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ARC Review: Heart of Stone by Christine Warren
Heart of Stone

3 Stars

Book Info

Released: 31 December 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Gargoyles #1
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks
Pages: 297
Format: eARC


I have missed reading a Christine Warren book though, they are a great mixture of sexy and funny with a dash of action to keep it interesting ~ Under the Covers

Ella Harrow never expected that the fate of the earth could rest on her shoulders, not when she is struggling to lead a normal life herself. But when Ella some how wakes a Guardian from his slumber her fight for a normal life ends as she is thrown into a world with magic, gargoyles and demons. But after centuries of slumber could Kees have been woken up too late, the demons forces have already nearly destroyed all those who oppose them and it seems there is only him and his little human Ella to stop them.

If you see some strange girl going from gargoyle to gargoyle saying a little prayer, don’t worry that’s just me seeing if I can wake up my very own gorgeous Guardian. It hasn’t worked yet, but you never know. And you can’t fault a girl for trying Kees was sexy, funny and would rip anyone apart who attempted to hurt Ella. I can see why Ella fell for him so quickly, perhaps a little too quickly, it wasn’t quite insta-love but it was very close.

I have missed reading a Christine Warren book though, they are a great mixture of sexy and funny with a dash of action to keep it interesting. Her Gargoyles series doesn’t seem to be any different, with its spunky heroine with her quirky and hilarious thoughts and the broody, slightly arrogant hero who seems a little baffled and a lot turned on by her. The story itself, although maybe not completely original and still secondary to the romance, was still good enough to keep me interesting and hopefully sustain itself through out the series.

This was a fun read with a great hero and heroine and although I may not have been dazzled by Heart of Stone, it is still worth picking up and giving a try.

* ARC provided by netGalley

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Sophia Rose

I love the idea of a gargoyle hero. This sounds good. Thanks for sharing, Suzanne!


Thanks for the review Suzanne.


I haven’t heard of christine warren in a while….thanks for reminding me about her suzanne