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This can’t get any more embarrassing. But here’s my past crushes…I had the biggest crush on JARED LETO since he was in the original URBAN LEGEND movie.  I actually went to the movie theater 5 times to watch the crappy movie just to see him!  And I totally rewinded and rewatched a million times his parts in FIGHT CLUB.  And yes, I sort of still have a crush on him but it’s much less of one now.  My other young crush was JOSHUA JACKSON.  I was a major fangirl of the show DAWSON’S CREEK and I always wanted Pacey to be the winner of Joey’s heart in the end!    Nowadays, I still like him (he plays in FRINGE) but it’s definitely not a crush anymore.  And that’s just two of a whole bunch.


My present crushes…I like darker, more manly men now.  JASON MOMOA of course, because he can melt any panties he wants with a look, just standing there, even with one word.  The man is sex on legs.  Another one that I continuously drool over is CHARLIE HUNNAM because I can’t resist a sexy bad boy that rides a bike!  My next crush is a pretty boy but he’s so perfect I can’t help but drool, fitness model GARY TAYLOR.


Don’t judge me, but trying to narrow down my celebrity crushes to a manageable few to fit into this post has been quite difficult. I don’t have quite as many real life crushes as I do book crushes but it is a close call, apparently I am a slut in fiction as well as real life *sigh*.

FILM Depp 2

One celebrity that did stand out for me was my PAST crush Johnny Depp, I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 10 times at the cinema, just s I could see his gorgeous, yet slightly camp, Captain Jack Sparrow. In fact, Cap’n Sparrow still makes my heart quicken, what can I say, must be the eyeliner!


PRESENT crushes, I seem to be all about abs and big biceps, Jason Momoa, Chris Hemsworth and the Rock aka Dwayne Johnson always have me drooling, but a recent addition, Benedict Cumberbatch, sexy and smart, I wasn’t just watching Star Trek and Sherlock for the fast paced action and great story.


When I was in high school, there was a movie called Coach Carter. Channing Tatum was in it. I watched it over and over again because of this one locker room scene where all the guys start celebrating. Channing was JUST SO SEXY BACK THEN! Now? I don’t like him as much, but I will admit that he had some moves in Magic Mike!


Now I can count the celebrity crushes I have on one hand! Number one is always DAVID GANDY! I’m sure my love for this man is well documented all over the internet. Henry Cavill is one sexy mofo as well. Must be all the chest hair! I got a thing for Matt Bomer and White Collar. I get a lady boner whenever Matt is in a suit. Of course, can’t forget Jason Momoa and recently, I’ve fallen in love with Daniel Craig. James Bond is the only blondie in the group. Wait, wait, there’s also Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy. His smile is panty-melting!



I’m with you Suz, Jason Momoa, Chris Hemsworth and the Rock aka Dwayne Johnson are my celeb crushes too.  Though Chris and Jason are new additions after seeing Thor and Conan the Barbarian.  “The Rock” however, I have had a crush on him since World Wrestling Federation (WWF).  Yeah, I was totally into it at one point.  And I totally smelled “what the rock was cookin’”.  He so hawt!  I also drool for Ian Somerhalder, Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum and Vin Diesel when they are wearing their “scruffy” look.   Well, except for Channing. I’ll take him in any form.  Overall though, I tend to not lose interest once they get my attention.  I think that may have just happened once and please don’t laugh. I really thought Rob Patterson was a cutie.  *ducking out to leave*  =D


Your turn now….
who is your past and present celebrity crush?

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Sophia Rose

LOL! I”m definitely seeing my age here particularly when we talk past crushes, but I’m just tickled that I know who the present ones are on your list.

Okay, here’s what will show my age and the fact that I have a thing for voices. My past crushes were Tom Selleck, Sam Elliot and Harrison Ford (when they were young like these guys). My newest editions include Richard Armitage and David Gandy along with Duane Johnson.


Jared Leto definitely is past I loved him as Jordan Catalano in My So Called Life! Present is Shemar Moore and Michael Fassbender!