Book Spotlight and Giveaway: FLING by Sara Fawkes, Cathryn Fox and Lauren Hawkeye

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When casting around ideas for this blog post, someone suggested that I tell one of my character’s deep dark secrets. At first thought was that I didn’t have any… but then I started thinking about it.

What would a bossy Dom who was the CEO of a big corporation have in his past that he might want to hide? Does he have an ex-wife? A crazy grandma? A Star Wars fetish?

The secret I came up with wasn’t anything earth shattering… I decided that Marco had been a geek in high school, late to develop, slow to hit puberty. As a geek myself, I love stories where said geek grows up to be a success story… so long as that geek is still there inside.

As I write my BDSM stories though, I do often wonder what made them who they are–why the need for dominance?

As a reader, what would YOU like to see in the background of your favorite Dom? fling cover

Welcome to Fetish Week.

Unleash your kinky side with three tales of BDSM romance in an exclusive Mediterranean sex resort from three hot erotica writers, including New York Times bestselling author, Sara Fawkes.

TAKE ME by Sara Fawkes
The minute sexy hotel manager Alexander Stavros spots shy, sweet Kate Swansea at the Mancusi resort, he can tell she’s begging for release. This Dom is the perfect man to help her… if she’s willing to let go of her inhibitions and enjoy the ride.

TEACH ME by Cathryn Fox
There’s nothing Luca Mancusi loves more than lingerie. So much so, he’s made it his business. Fashion design intern Josie Pelletier is supposed to be negotiating a deal with him, but as talks heat up, he can’t wait to teach her the ways of business…and BDSM.

TAME ME by Lauren Hawkeye

CEO Marco Kennedy can’t help being drawn to Ariel Monroe. When he follows the pop star abroad to the Mancusi resort, she agrees to a deal: He’ll win her as a sub through pleasure…or he’ll disappear from her life. Ariel’s game…just as long as she doesn’t lose her heart too.

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Lauren Jameson c Julie Williams PhotographyAbout the Author

Lauren Hawkeye is a writer, yoga newbie, knitting aficionado and animal lover  who lives in the shadows of the great Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. She’s  older than she looks—really—and younger than she feels—most of the time—and she  loves to explore the journeys that take women through life in her stories. Hawkeye’s  stories include erotic historical, steamy paranormal, and hot contemporary.  Make sure to check out her work as Lauren Jameson, where her erotic romances  take a walk on the wild side.


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Jeannie L

I do enjoy Cathryn’s books but have yet to try the rest of the authors in this anthology. Would love to check it out. The stories sound like a good steamy read. Thanks for the chance to win.

Elizabeth P

hmmm I like the idea of a Dom as a former nerd

Denise Smith

wow i love the Dom thing with a romance or love involved with the main guy and girl in the books . i really love cathryn`s books and enjoy reading them


Love the sound of this book!

Karen G.

Thanks for the post, how cute that he is a former nerd. I really like that idea for the background for a dom. I like to the idea also that a dom had a strong upbringing, maybe saw his father as a man in control and taking good care of the family. So the dom just takes it a bit further in his desires to take care of the women he is with. I don’t always like to read about broken people, but how their past made them who they are.

Diana Doan

Sounds hot! Can’t wait to read it

Jennifer Crawford

Thank you so much for the giveaway opportunity! I love new authors and books!

Jenny Dauksa Schaber

I’ve read Sara Fawkes, so I have no doubt that I need to read this book.
I don’t recall a lot of background info for the Doms that I’ve read about., but I wouldn’t be surprised at their need to stand out in the crowd rather than blending in and being invisible. That and their need for independence and being looked up to. Their success and dominance give them the structure and pride that they never received in their youth. That’s my 2 cent opinion to the question. Thanks for asking!

Amy Pollard Woolard

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sara Fawkes!!! I will read anything she writes!!

Sue G.

Love fun secrets! Want those earrings on the cover too!


I like the sound of Fling!


Thanks for the giveaway


nice cover


I haven’t ever read an anthology, but this one sounds too good to pass up!
Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂