Author Override: 7 Book Boyfriends to Get Lucky with Under the Covers

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7 Book Boyfriends to Get Lucky with Under the Covers



Dusty Hicks would make the best boyfriend because he’s . . . Confident enough to wear pink boxers. (A laundry mishap.)  Loving enough to build a princess castle for his daughter.  Dedicated and courageous enough to protect his town from an unscrupulous conman.  Man enough to handle a daredevil southern girl—in bed and out.  And what woman wouldn’t feel lucky to date a sexy Texas lawman who carries his own handcuffs? —Katie Lane

A Match Made in Texas is the sixth book in Katie Lane’s bestselling, witty and sexy Deep in the Heart of Texas series.

Living with four over-protective brothers is enough to make a good girl go bad. But the day Brianne Cates hits the road for a taste of freedom, she gets more trouble than she bargained for when she’s arrested by a sexy sheriff in mirrored shades. Now doing a stint of community service, she’s not going to let a cowboy cop like Dusty Hicks mess with her newfound independence-even if he awakens every wicked fantasy she’s ever had.

In Bramble, Texas, Dusty is the law. That means no leniency for the gorgeous rebel whose highway antics almost got them both killed. The divorced lawman doesn’t need another rich, pampered princess, even if Brianne has the lushest body and sweetest smile in the whole darn state. But even as Brianne proves that she lives to walk on the wild side, Dusty begins to wonder if maybe he has what it takes to tame her….


Meet Taddeo DeLuca, wine bar owner and man-about-town from Kate Meader’s HOT AND BOTHERED. Tall, dark, and devastating, Tad is sex-on-Italian legs with wavy hair framing his beautiful cheek bones like handfuls of sin. Mama mia! But this sexy streak of male is more than just a pretty face—he’s also a great guy who read every pregnancy book to support his best friend, Jules, who held her hand through each push in the delivery room, and who loves her son like his own. And he’s tortured. Man, is he. With his past, Tad doesn’t feel he deserves love, but he’s got so, so much to give! Want to get lucky with Tad? Kate Meader


A Fire They Can’t Put Out . . .

Although her baby boy keeps her plate full, Jules Kilroy is ready to take her love life off the back burner. Despite a bevy of eligible bachelors, it’s her best friend, Taddeo DeLuca, who’s fueling her hormones with generous servings of his mouth-watering Italian sexiness. But Jules learned her lesson once before when she went in for a kiss, only to have Tad reject her. She’s vowed never to blur the lines again . . .

After a lifetime of excuses and false starts, Tad has finally opened a wine bar, a deal made even sweeter when Jules joins his staff. Lovers come and go, and he’s had his share, but friendships like theirs last forever. Still, ever since he tasted her luscious lips, he can’t stop fantasizing about what could be. Then she signs up for an online dating site—and the thought ofhis Jules with another man makes Tad’s blood boil. Even if he gets burned, Tad can’t stop himself from turning up the heat this time.

Hop Kincaid, FIRE INSIDE

Hop rides a bike. Hop plays guitar. Hop thinks music is storytelling and he is not shy about using a song to tell you how he feels about you, playing it, singing it and then accepting the love that’ll bring on the floor of your foyer. Hop is about protection. Hop is about family, however that family comes about. So a good man who can take you out on the back of his bike, play you a song that tells you precisely how he feels about you through lyrics, has your back at all times and gives you the business the instant you get in the front door, well…having a man like that would sure make me feel lucky. —Kristen Ashley

Ashley_Fire Inside_MM

Lanie Heron isn’t looking for love—no surprise, considering her last serious relationship nearly got her killed. So when Lanie propositions Hop Kincaid, all she wants is one wild night with the hot-as-hell biker who patrols with the Chaos Motorcycle Club…

For Hop, Lanie has always been untouchable. She’s too polished and too classy for his tastes. But when she gives Hop the once-over with her bedroom eyes and offers him a night in paradise, he can’t say no. And he doesn’t regret it when he finds that Lanie is the best thing that’s ever happened to him—in or out of bed. Now the trick will be to convince her of that.


You WANT to get lucky with Levi! Why? For starters, he’s good with his hands. Levi is the quarterback of his college football team and never misses his target when he throws the ball. He’s also the handyman of a small inn and knows how to fix just about anything. And those hands of his certainly know how to pull a girl into his arms and make her melt. The only thing better than Levi’s hands, is his steadfast heart. He’ll protect you. He’ll heal you. But most of all, he’ll love you senseless. That’s why you want to get lucky with Levi. 😉 —Chelsea Fine


New Adult Romance

Pixie and Levi haven’t spoken in nearly a year when they find themselves working―and living―at the same inn in the middle of nowhere. Once upon a time, they were childhood friends. But that was before everything went to hell. And now things are… awkward.

All they want to do is avoid each other, and their past, for as long as possible. But now that they’re forced to share a bathroom, and therefore a shower, keeping their distance from one another becomes less difficult than keeping their hands off each other. Welcome to the hallway of awkward tension and sexual frustration, folks. Get comfy. It’s going to be a long summer.


So let’s talk about Ben for a sec. Captain Ben Teague is a teeny bit of a smart ass. Okay a lot. In the opening scene of IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOU, he’s busy irritating the sarn’t major by wearing a New Kids On the Block Trucker hat. But this guy isn’t all wise cracks and jokes. Ben’s got a serious side that he’s been avoiding for a while. He’s that dark and sexy kind of wounded that makes you really have to dig deep to get to know him. Even when he’s licking your back, he’s still keeping his distance through jokes and quick remarks. He’s the kind of guy you’ve really got to work to see his serious side but when he finally opens up and grants you his trust, you’ve got a soul mate for life. —Jessica Scott



She plays by the rules . . .

Captain Ben Teague is many things: a tough soldier, a loyal friend, and a bona fide smart-ass. He doesn’t have much tolerance for BS, which is why he’s mad as hell when a trusted colleague and mentor is brought up on charges that can’t possibly be true. He’s even more frustrated with by-the-book lawyer Major Olivia Hale. But there’s something simmering beneath her icy reserve–and Ben just can’t resist turning up the heat . . .

. . . and he’s determined to break them

The only thing riskier than mixing business with pleasure is enjoying it . . . and Olivia can’t resist locking horns–and lips–with Ben. He’s got more compassion in his little finger than any commander she’s ever met, a fact that makes him a better leader than he realizes. But when the case that brought them together awakens demons from Olivia’s past, she will have to choose between following orders–or her heart . . .



What makes Colin the perfect book boyfriend? Did I mention he’s a dead ringer for Henry Cavill? Go ahead and swoon now. Also, the man can wield an ax and show off his bulging biceps. Let us not forget the man can kiss. Just ask Angeline who said, “You need no practice. You are clearly an expert.” I’m his creator and most definitely agree. In one eventful scene, Colin warns Angeline that he’s going to do something that may shock her. Afterward, she says, “No wonder virgins are kept in the dark. They would all be lifting their skirts for any man willing to …do that.” —Vicky Dreiling


Will the Rogue’s Perfect Plan…

Colin Brockhurst, Earl of Ravenshire, has no desire to wed, this season or any other. So when his father demands he give up his wild ways and take a wife, Colin refuses. But his father raises the stakes and threatens to sell the ancestral home if Colin doesn’t comply. Now Colin has no choice but to find a wife. Unfortunately, the only woman he wants is the one whose heart he broke years ago.

Lead to the Perfect Seduction?

Regardless of the ton‘s whispers, Lady Angeline Brenham won’t settle for anything less than true love. After rejecting more than her share of suitable suitors, spinsterhood looms before her—until the devilishly handsome Colin reappears in her life with a proposition. Angeline vows to keep her feet on the ground and her heart in check. That is, until one searing kiss melts her resolve and reignites a burning desire for more.

Aiden Downey, HARD TO HANDLE

In my humble opinion (and my heroine, Sadie’s not-so-humble opinion), Aiden Downey from Hard to Handle is the perfect book boyfriend. He’s attentive, patient, and likes to whisper not-so-sweet nothings into Sadie’s ear during…um…while they’re hanging out. He’s adventurous, too, choosing places other than bed to showcase his golden muscles, and cheeky dimples, and talented mouth. Best of all? If you’re a little hard to handle, getting lucky with Aiden requires zero change on your part. He happens to like women who are stubborn, sassy, and have a feral spark. Trust me, if he can handle Sadie, he can handle any of us.  🙂 Jessica Lemmon

Lemmon_Hard to Handle MM


Sadie Howard never dates a guy more than once-but Fate has other plans for her when it comes to Aiden Downey, the one that got away. Aiden loved her, left her, and broke her heart. Yet suddenly she’s bumping into him at every turn, driven to distraction by his wicked grin and rock-hard body. Now she can’t resist finishing what they started-as long as she doesn’t let herself fall in love…


Aiden Downey threw away the best thing he ever had when he let Sadie go, and now he’s determined to win back the woman he’s always wanted. Sadie agrees to let him into her life-and her bed-as long as there are no strings attached. But Aiden’s not about to make the same mistake again. Can he convince her to take a second chance on a once-in-a-lifetime love?

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Kathleen O

Katie Lane and Jessica Scott are on my auto buy list and I see a few other authors that will have to go on that list too..


Thanks for the list.


HELLO!!…and thank you 😉

Sharlene Wegner

Great line up! I have a few of these on my TBR list!

Sophia Rose

Hmm, mighty impressive list. How in the world did you keep it to just seven? Haha! Nice variety too. I already had Ben on my list, but I’ll have to check out the others.

Amy R

Thanks for the list, I haven’t read any of the books mentioned but I do have a few in my TBR pile.