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Hello Maidens!! Today we have a very special treat for you. Randy Jansen, beloved character from Heidi Cullinan’s “Special Delivery” series (and one of my personal favorite m/m characters of all time!), is here today with us as we help celebrate the re-release of his book, Double Blind. Now if you’ll excuse me for a moment while I fangirl and try to compose myself – **OMG – FLAILING!! Randy is HERE for an interview!!! OMG, OMG, OMG *THUD* ** Ahem, okay, sorry, now back to the show…and Randy(!!). 🙂

Hi, Randy! *swoon* Oh, sorry… *blushing*… welcome to Under the Covers…it’s such a pleasure to have you here!

Pleasure to be here, honey.

So how excited are you about the re-release of your book, Double Blind? Of course, I’m hoping that your Dear Santa wish of beating out Special Delivery in book sales comes true. Not that I don’t love Mitch and Sam – I do – but because, well, you’re my favorite. <3

It’s good to be back. Probably I won’t beat the Old Man in sales because that’s not really how I roll. Always the bridesmaid, etc. I like to think my book is smarter and sharper, but that’s probably personal bias. Mostly people are impatient and don’t want to deal with…how do they always say it? “All the poker.” I guess I’m more of an acquired taste, which isn’t all bad, really. Better to be a B-list original and all that.

See, and then there’s people like you, sweet pea, who like a bad boy better than a hot twink and a grouchy old man. We know where the party’s at.

Heidi has often said that you are one of her “loudest” characters…do you plan to keep on talking even after all 3 “Special Delivery” books are released?

Please, the woman talks to me all the time. I’m always game to show up for another short or novel, but in the meantime, if she’s stuck on a story, I probably talked her through the rut. I think she was surprised by the reception for Hooch & Cake. She’s way too damn hard on herself. I think she should do one of our books a year, but she’s so crazy overbooked that might be unrealistic. Every other, though, that wouldn’t be so bad, that’s what I tell her. We keep whispering about this guy who shows up at the casino. We’ll get her eventually. She’s better if you leave the meat lying around, teasing her, know what I mean?

Hell, baby, I know you know about that. 😉

During the re-release of Special Delivery, in Heidi’s forums, Sam talked about urging Heidi to write a 4th book in the series, possibly revolving around bottles and diapers. What do you think about that, and do you think you’ll have a big role in it?

Yeah, I’m not surprised. She’s got a real thing about making each book about a new character, so that would probably be in the background. Her standard response is unless we start solving crimes, she’s not sure what the plot is without a new romance. Which is fine, just more complicated for her, which she always cries about later. And guess who she cries to.

I always knew Peaches would want to be a dad. I think Mitch is going to shit enough bricks to build an outhouse, but that just means I get to fetch popcorn. I wouldn’t mind playing uncle. Had more than an adequate role model there.

So to be honest with you, I didn’t really care for you much in Special Delivery (sorry!), but by the end you had redeemed yourself a bit. Nonetheless, I was nervous about reading Double Blind and worried about whether I’d like your story or not. I was not prepared for the fact that it would absolutely knock off my socks. I know you come across as an asshole to a lot of people, but you allowed Heidi to really pull back all of your layers and show her readers what a profound, complex, and amazing man you truly are and can be. How did it feel to be opened up in such a metaphorical way? Was it hard for you to allow her to do so?

Special Delivery was easy. I never mind being an asshole. If people think you’re a fuckhead, they leave you alone. If they think you’re a big pussy, they get in your grill. The problem there was that I gave a shit about Mitch and wanted him back, and I thought, well, if I chase off this little poser, we can get back to business. Of course, Peaches is asshole-proof. That and the sucker gets off on it. Everybody carries on about how Ethan was the one I couldn’t bluff, but Sam was the first one. I think they’re distracted by his ass.

Harder was Double Blind, because we had to have all the feelings, Jesus. But you know, it worked out well in the end, so I’m down with it. Let me keep Slick and you can do whatever you want to me.

Okay, so let’s get to some of the nitty gritty about you and your relationships, if you don’t mind. I’ve heard from Mitch his thoughts on why he and you didn’t work as a couple, but I would like your point of view on it. He and you obviously care very deeply for one another, and you guys work well in your special menage with Sam and Ethan. What didn’t work for you two as a couple?

I can’t really let go with him–well, I couldn’t before. I think the thing was we each wanted the other one to be this stupid shining star, the great replacement for our asshole fathers and lurve and all that shit. We kind of set each other up. I wanted him to be the guy I could let down with, but I didn’t really trust him, which he could tell and which hurt him. Ethan on the other hand opens with, “You probably shouldn’t trust me, I’m a mess.” Which, moth to the flame, honey.

Since Mitch brought Peaches into your life, it didn’t take you long to really begin caring for him in a very special way. How were you able to compartmentalize your feelings and not fall in love with him, but rather just keep him as someone special who you can share with Mitch?

I’d be shit for Peaches full time. He’s old enough now to be his own man, but even so all my head games hurt his feelings. He needs that big papa bear shit, all that stroking. I can do that for a while, but eventually I need to be able to punch around a bit, then get yoked in. So I guess I’d say I love him enough to know I’d fuck him up if it were just the two of us, so it’s no big to yield. Plus he made it clear from word go he’d never choose me first. I respect the hell out of that.

I guess I’d say part of who we are and who we choose first and why are a huge part of our relationship. The fact that we fuck too is a separate thing, though it’s subservient to the main relationships. We just do more algebraic relationships than most people.

At what point did you realize that Ethan was the man for you? Was there a special moment that you realized you had fallen in love and you wanted to be with him forever?

The motorcycle ride after Crabtree put him through the wringer. I’d been telling myself it was a lark until then, and it still might have fallen apart. He could have been this sad guy I fucked for awhile who I’d think fondly of. After that night, though, it was all over.

Obviously he hooked my interest when he fucked me in that bet, but that was just warming up.

What is it about Ethan that works so perfectly for you?

The back and forth. That he’s all boss man and then worried little hen. I love how fucked up that is, how contradictory. We’re that Yin-Yang thing, black and white but with a dot of the other in the middle. Only our dot’s a little bigger than most. I love how we’re always doing this tango with each other. Nothing’s ever boring.

Plus he calls me on my shit but still loves me. How do you let that go?

Okay, so let’s now get to some sexy hot nitty gritty, if we could. Hehe. At what point in your life – and was there a specific moment that helped you figure it out – did you realize that you had a proclivity for kink?

Well, this bit’s not so nice, so we’ll skim it. Basically when I got kicked out and went off on my own, I went through what we can politely call a Dark Period. Lots of sleeping around, bad boyfriends. Plenty of them beat me up. Thing was, even as that went down I realized I dug part of it, so I got good at working out how to get the shit I wanted by manipulating them. A lot of it though I figured out with Mitch when he picked me up at the truck stop. He’d had a few better teachers. We did our own recon when we hooked up at bars, but he helped lay a few things straight. Also Steve, when we got down to the RGV. But mostly I came to it all fucked up and sideways, which should surprise nobody at all.

More often than not, it seems like you are the Dom in your BDSM, but you are a switch, correct? Which do you prefer, and why?

I don’t have a preference at all. You read the toppy shit because of the novels, but I’ve done both plenty. With Ethan it’s full on back and forth, and that’s how I like it. It’s like deciding you want one kind of ice cream flavor. Why the hell would anybody do that? Same thing all the time turns to shit no matter what it is.

Do you have any one particular sexual fantasy that you have not yet fulfilled? If so, what is it? And do you need me to help you with it? 😉

Heh. Well, you come to Herod’s, honey, bring Ethan and I a pitcher of water in his office, and we’ll have a little chat about that.

Pretty much if I want it, I go chase it down. Love seducing straight boys, though. Haven’t done that yet with Ethan, so we’ll put that on the list, right at the top.

I loved seeing how involved you were in helping to plan Mitch and Sam’s wedding – you really are an amazing friend. But I have to ask – has the idea you planted in Emma’s head about a night of wild fun with her and her husband come to fruition? I HAVE TO KNOW!! Er, I mean, I think readers would be interested to know that. 😉 Do you really not mind being with a woman sexually?

Well, I’m not bi, but I also think this whole everybody needs a goddamned alphabet about who they take to bed is shit. You, sugar, I’d take to bed in a hot second because of the way you wear sex and your attitude about life in general. Who I fuck is just fucking–fun, good times. Relationships have always been men, and I don’t see that changing. A woman all the time wouldn’t be fair to either of us, but I dig the novelty angle.

As for Emma and her man, alas, not yet. She’s just too shy.

***OMG – I DIE!!***
Looking forward 10 years from now, how do you envision yourself? What will you be doing? Where will you be living?

Oh hell. Vegas, at the new house, puttering around the house and meandering around the casino to fuck my husband. Maybe babysitting Sam’s brats if that pans out. Mostly chilling out. I’m more than fine with where we’re at. So anything that keeps Slick knee-deep in casino and not bored. Don’t ever let that bastard get bored.

So I know this was a long interview – and thank you so much for bearing with me – but there is just so much about you that I’ve been dying to learn. How about a few rapid-fire questions to finish it up?

Boxer, briefs, boxer briefs, or commando?

Really depends on the outfit. I like boxer briefs because fuck panty lines, but with the right outfit, there’s no need to overdress. Though as it turns out, Ethan likes a little rainbow color brief display, so sometimes that happens. Thongs, fuck no.

Absolute favorite sexual position?

Pushing somebody into a couch and fucking the shit out of them.

If you could meet any famous person, living or dead, who would it be?

Want to see my uncle again. Everybody else, fuck them, they’re probably assholes anyway.

Favorite food to eat?

No such thing. Love it all. But I love things with potato when I’m feeling homey. Those little potato perogies with onion, butter, and sour cream.

Favorite dish to cook?

One I’ve never tried.

Guilty pleasure?


Favorite song?

Toss between “Muskrat Love” and “Love Will Keep Us Together” by Captain and Tenille.

Favorite book?

The Lord Won’t Mind by Gordon Merrick. More for what it did and meant to me at the time than the actual story.

And last but not least, please give us readers one detail about yourself that we don’t already know.

Mole on my right ass cheek. Ethan says it’s shaped like a heart, but he’s just being a dick.

Randy, thank you SOOOO very much for taking the time to spend with us lucky ladies at UTC today. You being here has put me on Cloud 9, and I have a feeling I’ll be up there for awhile. 😉

Thanks for having me sweetheart. Anytime.


Know when to show your hand…and when to hedge your bets.

Randy Jansen can’t stand to just sit by and watch as a mysterious man throws money away on the roulette wheel, especially since Randy’s got his own bet going as to the reason this guy is making every play like it’s his last day on earth. The man’s dark desperation hits Randy right in the gut. Half of him warns that getting involved is a sucker’s bet, and the other half scrambles for a reason—any reason—to save the man’s soul.

Ethan Ellison has no idea what he’s going to do with himself once his last dollar is gone—until Randy whirls into his life with a heart-stealing smile and a poker player’s gaze that sees too much.

Randy draws Ethan into a series of wagers that leads to a scorching kiss by midnight, but he isn’t the only one with an interest in Ethan’s vulnerability. Soon they’re both taking risks that not only play fast and loose with the law, but with the biggest prize of all: their hearts.

Warning: This story contains high-stakes poker, gangsters with a weakness for kittens, foursomes, and kinky consensual sex.

This book has been previously published and has been revised from its original release.



About Heidi Cullinan

Heidi Cullinan has always loved a good love story, provided it has a happy ending. She enjoys writing across many genres but loves above all to write happy, romantic endings for LGBT characters because there just aren't enough of those stories out there. When Heidi isn't writing, she enjoys cooking, reading, knitting, listening to music, and watching television with her husband and ten-year-old daughter. Heidi also volunteers frequently for her state's LGBT rights group, One Iowa, and is proud to be from the first midwestern state to legalize same-sex marriage.



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