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A New Harmless and a New Island

We lived in Hawaii for three years. It wasn’t the easiest of times, since my husband was just a captain and getting off the island wasn’t cheap. Still isn’t. But, when we had enough money, we explored a few of the islands. By far, The Big Island, or Hawai’I, was my favorite.


Anyone who tells you all the islands are the same is crazy. Oahu is all crazy, lots of people high tech, very touristy (unless you know where to go). With Honolulu, it is the center of politics and retail in the region and it offers a lot for people to do there. You can always find something you like to do on Oahu. It is high tech and when you are in Honolulu, there is always this buzz you feel.

The Big Island is more sedate. Being an island it has beaches (including black sand), but it also has an active volcano and ranches—not to mention chocolate factories. The island is actually still growing thanks to that active volcano and one of my most memorable moments while on the island was being excited about wearing long pants. It gets cold up in the Volcano National Park. They even have snow up in the mountains and stunned everyone last winter by having a “winter storm” hit. As diverse as Oahu, the culture is rich and it provided the perfect backdrop for A Little Harmless Ride.

I knew the first time I introduced Eli St John that he would have his own book.  He’s a bad boy, but a good man, who doesn’t think he wants to settle down. Harmless Addicts have been in love with him from the beginning and have been waiting for his takedown, ha ha. He was, and still is, a resident of Hawai’i. So, I wanted to take people to another island, experience a different kind of Aloha, while delving into taming a bad boy like Eli. I truly think Crysta was more than woman enough for the job and I hope readers love her as much as I do.

Check out her newest release,
A Little Harmless Ride,
coming to digital on July 9th



When this Dom falls hard, he will do anything to protect the woman he loves.

Elias St John has lived a life most people wouldn’t believe. An Aussie by birth, he has found his way to the Big Island working as the right hand man to Joe Kaheaku. When his boss dies and leaves the ranch to Eli and Joe’s niece Crysta Miller, Eli finds himself more than a little attracted to her.

After finding her fiancé in bed with another woman and helping her father through his illness, Crysta is ready for a new start. The offer of the ranch far away from home is perfect. The only problem she has is with Eli who constantly tells her what to do. When an argument turns into a passionate kiss, both of them get more than they were expecting.

Eli finds himself completely enthralled with Crysta as his submissive. As seemingly simple accidents turn deadly, Eli realizes that someone is bent on destroying the ranch by any means possible—even murder.

» WARNING: this book contains the following: A cynical Dom, a woman ready for adventure, Hawaiian cowboys-yeah they have them, horse rides, stunning sunsets and a new island for Addicts to cherish. Remember, it’s Harmless so bring on the ice water and towels.






About the Author:

Melissa Schroeder is the author of over fifty short stories, novellas and novels in so many different genres it boggles the mind—not to mention scrambling her brains. She is an Air Force wife, the mother of military brats, and a lover of the absurd. You can find out more about her online:




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Harmless Addicts

Melissa is giving away $10 GC to an online bookstore of choice and two runner’s up can get A Little Harmless Ride poster.  You just have to answer the following question in the comments:  “For vacation, do you want a secluded, intimate location, or the hustle and bustle of a big town?”

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Heather Long

Secluded location definitely! I like the idea of running away from it all.

Karen G.

I’ve enjoyed both locations for a vacation. It all depends if the point of the vacation is to sight see or attend an event or just to relax somewhere secluded. Thanks for the post!

Becki Wyer

I prefer to get away to the country/woods and just be by myself. I’ve never been a city girl and just don’t like the hustle and bustle.

I can’t wait to get my hands on Eli’s book.

Vanessa Duncan

I wanna secluded intimate location…So I won’t be interrupted when spending time with my hubby! 😉


I would love a secluded and intimate so I can shut my brain off for a while. White sand beaches, the smell of the ocean, sitting in the sun with a good Harmless book and my hubby by my side *sigh* that is my idea of a fabulous vaca!


Secluded, intimate location for me, life is busy as it is, need some quiet time for my brain 😀
CONGRATS Melissa on your release. I CAN”T WAIT to read Eli’s book!

Rana Adams

Time to Ride Baby!! 😉 Congrats Mel and thank you for sharing!! Take me a to a secluded area and let the seduction begin.

Elizabeth P

depends on who I’m with…. family and friends a city….significant other secluded island


I like to mix it up. If I really want to rest, some place secluded. If I want to come home exhausted, but full of new experience, a big city. More often, the big city.

Angela Peters

I ‘d choose a secluded location, preferably a private beach or something like that

Deana Potter

I would like a little bit of both. A few nights on the town, but the thought of a private beach to myself can’t be beat!!!

Leanna h

I would probably want to spend the first part of my vacation in the city visiting museums and shopping. The last part eould be spent on a secluded beach house where I could relax on the beach and read.

Karen Roma

Definitely a secluded location, with no other people. I’m essentially the greedy type, so I’m going to want my man ALL to myself. I also like the idea of being able to ravish him anytime, anyplace I have the inclination to!!!

Cherie Clark

Secluded. I would get lost in big and bustling. also I would sya hello to heaps of people and they would think I was nuts which is true but yep Quiet life for me lol

Lori Meehan

I want secluded and intimate. I love a nice quite vacation for the most part.


Definitely secluded!


Thanks for the chance to win!


I love a secluded place so I am not bombarded with people everywhere I go. We went to the beach for vacation last year, right as Hurricane Sandy was coming up the Eastern Shore. Our vacation was great since hardly anyone wanted to be around the water.


Definitely secluded for me! I love the Big Island. We go there frequently. The diving is the best in the islands, and we love that it is that it is much quieter than Oahu or Maui. We’ve even gotten to the point that Kona is too crowded for us, and now we stay further up the Kohala coast.

Elizabeth H.

I’d rather been in a secluded intimate place so I have peace and quiet to read! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Susan W

It depends on who I go on vacation with. If it’s my husband then I want secluded quiet place because he hates to travel and that would be the only way to get him to go. If I’m going on a trip with other family or friends then it would have to be hustle and bustle. Without something to do it might not end well! LOL!!! Thanks for the giveaway!


Both! Though I’m almost leaning towards hustle and bustle because I adore cities and would love to travel to more, the lit up skyline at night is just perfect!

lisa w

GETAWAY!!!! So much better!


A secluded beach would be perfect 🙂


I would love to take a vacation in a secluded, intimate location.

Christina H

secluded and intimate would be nice but then s o would the bigger cities where you can really explore. I would love to be able to go out and about to try lots of different things


I would want the secluded, intimate location.

Ann S.

I want the hustle and bustle of a big city like Paris, Rome, of London. A perfect vacation.


Veronica De Luna

I would want a secluded, intimate location where I wouldn’t have to worry about other people and I could just enjoy quality time with my family.


I would like to try a secluded intimate location vacation me and my love.


A mix of both!


Secluded and intimate… All you need is a special place, someone to share it with, a good book and an umbrella drink! Totally the way to go!


I love her Harmless series…they’re soo good !

denise smith

i like to get away from everything secluded maybe at the beach or the woods camping

Kyla Patton

I like a bit of both so that if we get bored or want to go out to eat, we have options 🙂

Susan T.

Definitely prefer intimate and secluded location.

martha lawson

Big town all the way!!


id say secluded. Im not much for crowds.

Joy Isley

I loved visiting Hawaii. I like reading books in that setting. Your book sounds so good I have added it to my TBR list.



Mary Preston

Secluded all the way. Best way to enjoy.


a secluded location

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Texas Book Lover

If it is just me and my husband then secluded for sure. If I am going with my family then I don’t mind being near the city with more activities.


Secluded location definitely 🙂

Lisa G

I would love to take a family vacation to Disney World. Not sure if that’s considered big city (considering Kissimmee is smaller than where I live in South Florida).


Cathy Galloway

I would definitely prefer secluded and intimate.