Black Dagger Brotherhood Read-Along

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It is approaching that time of year again… the excitement is mounting, time is being booked off work, the special snacks are being stockpiled and the massive DO NOT DISTURB sign is being crafted. That’s right there are only 4 short months until the new Black Dagger Brotherhood book The King is out.


In preparation we have decided to do some rereading, we are in the double digits now with BDB and may need some refreshing and reminding of why we love our favourite Hellrens. So please come and participate in our read-a-long, whether you have read BDB before and like us want a refresh or if you have never read it before then you are in for a massive vampire shaped treat

With each book we are reading we will be giving away a fantastic prize to one of the lucky Maidens reading long with us!


Here is the schedule for our reads:

Dark Lover- 01 Nov-10 Nov
Lover Eternal – 11 Nov- 20 Nov
Lover Awakened- 21 Nov – 1 Dec
Lover Revealed- 2 Dec – 16 Dec
Lover Unbound- 17 Dec –  7 Jan
Lover Enshrined- 8 Jan – 20 Jan
Lover Avenged- 21 Jan –  5 Feb
Lover Mine – 6 Feb – 19 Feb
Lover Unleashed- 20 Feb – 3 Mar
Lover Reborn – 4 Mar – 15 Mar
Lover at Last- 16 Mar – 25 Mar
THE KING–  25 Mar 2014

Join the discussion in the thread for each book! You will get the opportunity of winning a Black Dagger Brotherhood Book-themed book thong with each book read-a-along. Winners will be picked from the comments on the discussion for that book. Each comment is an entry so just chat and have fun!  Where?  This discussion will be hosted at the League of Lusty Ladies group!

Winners will also be randomly picked from the comments on the book discussions to win LOVER AT LAST posters throughout the whole read-along.

Are you in? Just leave us a note on the welcome thread on the group saying you’re in! And come back starting November 1 to start chatting!  Click here to join


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trish dechant

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ready! ‘
This is such a great event…will post on my blog and facebook!

YES YES YES! I will support this. I was planning on doing a reread of the books (actually, listening to the audiobooks) to prepare for THE KING. So excited.I need more of Wrath.

Sophia Rose

Great idea! I actually haven’t gotten to Lover at Last yet and read Lover Reborn this summer so it’s all staying pretty fresh for me, but some of the early ones…

I’m packed with reading commitments to the first of the year, but if we can do late join ups to the group, I’d be in.