Review: Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
Review: Taking Chances by Molly McAdams
Taking Chances
by Molly McAdams

2.5 Stars


Released: October 16, 2012
Series: Taking Chances #1
Published by William Morrow
Pages: 432

“If I could take Chase out of this book and keep him in my pocket just to bring out when I need a dose of sexy, then I totally would.” ~Under the Covers

TAKING CHANCES had all the making for a really good story.  I could’ve even dealt with the naive to the extreme heroine.  But I have to be honest…cheating is not one of my favorite things in romance books and very few authors had made me not care that it’s happened or think that it was necessary for the story.  For the most part, I find it annoying and just plain disrespectful.  For all involved and usually for the heroine herself.

So meet Harper.  She’s an 18 year old going off to college.  First time she’ll be on her own out of her military father’s watchful eye.  She seems to have been a bit sheltered growing up in that she doesn’t know much about the real world.  Whether it relates to boys, friends or even clothes.  Her best friends growing up where the guys her father trained.  Now she makes a good friend in her roommate who easily pushes her into situations she thought she didn’t want to be in.

And she meets Chase.  Typical bad boy, player, hot as sin.  And it’s instant love and attraction for them both.  Him being the bad boy she knows him to be, she stays away.  But really they can’t stay away from each other at all.  Then she meets Brandon.  What I would consider the bad guy in disguise.  He’s got a promising career ahead of him, he’s respectful and caring.  A gentleman.  But he’s got a bit of a dark side to him as well.

And yes, the love triangle begins!  I was mad at Harper a lot.  I felt like as naive as she was, she really had no common sense to tell her that what she was doing was stringing two really good guys along.  And hurting all of their feelings!  She kept saying how she didn’t want to hurt Brandon, but in the process was breaking Chase down without a care in the world.  She didn’t want to hurt Chase, but her decisions and her actions said otherwise.  Basically I felt like she wanted to have her cake and eat it too.

I had to draw the line when a third guy was thrown in the picture.  This was over the top and bothered me.  I think this would’ve been better left at friends without adding to the already existing drama.  Frankly, I couldn’t see what all these 3 guys were dying to get.  Harper was not all that special in my eyes.

I loved Chase though.  If I could take Chase out of this book and keep him in my pocket just to bring out when I need a dose of sexy, then I totally would.

Heartbreak lays ahead in this story.  Although I can’t say that I didn’t see something like this happening based on what I had read online (and yes, I stayed away from spoilers).  But when it did happen, I was more than annoyed with the events prior that I didn’t let it sink in the way it should’ve.

Am I completely satisfied with the ending?  Not really.  I’m Team the other guy.  I sound just a bit bitter huh?  It’s a bittersweet ending, what can I say?

*Review copy provided by publisher

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