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Review: A Matter of Time vol. 1 by Mary Calmes
A Matter of Time, Vol. 1

5 Stars

Book Info

Released: August 2, 2010
Published by Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 280


If I love it as much as I love Ty and Zane and Adrien and Jake, then you know Jory and Sam are going to kick ass. This series has everything I could ever ask for in a book. ~ Under the Covers

This book is actually two books in one. Volume one had both book one and two and thank god for that because the ending of book one is so abrupt, I would’ve ran to buy book two if I didn’t have it right away anyway!


In book one, we meet Jory Keyes, who has to be one of my favorite M/M characters. Being inside his head is pure joy. I found myself smiling the whole time I was reading this book. Jory Keyes is simply too good looking for people to handle. It makes him magnetic and extremely likeable. He has this star quality that I think celebrities would envy but the guy isn’t at all conceited.

Jory is a man who likes to indulge in one night stands. It gives him the outlet to have fun while not make any commitments. However, everyone he is with seems to want to get serious with him. And when I mean everyone, I mean that Jory has his own harem at his beck and call.

As this is all happening, Jory goes to help a friend in need but instead witnesses a murder that puts him in a lot of trouble. The killer wants to get Jory to silence him, but Jory doesn’t want to want to be put into witness protection. As a result, this puts him on Detective Sam Kage’s shit list.

Sam is a straight cop who is just trying to do his job as best he can, but Jory makes it difficult to do. As Sam continually finds Jory in places that could get him killed, Sam decides to stalk him in order to keep him safe.

I love Sam and find his story interesting. This book has a feel of the Adrien English series a little bit and that’s a very good thing because I absolutely adore that series! However, in regards to Sam, I would have liked to see his emotions and his confusion a little bit, especially since this gay stuff is apparently all new to him. I do get the feeling that it doesn’t bother him as much as Jake from the Adrien English series though. Sam quite enjoys his time with Jory, even if he is unsure of all the details just yet.

Another character that I was particularly enamored with is Dane, Jory’s boss. When he is with others, he’s a bit of a prude. But in Jory’s presence, he’s a totally different person. I love it. I love seeing his casual side and you can tell that he only trusts Jory.

I cannot wait to see what happens next in Sam and Jory’s story!


It’s official now: Sam and Jory are one of my favorite couples in M/M (I also know I say that a lot, but I really, really mean it this time).

Jory has testified and he thinks that this is the end of his relationship with the detective, Sam Kage. However, how Sam thinks he can ever go back to be “straight” and just living the rest of his life with a woman rather than Jory is a mystery to me. The guy is completely fooling himself if he thinks he can pull that off.

Jory still has his harem of men vying for his attention. It’s a little cute seeing him turn down all these men. In the first book, I thought Jory was a bit of a tease, but damn, he gets A LOT of attention so he must have had some practice with turning them down smoothly. Ladies can learn a thing or two from this guy!

But I digress. I was talking about Jory’s harem. I actually want to talk about one person in particular – Dr. Nick Sullivan. I’m very surprised to see him still around. I thought he would just be another guy from Jory’s past, but he is quite the determined man. I’m interested to see where Calmes is going to take his character because apart from making Sam jealous, I don’t see the point in his character.

Someone else who is a vital piece of this story is Dane Hancourt, Jory’s former boss and now brother. OMG! You don’t know how much I loved this storyline. It was so heartwarming and beautiful to see Jory and Dane make their brotherly love official. All the moments that they shared together just goes to show Calmes talent as a writer. Not only can she write wonderfully sweet, erotic and sensual moments between men, but she can pen other kinds of love as well.

Then there is Sam whom I wanted to curse and wanted to hug. Sam and Jory have so many ups and downs in their relationship that it makes one crazy ride, but it’s so worth it when you see them together. You see how perfect they are for one another and how impossible it is for one to not be with another. Fate always seems to bring them back together no matter how many times they push each other away.

The last half of the book just turned this book from wonderfully addicting to straight up crack! I am finding myself completely out of mind writing this review and can’t seem to find the right combination of words to tell you how fantastic this series is. You just have to trust me on this one. If I love it as much as I love Ty and Zane and Adrien and Jake, then you know Jory and Sam are going to kick ass. This series has everything I could ever ask for in a book.

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