Black Dagger Brotherhood Survival Part III: Aftercare


Black Dagger Brotherhood Survival Part III: Aftercare


Am I the only one that sat here with a tear in their eye, feeling despondent and thinking longingly of the past; that beautiful moment when you sat down and first cracked open The King and you had the whole book ahead of you? And now all you have is time a year to wait until you can get your next fresh fix. I can’t be the only one, and in part III of our BDB survival guide we are dealing with aftercare, how to deal with the world now after soaring to such dizzying heights with The King, just to come crashing back down to reality once it has finished. Am I overstating this too much? Maybe, but I am a crazily obsessed fan girl…I can’t help it.

Misery Loves Company: Dissect that Mutha

Our best advice…don’t go through this alone, reach out to your fellow BDB lovers and share your feelings. And more importantly talk about the book until no stone is left unturned, so it almost feels like you have read the whole thing all over again. Voice your theories no matter how absurd or far fetched they may seem, let loose your gut feelings about what may transpire next; who you reckon Saxton is going to end up with, whether or not Boo is actually some kind of shifter and will turn into a beautiful woman and seduce the hell outta iAm (one of my more far fetched, yet favourite, theories!). We want to know and more importantly, you want to tell us!

Refresh you Palette

Deciding on your next book can be a big challenge, and our best advice… read something completely different. Don’t go looking for another PNR book, especially a vampire one, it always pales in comparison. Go for your favourite historical romance author, pick up some steampunk or my favourite some cheesy sci fi romance. Refresh your palette.

Keep in Mind though my pretties, the beautiful thing about being a reader? There is always a new release to look forward to.

That concludes our BDB Survival Guide, I hope you have enjoyed it and followed our extremely helpful advice! And more importantly I really hope you enjoyed The King as much as we did, the next release can’t come soon enough!


About J.R. Ward

J.R. Ward is a #1 New York Times bestselling author with more than 15 million novels in print published in 25 different countries around the world. The books in her popular Black Dagger Brotherhood series have held the #1 spot on the New York Times hardcover, mass market, eBook, and combined print/eBook fiction bestseller lists and have debuted in the top 5 on the USA Today bestseller list. Prior to her writing career, Ward worked as a lawyer in Boston and spent many years as the Chief of Staff of one of Harvard’s world-renowned academic medical centers. Ward currently lives with her family in Kentucky where she has learned to enjoy and appreciate all things Southern. Connect with her online at,, and

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The survival guide was a great idea!….thank you!


Another great installment

Mariana Bezerra

So after the BDB read-a-long what’s the next series?


This is so awesome. I finished The King and just sat looking at my Kindle thinking….what next, how do you come back from such greatness! Yeah, got a few theories too but must say, love the shifter theory for Boo and iAm! Funny this is though after finishing, even though there are a lot of loose ends to go forward with, I really felt complete with this one. It’s strange so have so many things hanging but to feel like the book reached a wonderful conclusion.

Amy R

I have yet to start BDB but these posts have been fun (Facebook & Twitter live updates as well).

Becky Parsons

I so needed this survival aftercare advise at this time. I just finished reading The King and well . . . WOW! I loved it and the ending was amazing! I have always suspected that Boo was more than just a cat, so I love the shifter-iAm idea! Works for me! There are still so many characters left needing their ending, I really can’t wait to see where we go next. In the mean time . . . Hmmmm. Maybe a nice trip to outer space.