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As I faced my fiftieth year, I started taking stock in my life and making some changes.  Unlike some of my friends, I did not visit a plastic surgeon nor did I start a hot affair with a much younger toy.  No, I decided that I would try to exorcise the voices in my head and attempt to write a book.  The story idea that unfolded is an Erotic Romance, it is a mixture of a cougar tale with a big/beautiful heroine.  I spent last summer working on it.

Often, I have heard from my author friends about the difficulties they face, I too, ran into the time-management problems, the inability to remember even the most basic grammar rules and the lack of motivation when it is time to write.  It is gratifying to claim to be an aspiring writer but in truth, it is a lot of work and not very glamorous.

Perhaps I don’t fit the idea of what a woman who can write hot sex scenes should be like.  I am large-sized, favor cardigan sweaters and nerdy glasses.  I don’t write in a sexy negligee, wear leather or Louboutin shoes with glossy red lips.  I’m usually in my comfy yoga pants with my hair in a ponytail sans make-up.  At my work when introduced to new hires, I have heard, “She writes dirty books”, added to my description.  I try to look innocuous but I am usually greeted by a suspicious stare as if I was just deep throating the stapler or stoking my breasts.

I also am asked the usual questions, No- I have not experienced everything I have written about, No–sadly my husband will not act out the sex scenes I imagine.  I will admit that I have used two Barbie Dolls and once, I did stand over my Mastiff to see if a variation of doggie-style was possible (it would involve super-human balance).  My male beta-reader was concerned that I use pussy lips instead of labia, we then spent time discussing anatomical vs. common names.  We then spent an hour dueling over terms for body parts, playing which term is sexier.

The greatest discovery while on this journey is the vast amount of support that others have given me.  Authors, friends, co-workers and my beta-readers have been generous with their time and knowledge.  I am enjoying this new venture.   I have met wonderful people and learned quite a bit about myself.  I hope that one day soon, I can share one of my stories with you.


from the novella A Change for the Good, Copyright Melanie Jayne, 2013, Not Yet Published

“Fuck me, no Zoe, I am going to fuck you. I am crazy for you.  You make me act like an animal. You’re mine and I want everyone to know it.  I am going to fuck you until you say it out loud.”

He pulled her hips back, thrusting his thigh between her legs to open them and then stepped back. Slapping her ass again, he liked seeing the redness from his hand on her pale skin.  He grabbed his cock and aligned it with her entrance and slammed home with a force that pounded Zoe into the arm of the sofa and lifted her off her feet.  Tony set the pace, fast and rough.  Sweat formed on his body as he relentlessly pounded into Zoe.

He reached around and pinched a breast, “Say it Zoe, say it goddamn it.” He ordered                      .

“Fuck you,“ she retorted but he noticed she was pushing her hips back to meet his stroke.

“No baby, I am fucking you.” Tony reached under his cock and gathered some of her juices and coated his index finger.  He then let that finger travel down her ass crack to play with her sensitive hole.  “Now Zoe,” he growled, low and guttural.

She didn’t respond so Tony jammed his wet finger through the ring of muscle at the opening of her anus.  Zoe screamed and came, her body convulsing.  He continued pumping the finger in rhythm with his hips.  He was close so close.  He could feel his balls begging to explode.  “Last Chance Zoe,” he warned.


Author Information

Melanie Jayne is an aspiring author.  She has completed an Erotic Romance manuscript and it was rejected.  She now has submitted a short story for submission and is currently working on an overhaul of her first manuscript.  She also has an outline for a Ballroom Dance themed novella waiting in the wings.  She lives in Central Indiana with her very patient Husband and two Mastiff dog-children.  You can follow her fledgling writing career on facebook at Melanie Jayne, Author, or check her out on Twitter.

Melanie is giving away a $20 B&N or Amazon Gift Card
Just answer the following question:

When you are reading a sex scene, do you prefer anatomically correct names for body parts or the more common names we use?  The labia vs. pussy lips argument.   I personally cringe at labia, prostate and perineum when I am reading a sex scene but I know that they are commonly used.  Although I have some issues with the word cunt.  I think it is because in High School a boy called us (members of the H.S. Dance Team) that and I didn’t even know what it meant.  He did get expelled but I just find it an ugly word when referring to a woman and even when I think it works in a more rough or dirty sex scene, I still feel a bit “off” about it.

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Denise Smith

I like both it depends on the book i am reading and how smutty (in a good way) it is


I prefer the more common names since I know those! I don’t want a dictionary to look up the correct words for some of the body parts.

Texas Book Lover

It depends on what I am reading and what flows better. For example descriptions vs. dirty talk and then if it is dialogue it will depend on what I can imagine the person saying. I usually can’t imagine some big Dom being anatomically correct. He is more likely to use vulgar slang.


I think it depends on the book. Most people in the heat of the moment will use the slang words. After all, they are getting into the act and will not stop to use the correct terms. So I”m going to say use what’s good at the moment. Don’t think it over too hard.


I prefer the more common names. Sometimes authors will slip in the anatomically correct names and I don’t mind.


I prefer the common names. I think it adds an earthiness to the scene that’s just perfect.

You rock Melanie Jayne!! Good luck on your adventure! 🙂

Melanie Jayne

Thanks for your Well Wishes


I think it easier for me to focus on the scene when the author uses the more common names. The anatomically correct names are too clinical.

Ruth Ayres

I prefer the more common names, but balk at the derogatory terms, i.e. cunt, etc.

Alicia Jespersen

I personally prefer the more common names, actual names for the sexual parts feel a little too vulgar. But I also like the sweet terms as well, sometimes there is a moment for sweet talk in bed and sometimes there is a moment for raunchy words. I LOVE both.

Heather E

I’m good with either way. I guess it depends on the character and the heat of the moment. The words that bother me are words that get repeated. If the scene is full of descriptions then I don’t want to see the same words over and over. When a character is talking dirty, then the common slang words work and even the dreaded ‘c’ word can work as long as it is not said with intent to degrade (unless that is the purpose). I’d prefer not to see the ‘c’ word more than once in a book. Good luck to… Read more »

deb p

The most commom slang names of that era are OK with me.

Christina G

I don’t mind penis, vagina, breasts, even labia can sometimes be okay, but the others no. Before reading so much steamy romance I would cringe at cunt or even pussy, but I’m over that. As for the male body parts, cock or dick, would be my preference. Shaft is okay, but anything else just seems cutesy or chickenshit, lol.


I prefer the more commonaly used names. Actual names seem to clinical.

Rita Luken

Honestly If its a great sex scene, I don’t really care! But for the most part, i prefer more commonly used wrods

Marika Weber

It depends on the characters in the book. I know, it sounds wishy washy but with some characters it doesn’t feel forced but then others…I cringe.

Congratulations on your writing. My debut was released in December of 2012 and it was definitely an experience for me and I’m now in the middle of 4 different WIPs.


Becki Wyer

I prefer cock and pussy. Thanks for the contest.
rmwyer at shaw dot ca

Marika Weber

Great scene, too. 🙂

k johnston

I think it really depends on the character. Just depends on what he/she is like….. As long as the story sounds real, I don’t mind which. 🙂

Melanie Jayne

Thank you all for your responses and goodwill. I am a day sleeper so it is wonderful to wake up to your answers.

Sue G.

I prefer the common names over the proper ones!

Ciara Knight

It depends on the character to me. The most important thing is to stay true to the world and situation.
Great post!

Hildie McQueen

I don’t have sexy lingerie, well I do, but they don’t fit, I wonder where they are? 🙂 In my opinion you are the perfect writer, cute and with a great sense of humor. You are also a welcoming person. Best of luck to you my friend!!

Great excerpt! I wish you lots of success too! Now which wording do I prefer? So long as it is context, I’m good with either or. ^.^

Hildie McQueen

Oh and I like the common names better!

Johanna Jochum

I think it depends on the sex scene. Is it hot and dirty or slow and sweet? It doesn’t matter either way to me really.

Jennifer Crawford

Hmmm…. The correct words are okay sometimes, more often for men than women, in my opinion. I like more common words usually though, but nothing trashy. (For instance, I HATE p***y and c**t!)


I just don’t like it when a book is being really romantic and sweet and they bust out with cunt or pussy


I think it depends greatly on the tone and the moment. I don’t mind the actual terms as long as it doesn’t sound to clinical and on the flip side I don’t like some of the super dirty terms either. I hate ‘my sex,’ whenever I read that I feel myself automatically roll my eyes.


I prefer the names that are in common use. Anatomically correct names seem more appropriate in a professional or academic setting. The language needs to be true to the character. If it’s something that the character would say out loud or think to themselves, then that’s how it should be written. A character can use an anatomically correct name in a professional setting and then use a common use term in a private intimate setting later for the same body part. That’s how people talk in real life.

Barb Hill-Kidd

I agree–Thanks

Leanna h

I think the correct term/name is better used when a medical professional is speaking otherwise slsng terms are acceptable.

Cheryl Sanders

I absolutely, 100% agree with you on all points!!! It’s also refreshing to know that someone else has a small issue with the “c” word. lol As with you, I don’t know why but it is just a word I have NEVER been comfortable with. I have read books that use the word but no matter how many I read it never gets easier to read. Anatomically correct words for a woman’s parts doesn’t sound right but it does for a man’s *ahem* parts. Thank you for this giveaway!

Susan W

It depends on the story. Most of the time I prefer the more common names but I would rather not have a lot of extra descriptive words added like sweet, honeyed, juicy, dripping (ew!), etc. A few are ok but not every other word. I read a story several years ago that based on the description of how turned on the couple was the room should have been flooded! Kinda took away the enjoyment of the book! Thanks for the giveaway!

Yvonne Simpkins

I prefer the more common names. It’s more erotic. Thank you.

Sarabeth Tolbert

The correct names make sex seem so technical. Wheres the fun in that? I prefer the common names and i agree the c word can be too much. I usually use it, and very rarely at that it, only if I’m VERY angry. I know, its not a very nice word to use.

lisa w

I like both, but not so medically correct that it sounds like anatomy class!


don’t have a preference

Soft Fuzzy Sweater

Well, ahem…I usually prefer lovely euphenisms when reading historical romance, When I read erotic romance I want tough macho alpha heroes to get down and dirty using the p-word and even the c-word along with the c-word when talking about men.

I am a 59 year old post graduate student, My hair is gray, my arches have fallen,,,,

Thank you for the giveaway and an interesting question!


jodi marinich

i prefer the common names

Julie C.

I prefer the more common names, and the C word pisses me off. I just want to deck the person who uses the C word and I have a few times.


I can go either way as long as it doesnt break the flow of my reading. As far as the “C” word, as long as its not referring to a person then I dont have a problem with it.

Elizabeth P

depends on the book, the characters and the scene…


I prefer common terms!


It depends on the scene for me. I usually just go with whatever the author preferred.


I do agree with you on the word cunt. Im not a big fan of that one.

Christy Harrelson

I think language depends on the scene and characters & how the story is written. Some books the “proper” works and for some “common” just fits. I have to agree, I am not a fan of the word cunt, I know in some books it would be appropriate style and would be used by the character, however it will break my concentration every time it comes across as I will mentally cringe. Thank you for the opportunity to win and I look forward to reading more of your work 🙂


I don’t have a preference, either can work depending on how the character is written. The one word that I really dislike in a sex scene though is vagina. I have no problem with it in normal conversation, but in sex scenes, it is just so clinical and hard sounding that it totally kills any romance.


Anatomically correct names sound awkward sometimes, especially in dialogue, but I do agree that some common words can make me cringe (especially since pussy and cunt are used as insults, which by the way is disgusting).


I like either.
Thanks for the chance to win!


a realistic mix of both. Thanks for sharing!

Heather P

It depends on the scene but usually the more common names sound better and hotter!


I prefer the more commonly used terms. I recently read a book that used anatomically correct terms and I kept getting put off because it all seemed so clinical (and not sexy at all!)