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So excited to read this book!!! as is my husband. I got him hooked on the Shadowlands series & he is on book 4. Thanks for the review & teasers of what is to come !! xoxoxo to Cherise!!!

Under the Covers Book Blog

Ooh yes! Love it when you can book your hubby on them! I did the same with this series and suggested it to one of my guy friends. He loved the first book!

Sharonda SexxyBlogger

I love this series amd I really likes how she gets just better and better with her stories. I have to finish this one because I stopped at the 3rd book. Great review Ann

Hey Sharonda! This is one of my all-time fave series. Def worth reading the other books in the series IMO!


I agree

Aly P

I loved it! And I agree with everything you said in the book, but I don’t see what direction Ms. Sinclair is taking with the series 😀

Under the Covers Book Blog

Jake’s book is next! I’m interested to see what happens with the new Master!

Aly P

Oh, true… I remember reading about that… Do you have any idea if there will be more books after his?

Rana Adams

AWESOME!!! I love anything Miss Cherise writes!! She is truly amazing!

Under the Covers Book Blog


lisa w

Love Cherise! My other go to are Kallypso Masters & Lexi Blake


Kallypso masters is great!

Aly P

Lexi is awesome! I can’t wait for her next book.


I love everything by cherise sinclair!


Hmmm I hadn’t heard that


Sorry!….that was in response to timitra :/


I love this series not sure I’m gonna read this installment because I heard it has fisting in it and I’m so not a fan of that.

Amy R

I have book 1 of this series but haven’t read it yet, I see people on Twitter and Facebook mention this series a lot so I guess I need to get reading.
Look one of her books has your avatar on it.

trish dechant

I am the same way–if someone wants the name of an author who I think encapsulates the BDSM lifestyle in her books, Cherise Sinclair is one of the top three that come to mind. What draws me to her books is the emotion she puts behind the actions, if you catch my drift. It has meaning, it has heart, and the Masters are seriously sexy!

Although this isn’t my fave of the series, fans of Club Shadowlands needs to have this in their collection.


Glad it was enjoyable! I think I’ve read two books in the series but gave up. Though my GR buddies tell me the series really picks up at book 3. Maybe I should revisit…


I have loved all the books in this series. Buy the fist full of love was a little much for me. Still loved the book and would never say anything bad about it.

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