Review: Lord Rakehell by Virginia Henley

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Review: Lord Rakehell by Virginia Henley
Lord Rakehell

4 Stars

Book Info

Released: November 5, 2013
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 432


Lord Rakehell by Virginia Henley is an enjoyable and frustrating read. ~ Under the Covers

Anne Curzon- Howe has been infatuated with James Hamilton since the older Hamilton called the pretty young girl a Wild Irish Rose. Years later, the handsome rake, and heir apparent to the Dukedom of Abercorn, James Hamilton is now appointed attendant to the Prince of Wales and attending the young prince is no easy job, but watching over randy young prince is his cross to bear.

Lady Anne Curzon-Howe, now seventeen, but passing herself off as eighteen to have her coming out, still has James Hamilton on the brain and she is determined to curb his rakish ways. But  it is no easy task with James’ younger brother John Claud following her around like a puppy dog, and her bitter half sister Emily trying to foil her at every turn.

But when James mistakes Anne for a mistress of another man, Anne decides to keep up the charade to teach the rake a lesson. James attempts to woo Anne into an illicit affair only to find that she is in fact an honorable lady, but he still wants this young woman and he will do what he must to have her, even if it means dispensing with his rakish ways. However, James must overcome his reputation to persuade Anne’s family that he is a decent suitor, but outside forces chip at the unstable relationship that Anne and James attempt to build.

Lord Rakehell by Virginia Henley is an enjoyable and frustrating read. Just when the reader wants all to go smoothly a wrench is thrown in to create mayhem. Isn’t that the appeal in a romance though? I mean it would be a total bore if all were predictable, and Lord Rakehell is anything but that. Once in a while I wanted to smack Anne, but then again, I had to remember that she was only seventeen and her episodes of immaturity though annoying, were understandable. James Hamilton is a dream. Handsome, intelligent and loyal, this man goes above and beyond the call of duty to protect those he cares about. I really enjoyed Lord Rakehell and I hope you will as well.

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Aly P

This one sounds frustrating :)) you wrote a great review BTW


LOL yes, it’s super frustrating…. wanting to beat the hero at times.. LOL

Aly P

:)) I have read books like that 😀 Does he… become more ok as you read?

Rana Adams

I enjoy reading Historicals and will definitely check this one out as I have not read this Author before. Thank you for sharing.


I’ve been looking for a new historical….I’ll have to check this out


Sorry….just reread the review and was wondering if this book is part of a series?

Ann S.

Thanks for the great review. I saw this book at the store and wasn’t sure, but now I know I want to read it. I love a reformed rake.


Me too!