Monthly Wrap Up: April 2014



THE KING has come and gone! And what a wonderful treat it was. As one of UTC’s all-time favorite author, J.R. Ward continues to impress us with the Black Dagger Brotherhood world. To read our review of THE KING, click here.

Also, this month we did a mini series of post to help you through the BDB release frenzy that happens every year at this time. If you missed it, you can check it out below:

Black Dagger Brotherhood: Aftercare
Black Dagger Brotherhood: The Read
Black Dagger Brotherhood: Setting the Scene


Thank you to the wonderful authors who stopped by this month!

Gena Showalter
L.A. Witt
Jennifer Probst
Claire Ashgrove
Anne Tenino
Christina Lee
Cari Quinn
Karen Chance
Eden Bradley
L.H. Crosway
Virna DePaul
Juliana Stone


This month, we indulged in a little man candy with Cover Model Week. If you missed it, here’s a quick recap of the yumminess you missed!

Colby Lefebvre
Billy Freda
Benjamin Lawrence Feige
John Quinlan



This month we counted down the top ten things about romance that annoy us! Read that post here.

With RT fast approaching, we compiled a guide to help those RT virgins stay alive admist the chaos and wild fun at the convention. Check out our RT Guide for Virgins here.


Monthly Recommendations:

Francesca’s recs:

LOVE, IN ENGLISH by Karina Halle – I usually love anything this woman writes and in this case, it’s a beautiful love story.  Not pretty, not perfect.  But the type that will captivate you from the beginning and leave you with a happy sigh at the end.
VEILED INNOCENCE by Ella Frank – Taboos and forbidden romance.  If you’re ready to be pushed a little outside of your comfort zone, this book is the perfect choice.  A student/teacher romance that actually left me rooting for their HEA.  Shockingly!
REASONABLE DOUBT by Whitney Gracia Williams – If you like your men hot, alpha and wearing a suit you have to meet Andrew.  Total jerk but will make you swoon!
MAGIC RISES by Ilona Andrews – Yes, I’m late catching up on this series and kicking myself for taking so long to get there!  Kate kicks ass in this one, Curran had me worried for a bit, and their love is still going strong.  I loved this installment in the series!
NO REST FOR THE WICKED by Kresley Cole – I love IAD and I’m so happy we are re-reading!  Sebastian might just be my favorite Wroth brother.  He’s a gentleman but he’s also alpha, strong, possessive and protective.  Can’t wait to keep re-reading the series!

Suzanne’s recs:

Masks by Karen Chance – I loved this book! Karen Chance is a great author and always delivers with her mix of romance and action. If you love UF you need to give this book a try!
Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews – Descartes has I am therefore I am, I have, Curran’s in it therefore I love. If you haven’t read this series then you need to start, if you have then you are in for a real treat when this comes out!

Angela’s Recs:

My top recommendation for April was actually just released on the 29th. Searching for Perfect by Jennifer Probst is a great ‘light-hearted” read. I think this is my all-time fave from Ms. Probst work.

East of Ecstasy by Laura Kaye is also one of my top read from last month. This author really closed of this PNR series with a bang. If you haven’t tried her work yet, this series can be the start.

My 3rd top read is The Fallen by Keri Lake. This one is totally different from the first two recommendations. The Fallen is a novella from Ms. Lake’s Sons of Wrath Series but can be read as standalone. This one is a bit dark with BDSM kink that maybe be too much for some. Take note that the series does not have this tone just this one due to a certain character. In any case, I loved it.

Annie’s recs:

Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones (Paranormal Romance): Charley, your ADD is showing. The sixth installment is just as wacky and fun as the previous books in the series. While it doesn’t offer much in terms of plot advancement, the end will have readers wanting to know what happens next! Oh, and Reyes is too hawt to describe. It’s beyond words.
Crave the Night by Lara Adrian (Paranormal Romance): An emotionless Breed warrior is paired with a high society female in the 12th installment to the series. The sexual tension and the twist towards the end makes this book worth the read. It has stellar action scenes and even better sex scenes 🙂
Magic Breaks  by Ilona Andrews (Urban Fantasy): Andrews takes Kate Daniels and challenges her with this book. My favorite evil character comes back and offers way more than I could expect to the series. Be prepared to lose your minds, folks!
Inked Armor by Helena Hunting (Contemporary Romance): I love Hayden. I love Hayden. I love Hayden. He might be my new favorite hero of the year. In this book, we get a far deeper insight to his past and the loss he has experienced. TK and Tenley are fabulous in this one as well.
Shield of Winter by Nalini Singh Paranormal Romance): Vasic threw me for a loop. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did. With a tender touch, Singh offers these two emotionless characters a taste of passion. And now, neither of them want anything else. Singh continues to impress with each installment to this series.
The King by J.R. Ward (Paranormal Romance): Where to start? This book was perfect. I love returning to this world, finding myself falling in love with each of the different POVs that are offered. As much I love this series, it could have ended here and I would be fine with it. It was that good.
Fixed On You by Laurelin Paige (Erotic Romance): This book caught me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting to love Hudson Pierce so much. First off, his name just oozes sex already. And the concept of Alayna’s obsessive love issues was unique and interesting to me. This book might have rekindled my billionaire fetish 🙂
Breakable by Tammara Webber (New Adult): I’ve read a lot of NA – some are good, some are bad. Once I picked up this book, I was reminded of how well Webber writes. Her authorial voice matches the genre perfectly, offering intellectual insight without seeming distant or boring. Lucas’s POV offers a lot of new material concerning his past, while also covering our favorite moments with Jackie.

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Adding the ones I don’t have to my wishlist…Thanks guys!

Elizabeth P

Great month…loved the bdb new release guide and the rt prep…thanks!