSE: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | GoodReads | Our Review
LIVING DANGEROUSLY: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | GoodReads | Our Review
IMMINENT DANGER: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | GoodReads


About Dee J. Adams

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Dee J. moved to Los Angeles, California, where she acted in television and commercials for almost twenty years. An award winning author, she writes contemporary romantic suspense. She's a member of SAG-AFTRA and RWA and was thrilled to be chosen by Audible to narrate three of her (four) books in the Adrenaline Highs series (Carina Press): Danger Zone, Dangerously Close and Living Dangerously. All of her books, including the first, Dangerous Race, and her most recent release, Against The Wall, are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, ARe and other e-book distributors.
She has been married to the love of her life for over 25 years and they have a 17 year old daughter who brings them nothing but pride and joy.



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Kady Winter

Love how you like Blake’s big heart even more than his big…gun! Congrats on this latest installment on your series! I can relate to moving offices around the house, too. Your writing spots line up with mine. Thank God for laptops!

Dee J.

Hi Kady,
Thank you! Yeah, I think I must have been a nomad in my past life. I’m constantly moving around. (It would help if I cleared off my desk and chair, but I haven’t found the time to do either!) Thanks for dropping in!

Lynne Marshall

Love seeing all of your book covers lined up in a row. 🙂 Fun Interview.

Dee J.

Hi Lynne,
Yes! I thought the same thing about the covers! I love them all! Glad you liked the interview. I did too. Haha.

Pamela DuMond

Looks like a fun read! Do I have to read the books in order or can I read the new one first?

Dee J.

Hi Pamela,
I think you can read the new one first. I try to write each book to stand totally alone. (But I guess opinions vary on that…) You definitely meet Blake and Abbey in Living Dangerously and Blake is a cross over character from Against The Wall – the first High Stakes novel. But I don’t think you have to have read those books to understand his and Abbey’s story.


Nice interview

Dee J.

Hi Timitra,
Thanks! It was fun to do.


Sounds great. Looking forward to picking them up. Love the covers.

Dee J.

Hi Donnas
Thanks! Yes, I love my covers too! All my favorite colors.


congrats to Dee on the newest release!!! I’m just getting ready to start this series and I’m very excited 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

Dee J.

Hi Erinf1,
Thank you! I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for stopping in!


I can’t wait to read these! Thanks so much! Adding them to my wishlist now!

Dee J.

Hi Amber,
You’re welcome… and thank YOU! Hope you get a chance to read them! Thanks for dropping by!

Samanthe Beck

Great post Dee! Can’t wait to read Imminent Danger. In honor of your writing habits, I will probably read it on my living room sofa or in my bed, depending on the hour. 😉

Dee J.

Hi Samanthe,
LOL. Gosh, thanks. 🙂 Happy reading! And thanks for stopping by!

Renee Sass

I love this series & definitely have to add this to my TBR list!

Dee J.

Hi Renee,
Thank you! You’ve made my day! Have a good one yourself and thanks for stopping in!


Thanks for introducing this author to me…looking forward to starting this series since I like men and their big guns as well 😉

Dee J.

Hi Elizabeth,
Glad my men and their big… guns… have intrigued you. LOL. (We’re talking about arms, right?) 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!

Tonya Coleman

Thank you for the interview and the chance to win!

Dee J.

Hi Tonya,
You’re welcome! Good luck!

Robin Bielman

Hi Dee and Francesca! I loved getting some inside scoop on Imminent Danger and am so looking forward to reading it! Congrats on this latest release!

Dee J.

Hi Robin,
Yay! Always love to hear that. Haha. Thanks for stopping in!



Dee J.

Hi Shell,


Congratulations on your new release! It sounds intriguing. How many books do you have planned for this series? Your living room seems like a cozy place for writing.

Dee J.

Hi BookLady,
Thank you! At the moment, I have one more book and one novella planned for the series. Then I hope to concentrate on the High Stakes series. And, my living room isn’t so bad. Once it gets a fresh coat of paint, I may not leave it. LOL.


Congrats on your new release. Great interview

Dee J.

Hi Nicole,
Thank you! I had fun with these questions. They were a bit out of the box. 🙂

Jenny Dauksa Schaber

I enjoy Dee J’s books and am always open to new insights into authors I like to read. I think that I’m going to be able to relate to Abbey quite a bit. CONGRATS on the new release this month, and thanks for the opportunity.

Dee J.

Hi Jenny,
You’re welcome! And thank YOU! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my books! Abbey has a tough journey, but she proves what a survivor she is. I really enjoyed writing her book.

Kate Willoughby

I like reading about heroes with big guns too, but I WRITE about heroes with big sticks. Kinda the same thing. LOL

Dee J.

Hi Kate,
LOL. Yes, I think they are pretty close! Love your heroes! Congrats on your new release, Across The Line! Thanks for stopping by!

Shannon Cole

WOW! I love the covers of these books! They all sound so good! I’ve added them to my TBR and can’t wait to read them!!

Dee J.

Hi Shannon,
Thanks! I love my covers too. The colors…and the men. LOL. Hope you enjoy the books and thanks for dropping in!


Nice interview

Dee J.

Hi bn100,
Thanks! It was fun. 🙂

Mary Preston

A great interview thank you. I agree about the covers.

Dee J.

Hi Mary,
You’re welcome! And thank YOU! The cover gods have certainly been watching over me.

Brielle Lassiter-Helou

I haven’t read any of the books in the series yet but this interview definitely has me interested!

Dee J.

Hi Brielle,
Glad I’ve peaked your interest! Just FYI, they all read as stand alones, but if you want to start from the beginning, Dangerous Race is book #1. Thanks for dropping in!

Olivia Tan

Sounds like a good read. thanks 🙂

Dee J.

Hi Olivia,
Hope you’ll give it a shot! Thanks for stopping in!