ARC Review: Midnight’s Temptation by Donna Grant

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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ARC Review: Midnight’s Temptation by Donna Grant
Midnight's Temptation

4.5 Stars

Book Info

Released: October 1, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Dark Warriors #7
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks
Pages: 422
Format: ARC


MIDNIGHT’S TEMPTATION has its thrills and its chills but there’s a romance between Aisley and Phelan that burns white hot!  ~ Under the Covers

In MIDNIGHT’S TEMPTATION, book 7 of the Dark Warriors series, Grant gives Phelan his story. Phelan has always been been well-acquainted with the females. However, there is one woman who has remained in his mind since the very first kiss they shared. Like a moth to a flame, Phelan is draw to Aisley and doesn’t quite understand why.

Aisley is a woman who finds herself in a lot of trouble. She is on the run from two different men, one being Phelan because she believes that he is out to kill her. However, all Phelan wants to do is protect the woman from further harm. As more of Aisley’s secrets come to the surface, more tension begins to rise in the war between Jason Wallace and the warriors.

I loved the romance in this novel. Phelan and Aisley’s romance was slow-blooming but very well-done. I may as go as far to say that their romance is one of my favorites of the series so far. There was just a lot of natural chemistry between the two that further developed as the story went on. I loved Aisley’s character especially because of her strength and her determination to get through her problems. At the same time, she also has a vulnerable, slightly depressed attitude that I think Phelan handled really well, bringing her that lift that she needed whenever she felt like she hit rock bottom.

As always, the gang is all here. Past characters play important parts in the series while Grant also spends some time with Malcolm whose book will be the last in the series. Grant also has a Christmas novella in the works called MIDNIGHT’S SURRENDER so I am eager to see how the Warriors will spend their holidays with their mates.

Speaking of mates, I loved the way Grant further updated readers on the past couples. A few of the women are adjusting to the castle and the world they now live in with the Warriors. Some of them are taking longer to accept certain aspects of life. These little touches here and there definitely strengthen the book as whole. Grant really did a great job of showing continuning growth in her series overtime. I just wonder how she is able to keep track of it all. It’s a job well done and she deserves some credit for that.

MIDNIGHT’S TEMPTATION has its thrills and its chills but there’s a romance between Aisley and Phelan that burns white hot!

*ARC provided by publisher

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Lori Meehan

I can’t wait to read this book. Thanks for the review.