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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Day Six of the Shock & Awe blog tour!
Thank you to Under the Covers for hosting today.


If you go to the Riptide site and search around a little, you’ll find they have a page for Series and Universes. The Cut & Run series and the Sidewinder series are part of the same universe, that much is obvious. But what a lot of readers don’t know is that all of my books live in the same universe, a la Quentin Tarantino films or Disney/Pixar movies. If you haven’t read about either of those compendiums, you need to go do some Googling after you get done here, because both are pretty fascinating and wonderful.

Thought not connected quite as obviously as Tarantino’s characters, the characters in my books will sometimes brush up against characters from seemingly unrelated books. One obvious example is Julian and Cameron from Warrior’s Cross doing a lot more than bushing up against Ty and Zane in Armed & Dangerous. And if you read The Gravedigger’s Brawl this Halloween, you probably noticed that Ash, the flair bartender, was originally from New Orleans. In the end of Touch & Geaux, Ty mentions a bartender he used to work with when he was undercover trying to teach him to flair, and he says he saw him at the funeral of his former mentor.

That bartender was Ash.

The Sidewinder Series is the perfect medium to display that cross-pollination a little more. Could Nick and Kelly meet Jake and Brandon from Caught Running? Sure, if the Braves and Red Sox are playing each other! Could Digger meet Ash in a bar one night and set something on fire? That scenario is more than likely, especially the fire part. Does the presence of a character from Gravedigger’s in the Cut & Run series mean that Ty and Zane live in a world where ghosts are real? Yeah. Will Ty and Zane ever run into a ghost? Likely not, but Nick and Kelly might.

The possibilities are pretty endless, and they’re fun to ponder. Are you one of the few people who reads westerns and enjoyed According to Hoyle? Well in the sequel you’re going to meet Nick’s great great whatever uncle. Are you one of the even fewer who read the fairytale spoof A Tale From de Rode and realized that almost every name in the book was a pun? You just found Zane’s favorite fairytale.

My favorite part of the Sidewinder series is the fact that I can go back and write them before Elias Sanchez was killed in New York City, before they were out of the Marine Corps. The possibilities this series is going to open up for new stories and new characters that feel familiar are the most exciting things about Nick and Kelly. And I look forward to playing in their world some more.



After barely surviving a shootout in New Orleans, Sidewinder medic Kelly Abbott has to suffer through a month of recovery before he can return home to Colorado. He’s not surprised when fellow Sidewinder Nick O’Flaherty stays with him in New Orleans. Nor is he surprised when Nick travels home with him to help him get back on his feet—after all, years on the same Marine Force Recon team bonded the men in ways that only bleeding for a brother can. He’s very surprised, though, when Nick humors his moment of curiosity and kisses him.

Nick knows all of Kelly’s quirks and caprices, so the kiss was a low-risk move on his part . . . or so he thought. But what should’ve been a simple moment unleashes a flood of confusing emotions and urges that neither man is prepared to address.

Now, Kelly and Nick must figure out what they mean to each other—friends and brothers in arms, or something even deeper?—before the past can come back to ruin their tenuous future.

You can read an excerpt and purchase Shock & Awe today from Riptide!


About Abigail Roux

Abigail Roux was born and raised in North Carolina. A past volleyball star who specializes in sarcasm and painful historical accuracy, she currently spends her time coaching high school volleyball and investigating the mysteries of single motherhood. Any spare time is spent living and dying with every Atlanta Braves and Carolina Panthers game of the year. Abigail has a daughter, Little Roux, who is the light of her life, a boxer, four rescued cats who play an ongoing live-action variation of 'Call of Duty' throughout the house, a certifiable extended family down the road, and a cast of thousands in her head.




If you’re following along, you might find this handy dandy schedule of use, and you might be interested in keeping up with me each day, because I’ve got a couple goodies to give away. In celebration of Nick and Kelly’s coming out, so to speak, I’ve got three of their Heart and Clover T-shirts for three lucky commenters. And I’ve got five sets of trading cards with original artwork and character work-ups, something I intend to add new cards to every year, which makes this first year’s cards pretty important if you’re an obsessive collector like I am.

The contest is open worldwide, one winner will be chosen tour-wide, and an email left w/comments is considered an entry to win.

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Sophia Rose

Thank you, Abigail! I am vindicated. I told a friend after I got done reading Touch & Geaux that the bartender that was mentioned was the same one in Gravedigger’s Brawl. I love the idea of all these crossovers and tie-ins. I was always curious about Ty’s friend who died before the series started and I love stories about Marines so I’ll definitely be open to these ideas getting their stories.

Ami Rose

That Ash + Digger = Fire image is stuck in my head now. Awesome. I’m really excited about the possibilities for prequel Sidewinder stories and Nick & Kelly vs. ghosts.


Oh, I love the expanded possibles of this new series. I’he always wanted to know more about Sanchez and some of the Sidewinder exploits that have been alluded to throughout the Cut & Run series.

Amy R

I love the Cut & Run series and after reading Shock & Awe the Sidewinder series is going to be another winner in my opinion, I want to read all the books. I now need to go check out the other titles mentioned above.

Debra E

I love that all the books can be tied together and wouldn’t mind catching up with Jake and Brandon someday.


I agree…you get to learn about new characters while checking in with others

Lori Meehan

I have not read this author yet but I’ve heard a ton of good things about her.

Ana Garcia

I love it when the characters make an appearance in a book that is not theirs. And I like that the author mentions events or characters from another book. Only a person who has read all the books will notice these details. It’s like a game between the author and the fan.

michelle rae

As a reader, it’s always such a kick when a character you aren’t expecting pops up. Love the idea! And love the books!


I know! I love when you catch characters in the story whether they’re kind of hidden in there like in j r ward’s fallen angels series or out in the open as in other series….sometimes a reader just likes to know what’s up with other characters, and not necessarily in a whole book….just a little catch up and I love that authors know that and work it in!


We didn’t get much of anything about Kelly in the past. Then in T&G we got a bit and I fell for him. I am so happy he and Nick had the chemistry they do. And I really love that we get a glimpse of some old friends in this short!


I have not read this author yet but I’ve heard a ton of good things about her.


I am so excited to find out more about all the guys. The Sidewinder series is going to be awesome!


I have been wanting to read touch and geaux for a while now…and after reading more about the series on utc I will definitely be bumping it up on mt. tbr….thank you


I love the world and characters of the Cut & Run series and cannot wait to get my hands on this read!!


I already devoured Shock & Awe, it was great. But I was left wanting more as usual.


I love that everything’s all interconnected! I am so going to be looking for the links in all future books, lol.

Ashley E

I now feel the strong need to read every book you’ve ever written. Now. Oh gosh, this is going to be bad for my checkbook…


I know! And not just my checkbook…..I have a feeling I’m going to be losing a serious amount of sleep! 🙂


Oh….the possibilities! That makes me so happy just thinking about it 🙂
And I never heard of ‘Tale from de Rode’ before – have to check this out!


thanks for this opportunity 🙂 this is a great series

Mary Preston

This does sound amazing.


Abi Roux

I wanted to drop in and say THANK YOU for hosting me! It’s always fun when I get to witness readers realizing they recognize a character from another book. It’s one of my favorite things.

Janny Huang

ohmygoodness. Abigail Roux’s books appeal to me so much. I love her books! <3

Charlayne Denney

I love the interconnectedness. I had caught the one with Ash (I loved that book). I need to catch the others. LOVED Shock & Awe and waiting for the next T&Z installment.

Rachel C.

I love it!! I’ve picked up on several of the little crossovers and it just makes me smile to have the interconnected stories.


Same here however I have a tendency to always miss the connections somehow…I’m so glad for book clubs and blogs so I can get in touch with other readers who help point them out!


I’m working my way through the Cut & Run series right now and enjoying the hell out of it. Ty and Zane are the absolute best. It’s amazing to watch them fall in love.


i’m so looking forward to The Sidewinder series.

Emily W.

I only started reading the Cut and Run series a few months ago, but I can’t wait to read Shock and Awe.


I love when it’s all in the same universe like that, so cool! 😀 Need to read the rest of Roux’s books now too. 😉