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The Writing on the Wall

By Damian Damian

Some people call me the Perez Hilton of the art world. Of course, I’m way more influential than Perez Hilton. And more stylish. But I digress.

Today I’m talking to Lulu Sterling, daughter of art gallery owner Anna Sterling (the Anna Wintour of the art world, except, once again, way more influential. And more stylish.)

I’ll admit, I’m obsessed with Lulu’s love life. She’s dating Brandt Penn, the hottest artist on the market, and when I say hot, I’m not just talking about his work. But I have a suspicion that Lulu has her eye on someone else. I would tell you his name, outing this secret love triangle right here and now. But I don’t know his name, or what he looks like, or anything about him because he paints by the cover of night, has never been seen or photographed, and goes by the tag GoST. If anyone has the inside scoop on this guy, it’s Lulu. And today I’m going to try to get it out of her.

Damian: Thanks for joining us here today, Lulu.

Lulu: I just want to set the record straight. You have to stop posting all this crazy gossip about my love life

Damian: Are you still seeing Brandt Penn?

Lulu: Yes. Of course. We’ve been together for a year. He’s doing his first show at my mother’s gallery this fall.

Damian: And yet you seem to be finding a lot of time to run around with the street artist GoST.

Lulu: I’m not ‘running around’ with anyone. Yes, I follow his work. He’s brilliant. He’s the most exciting artist since Banksy or Shepard Fairey…

Damian: I’m sure Brandt would appreciate that sentiment.

Lulu: Most exciting street artist, I mean.

Damian: And you’ve gotten to see a lot of this first hand, haven’t you?

Lulu: I don’t know what you’re implying. When I see it on buildings I Instagram it. Yes, I’m following his work…

Damian: And you’ve met him.

Lulu: I never said that.

Damian: Well, I’m asking you now.

Lulu: I’ve seen him. I wouldn’t say we’ve met.

Damian: That’s more than most people can say. What does the mysterious GoST look like?

Lulu: I…don’t know. His face was covered.

Damian: How intriguing!

Lulu: It’s just about the work, Damian.

Damian: Famous last words, Lulu.


For the real story of what’s going on with Lulu and the mysterious street artist, check out RUIN ME.

ruin me

he lives in a world of beauty.

His life is shrouded in darkness.

When they meet, she must choose between everything she has and the one thing she has always desired.

Lulu Sterling thinks she has it all figured out: with one more year left at NYU, she’s spending her summer interning at her mother’s iconic art gallery, determined to overcome the long shadow of her father’s suicide and prove herself to her critical mother. With her boyfriend, rising artist Brandt Penn, Lulu also hopes she will finally experience the love and desire that have always eluded her.  But passion comes where she least expects it in the form of a brilliant, reclusive street artist known only by the tag GoST, and Lulu must decide how much she is willing to risk – and how far she is willing to go —  to claim it.


About Jamie Brenner

I say “true love if full of drama” because 1) that’s been my experience in life and 2) while growing up, everything I learned about love came from Aaron Spelling TV shows and Judith Krantz novels.

My 1920’s novel THE GIN LOVERS (St. Martin's Press) was named by Fresh Fiction named as one of the Top Thirteen Books to read in 2013.My first New Adult novel, RUIN ME, will publish in May.

I also write contemporary romance and erotic romance under the name Logan Belle (always with an HEA – though with plenty of twists and turns along the way): NOW OR NEVER, MISS CHATTERLEY (Pocket Star/Simon & Schuster), THE LIBRARIAN (translated into a dozen languages), and the burlesque trilogy Blue Angel (Kensington).

I live in New York City with my husband and two daughters. For updates and obsessions, follow me on Twitter and Facebook

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The book sounds good.