Black Dagger Brotherhood Survival: Part II

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Black Dagger Brotherhood Survival: Part II

Welcome to part deux of our BDB survival guide! As diligent students, I hope you all took notes and followed our guidelines, by now your nest should be fully feathered, work put on hold and spouses and children carefully packed away until later.

The Read

For this installment we are tackling the biggest part of the process..the reading itself. I can hear you all thinking…what’s so hard about that? Surely all you do is open your e-Reader/book and have at it. Well my poor poor, naive students if only it could be so simple. There are all the little things that get in the way when real life decides to poke it’s unwanted and ugly head in to our coveted reading time.

Our advice is this…try not to do anything that will cause long lasting damage. For example, please don’t attack the poor salesman who has the misfortune to knock on your front door, RIGHT at a crucial moment. Bludgeoning him into submission may seem like a great idea and feel fantastic, but I don’t know what access to books is like in prison, who knows when you will be able to finish The King if they lock you up?

We also recommend a little exercise, as tempting as it is to sit and restrict any movement to that of turning the page, reaching for the next wotsit or moving your eyeballs from left to right, maybe it is best to do a few laps around your living room (holding The King of course!) just to avoid any muscle atrophication.

Remember though, the spouse you sent away, the children you packed away and the work you put off, all have to come back eventually. The sight of you cocooned in your book reading cave with crazed red eyes all puffy from emotion, clothes smeared with your snacking casualties and hands shaped like claws from clutching the book so tightly may scare them a little. So try not to bite, remember no matter how much you want it, you ain’t no vampire.

But most importantly of all ENJOY IT, relish every sentence, every word, laugh at the ups, cry at the downs, fully immerse yourself in the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood; fuck the consequences

And now we leave you with a message from Jim Frangione, the voice behind the Black Dagger Brotherhood audiobooks we all love so much!


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Lol @ part ll…Thanks for sharing.


Haha…my vs book just arrived so I will heed your advice….thanks

Cheryl Sanders

Fabulous! Thanks for the pep talk 😉 Now it’s time to dig in for the long haul. Here we goooooooo….

Susan H.

Wow- it’s so nice to know that I’m not alone in my BDB addiction (as if! LOL). You described the book lust perfectly!

Becky Parsons

Thank you! I would have forgotten some of this with our your reminder! 😀 You are doing a great job!

Sophia Rose

Now this is good advice! I have terrified family when they saw me after a crying jag from a book.

Oh, nice to hear from the narrator. I haven’t heard any of the audio books.


YAY! One my favoirte audio guys!! He’s so much part of the BDB as one of the brothers..LOL I will riot if they ever switch narrators.
Thanks guys!

Amy R

Very enjoyable post, I haven’t started reading the BDB yet but I have almost all the books.