Review: Obsession by Jennifer Lyon

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Review:  Obsession by Jennifer Lyon

4.5 Stars

Book Info

Released: October 3, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Series: The Plus One Chronicles #3
Published by Jennifer Lyon Books
Pages: 171



“All the books in this series are complete with a good romance, suspense and very steamy scenes. I am very impressed with this author , and I am excited to read more of her work.” ~ Under the Covers

I have been waiting for this book for a long time it seems. After getting to know Kat and Sloan in The Proposition, I just could not get enough of them. Though their relationship has been a constant, everything else around them has been at chaos. But the question is, will they be strong enough to survive it?

This is what I like about reading trilogies; there is a sense of completion of the whole journey the protagonists go through. And I, as a reader witness every bit of it. But in this last installment, it was more of Sloane’s final journey and not so much Kat’s (IMO). Sloane has so much going on in that head of his that in the end, I questioned his decision. Torn between his duties to his mentor, love for Laura and his goal to kill just over consumes him. I was almost annoyed just because there was a choice. Between love and anything else, there should be no choice. Notice how I said “almost” annoyed? How can I be annoyed with him for too long though? He is so damn hot, and when he spoils Kat, it just wow’s me. I love an alpha that spoils his love. Kat on the other hand, is Sloane’s constant. She loved him and accepted him for who he is. Not quite a martyr, but simply just loved him for whom he is. It takes a good woman to deal with a man like Sloane and I bow to her for simply accepting all of him.  Kat also gets a chance for  her own revenge on the man truly responsible from her attack.  Though she has broken out of her shell, she really gets to prove her selfworth.  Possibly even make ammends with her parents.  It was kinda cool, to see Sloane step back and let her handle it on her own.   I think Ms. Sloane did great by pairing with this couple.

Though this is not my utmost fave of the trilogy, it is just as good as the rest. Ms. Lyon did a fabulous job with this series. All the books in this series are complete with a good romance, suspense and very steamy scenes. I am very impressed with this author , and I am excited to read more of her work.

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