Movie Review: Vampire Academy

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Movie Review: Vampire Academy
Vampire Academy

3.5 Stars

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Released: February 7, 2014
Genre: Movies, Young Adult

“The movie isn’t what the book lovers would be dying to see. BUT!  Yes, there’s a but.  If you let that go, it s a pretty good movie.” ~Under the Covers

OK, I’ll give you an objective review.  As a die hard fan of the series, I was extremely worried to go watch this after seeing the previews.  But here’s the thing.  I knew I couldn’t stay away!  I love the books too much to miss out on the movies!  So, I prepared myself for a movie that wouldn’t be exactly what I envisioned and went in with an open mind.  To take in what they gave me and process it by what it was.  Pretending I hadn’t read the books.

I have mixed feelings.  Of course!  The movie isn’t what the book lovers would be dying to see. BUT!  Yes, there’s a but.  If you let that go, it s a pretty good movie.  Casting, well I think Rose was a great pick in the looks department.  The personality?  Well, since the whole movie goes in a different light then Rose’s personality was off a bit for me, but movie Rose was still an extremely likeable character.  Dmitri?  I did like him.  I wasn’t sure I was sold on him playing THE GOD of all book boyfriends, but he did a pretty good job.  I mean, no one can really play him and be book Dmitri.  That’s just too much to live up to.  But he did a good job!

The Dmitri scenes were definitely my favorite ones in the book, and I do think he played well the romance with the looks and intensity.  I wish Rose would’ve put aside the humor and playing a bit, and gotten more into the romance as well, but I know that will come later.

The rest of the casting was decent, even if the acting could use some improving.  I was not happy at all with the casting for Mason!

The feel of the movie is a lot like Mean Girls, with all the high school drama being highlighted way more than in the book.  Although, could this be that I overlooked it in the book?  Not sure, it’s been a while since I read it.  It definitely lacked in the kick ass department but it is book one, and there wasn’t a whole lot of ass kicking then.

Overall, I think the storyline was pretty true to the book, while seeing that through someone else’s POV of what the book had to offer.  What I really do like about it is that it’s a great and fresh vampire movie.  Forget Twilight, I think this could attract a new generation of teenagers (especially girls) to reading.  And frankly, if they pick up their first book with Richelle Mead, they can’t go wrong.  This series is still to this day one of my favorites and I hope that it can draw new readers!  Although, I have to say I was unimpressed with the numbers attending opening night.

So what about you?  Have you watched the movie yet or plan to?  Are you a fan of the books?  What are your thoughts?

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Alyn Y

I haven’t read the books yet even though I wanted to. I will probably watch it, just not at the theaters. I guess I don’t have any need or want to go see the movie in theaters. If I read the book then it would be a different story. I know I would be itching to watch it just so I can compare.

Aly P

I haven’t read the books, can I still understand the movie or should I just say pass?
Great review 🙂


Loved the books…will wait to see it though…thanks francesca


Thanks Francesca.

Tawnya Bentley

I haven’t read the books, but because my teen daughter is a fan I took her to see the movie and LOVED it!!! I now want to read the books.

Amy R

I haven’t read the series so I will probably watch at least the first movie before reading.

Judy Thomas

Thank you, I will look out for the movie as I have read one of the books and really enjoyed it.